Total Protect Home Warranty Claim

Total Protect Home Warranty is a service offered to homeowners in most areas of the United States. It allows you to submit claims against your home’s structure and/or contents for damage caused by fire, lightning, storm, water intrusion, etc. While it is not available in all areas, this service is available in most areas.

Total Protect Home Warranty was first introduced in 1986 as a solution for homes in high risk situations such as old buildings with wood or paper documents for ownership and insurance policies. Since then, it has been expanded to help countless homeowners with their claim.

With this claim submitted through Total Protect Home Warranty, you will be asked if you would like someone to come inspect your home and determine if there is any damage. If there is damage, a technician will visit your home to repair or replace the item!

This article will talk about how to file a claim against Total Protect Home Warrantyircraft intrusion damage (when water comes into the house through an outside source), roof failure, appliance breakdowns, & normal wear and tear.

Send required documentation

Once you have purchased Total Protect Home Warranty, you will need to send in your required documentation to claim your warranty. This includes your warranty certificate, receipt of warranty installation and coverage, and contact information for the manufacturer or distributor.

If you have replaced a damaged appliance or item, then you must send in the old appliance or item in its original packaging.

If you have repaired an appliance or item and rightful owner sent in their Appliance Rebill Card, then send that as well. If you have the physical receipt, that is even better!

If you had a problem with your appliance and it was repairable but needed new parts, include those as well.

Receive repair or replacement

If you have Total Protect Home Warranty your house is damaged by a theft, fire, or storm, your warranty provider will send a agent to inspect your home and determine if the repair or replacement is necessary.

If the agent finds no problems with your home, he or she will notify Total Protect Home Warranty to arrange the repair or replacement.

After the repair or replacement is done, Total Protect Home Warranty will send you a new insurance certificate to re-insure your home. You can then have another agent check your insurance policy to make sure the repaired property has been paid for and in good condition.

If there was a problem with the property’s integrity such as a water leak or earthquake damage, Total Protect Home Warranty can arrange for an insurance company to cover the problem.

Review warranty details

Total Protect Home Warranty is a service offered by most home insurers to help claim the cost of any damages caused by a home warranty claim.

Total Protect Home Warranty was created to help the claims staff assess a home’s risk and offer appropriate cover for the property.

To claim Total Protect Home Warranty, you must first contact your insurance company and explain your situation. If your damage was caused by a manufacturer’s defect, then your insurance company will usually agree to pay for this coverage.

If your damage was not caused by a defect, then you must still contact Total Protector to discuss possible cover.

Know your coverage limits

Total Protect Home Warranty covers only one major damage type: fire or smoke damage. Other minor damage types like water intrusion or wind damage are not covered.

So, if you have a water intrusion or wind damage claim, you will need to bring in a separate company to investigate your claim. This is the case for Total Protect Home Warranty claims as well.

Total Protection covers up to $500,000 in damages and includes up to five years of warranty coverage. After the first year, an additional $50 per month is required to cover the remaining years of coverage.

For most people, it is best to first obtain insurance before attempting a warranty claim. You can do this via your local homeowners association or through a online platform such as online insurance marketplaceInsurance online insurance compare and buyuaonline database search engine used to extract policy information from the insurance company.

Submit claim within specified time frame

If your Total Protect warranty is about to expire, you should submit your claim in a timely manner.

To submit a warranty claim, you must call the Total Protect customer service number at (800) 561-8977. You will be asked to provide some basic information about your house and roof, including your name, phone number, and address.

You will need to provide evidence of damage to the roof such as a water stain or wet spot. You can also provide evidence of repairs such as new roofing or plumbing material being used on the house.

Once you do this, a representative will send you an email with more information about how to request a repair estimate and when it should be received. Then, you can decide if you want to pursue the claim or not.

Get approved for claim

Once you have determined your total protect warranty claim number, you can start the steps to get approved for a claim.

You can use your own record as a reference to get approved for a claim. If you have proof of insurance and repairs, then you will be approved!

It is important to have enough coverage on your home warranty plan to meet your familys needs. An average size family will have around $300 in needs over the course of a year, so this extra $20 per month may be manageable.

If someone else in your family does not need to use their home warranty but you do, you can apply as a collective on Total Protect.

Choose replacement item or repair

If you damage your furniture or electronics, you will need to purchase a new piece of furniture or electronics to repair or replace. This is important because if you have a meeting or other event where you need your furniture, this item must be delivered and installed in order for the warranty to kick in.

Some items do not require repair or replacement and those are listed under the subheading titled “optional products”. If you have a security system or window film that needs to be replaced, please contact Total Protect Home Warranty for an exchange.

If you have a water heater that needs replaced, please call Total Water Heater Repair Service to get it replaced.

Get refund of unused warranty period

Do you have a warranty period? If not, be sure to claim your warranty period. Depending on your warranty period, you may be able to get a refund of your purchase price or acquire an upgrade to a more durable product.

If you do get your replacement item, make sure it has the same or better quality of features. If the new product has an increased price, look for a discount coupon applied by the manufacturer directly on the product page.

If possible, try ordering from Amazon if the manufacturer does not ship directly because it is more likely they would receive the item in good condition and offer a pre-purchase guarantee to keep you from having to contact the manufacturer if it is defective.

Once you have your new piece of furniture, make sure it is safe and sturdy enough for your household.