Submit Press Release To Google News

Submit a press release is one of the easiest ways to make money online. Today, every major news organization has a website which is designed to look like a news magazine, sports channel, or television station.

They are known as news programs and sites because they provide that formatting for stories. It is very popular so many people, which is why you can create a press release and have multiple outlets respond!

The hard part is how to market yourself. You must craft your sentence building and article structure to be seen by potential advertisers as ad-friendly. You must also craft your headline to match their viewer profile and advertiser expectations, if any.

Have a website

If you are online, you can submit a press release to Google News. There are dozens of news sites that have partnerships with Google News, making it easy to submit a press release.

If you are not yet connected to the internet, you can still submit a press release. You can go to Google News and choose your city or region to send your release.

This is great if you have an upcoming event or event that people should contact before they find out about it through media coverage. Having media coverage gives your event more exposure, which is what you want!

When sending a press release via Google News, make sure it is sent at the correct formatting length. If it is not, it will be sent as a longer piece of text, causing problems for other services.

Also, make sure to include your contact information in your release! This will help verify your story is getting covered.

Create an account on the Google News platform

This can be done by creating an account or linking one existing account to the new platform. Creating an account allows you to link your website or business profile to the new platform so that updates on news will be coming from you.

There are a few ways to submit a press release. By default, it is set as pre-written, so that is not possible. You can edit it and add details or additional content!

A way to have more control over your press release is to create the outline before you enter the details.

Add your website link

next, enter your text in the form of a news release. You can also enter an existing news release and add your information to make it more personalized.

After doing so, your message will be sent to relevant outlets for review, including Google News.

Add your press release link

Once your release is approved, you can click on the Submit button to send your release to the world. This will take a few minutes to populate all your details in both Google News and Twitter, so be patient!

Once it is added, you can click on Subscribe or Get alerts to keep up to date about what you have news about.

Now that people have seen your release, they can email or Tweet about it which is even more valuable! Your reporters will likely ask for permission before linking your release, just give them yours and go back to enjoying your summer.

By submitting a press release to both Google News and Twitter, you are giving yourself more opportunities to find new reporters and outlets to add to your list of sources. Submiting a release to only one site does not affect anything so do not worry about that.

Make sure your site is mobile friendly

If your site is not mobile friendly, it will be hard to find and navigate to your site on a smartphone or tablet device.

Mobile friendly sites are easier to browse and understand. Therefore, it is important that you find a solution that is mobile friendly.

To submit a press release to Google News, you first have to link your Google Account to your website. This can be done by creating an anchoring link to your account on your website or by linking an email address for newsletters.

Once this is done, you can then create a new media page on Google News and call it something creative like “Submit Press Release” so people know it is for submission. Then, put in the headline, the article text, and the URL of the release so people can go subscribe!

Featured stories are notorious Mobile Friendly platforms where you can submit a release.

Submit your site to Google Search Console

Now that you have created your account, it is time to add your site to Google Search Console. You can do this through website or by adding your site to Google Search using Add New Site.

Obtain linking back agreements with sites that are submitting your press release to the Google News platform

This will help your released be linked back to from other sites that submit news stories to the Google News platform. It will also help you get more exposure if it is featured in the news platform.

Many websites offer linked back agreements so that you can get some added value when people search your company name. This is helpful and worth paying for.

As a reporter, you may have signed a contract that states you must give a certain amount of coverage to a story, but as a journalist, you want to write what you want to write and story tells!

With the agreement between sites and linking back agreements, more coverage will be given to your release where enough people give it enough attention.

There are many free application app for android apps for this, called entreLead or business-to-business (B2B) lead conversion tools.

Optimize your website for search engines

When you submit a press release to a website such as Google News, it will usually make the announcement on the website for at least 24 hours before it is released on that website.

This is helpful for websites that want their release to appear in Google News because it gives them some time to prepare their release for the announcement.

Once it is released, it will be listed in Google News and other free search engines like yahoo! and bing. This is very useful because many people do not run a press releases due to the difficulty of creating one.

Some search engines like Yahoo! and Bing do not accept press releases as a source, however.