Timberland Men’s Heston Waterproof Boot

The Heston is a beautiful, rugged boot from Timberland. This boot is designed for heavy use in both wet and warm climates. It is also proving to be very popular in winter sports like skiing and snowboarding.

This boot is very well-known for its strong, durable nature. It has been used in severe weather conditions such as snowfall, water exposure, or both. Its waterproofing property makes it a great choice if you will be going outdoors often.

The unique feature of this boot is its upright shape. This makes them look much more expensive than they are! They are also surprisingly comfortable to wear for long periods of time.


Lace up design

timberland men's heston waterproof boot

Another major appeal of the Heston is the way it is designed. This boot is constructed with a pattern of laces around the ankle, and these laces are connected by a panel of foam. This results in a very secure fit, and you can count on your boots to not slipping off your feet.

This looks nice, too! There’s nothing more appealing than seeing those shoes on your feet enjoying time with friends or just kicking back.

Barber’s Must Have Item: A sturdy pair of leather shoes will always be more reliable than one made out of plastic or vinyl. If you have to have color (as I do), then there’s at least leather that can withstand heat!

Barber’s must have item is definitely color. I find that having enough dental insurance does not go towards color purchase, so I have to save up for them.

Pull tab on back

timberland men's heston waterproof boot

The back of these boots has a small pull tab that you can use to open the boot. This can be useful if you need to quickly get this boot on or off your feet.

You can also do this with these men’s Heston waterproof boots. Just pull the tab off, and quickly slide your foot into the boot. It will easily zip up into a secure fit!

If you have wider feet or need a more boat-shaped shoe this is the right Boot for you. They are very stable and reliable when it comes to hiking, travel, or casual wear.

Sealed seams

timberland men's heston waterproof boot

A sealed-leather pattern makes the boot’s sole nearly invisible until broken in. When this boot is worn regularly, the leather will stretch a little bit and contract, making it look more rugged.

This is a nice feature as it adds to the premium looking boot. It also allows for more styling options as you wear the boot, as visible wear shows through the leather.

Another way to add some flair to this classic style is to get some cosmetic laser treatments on your feet. The treatment gives your boots some shine and depth that goes beyond just being a good fit.

When buying a waterproofed shoe, make sure you are testing them out on wet surfaces before walking around with water or rain involved. The moisture transmission of these shoes can be key in avoiding water damage or wetness preventing escape.

Waterproof material

timberland men's heston waterproof boot

The Heston is a durable boot that withstands heavy use. They are made of waterproof material, which makes them great for working out or outdoors. They are also ideal for casual wear, since the boot does not show dirt or wear very well.

This is a true leather boot, so it will hold its shape over time. The leather is thick and durable, so it will not tear easily. We recommend washing them only once a year to keep up with the warranty status, as some wash methods can harm leather.

Having the waterproof material make this boot water resistant is great! If you were hiking or swimming, if was wet and safe! This will last you a long time because of how careful you are with it.

The hirsten colorway is dark brown with brown highlights, making it suitable for any day.

Comfort cushioning

timberland men's heston waterproof boot

Most hiking boots are made from heavy, resistant materials. These include steel, rubber, and leather. These offer sturdy materials for the boot.

However, some Boots are made out of flexible material like textile or foam-based boots. These offer more comfort as the user does not have to be fully seated to use them.

This is the case for textile-based hiking boots such as wool or mesh lined footwear.These also provide more cushioning than metal based models making these more comfortable over rough terrain.

In terms of comfort, one of the best ways to have your feet feelskipping is with soft footwear.

Rubber outsole

timberland men's heston waterproof boot

Instead of a natural leather upper, this boot is constructed out of rubber. This makes for a much more durable boot that will last you through many adventures.

This makes the boot weather resistant! Because the rubber outsole is used, it ensures that the shoe will not break down and wear down as quickly as other leather shoes might. This is valuable when going on long adventures where travel may be worried.

As this boot is designed for water resistance, it may not be the best choice if you are not a wearer of waterproof shoes. However, because this is an outdoor boot, anything above water will just slide right off!

Because these boots are labeled hiking/trail-type, they may be good choices if you do not want to spend too much money on nice shoes but need ones that are ruggedly built.

Weight: 1 lb 8 oz (0.57 kg)

timberland men's heston waterproof boot

The 1 lb 8 oz (0.57 kg) Heston Boot is a rugged looking boot. They are designed to withstand heavy use and daily wear and tear. The leather is resistant to stains and water, which ensures that you are able to keep this boot looking new for a long time.

The weight of the boot is due to the durable rubber sole. This prevents the person wearing the boot from having to spend extra money on insertions of soles. These soles need to be used until they wear out, which can be several seasons before you notice.

This is a lifetime purchase because it can take years before someone needs a new replacement sole.

Upper material: Leather

timberland men's heston waterproof boot

The upper material of the Heston is leather. This makes this boot very durable and heavy-duty. It also gives this boot a nice sleek look. The leather is not exposed, but can be felt when someone is wearing it.

We recommend getting a half size larger than your normal size because this boot is big. The leather stretches slightly during wear, making it look nice and stay clean and fresh.

How to care for this boot: Brush the inside of the boot with a wet paper towel to remove any dirt or dust. Use a shoehorn or similar tool to stretch the leather around the bottom of the boot. Remove any wrinkles using your hands, then roll up and let dry before using another object to smooth out the shape. Wash with warm water and dry using a high heat setting to prevent water resistance from breaking down.

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