Stay At Home Mom Workout

Stay at Home Mom is a fitness trend that was created to help busy parents stay fit and focused on their children while also working on yourself. The Stay at Home Mom workout is made up of exercises that are done on the floor with a partner or yourself using the stairs as little or as much as you like.

This program is designed to be performed in your own home, so there is no need for a outside facility. You can build and maintain this program by doing at least one session every week, often being done on Sunday’s for an entire week.

This program can be used by both new and experienced parents. It can help you stay active and in shape while working from home or being able to make this available at your workplace.

Workout bandees have been calling it the easiest exercise program they have ever seen that can be done in just about any situation.



One of the best ways to stay active during the work out is by doing push-ups. This is a excellent exercise for your shoulders and chest.

Push-ups can also work your legs in this exercise. If you are not a fan of the hand-on-legs look, opt for the foot on knee or ankle on knee positions.

It can be difficult to do this workout in one sitting, so make sure you take your time on this one. Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to do this one quickly!

The beauty of the push-up is that you can do many different variations. You can switch sides, increase or decrease the height of the seat or slope, and add weights or no weight at all.

Tricep dips

A stay at home mom workout that is also great for ab work is the tricep dip. This exercise is great for keeping your muscles engaged and loved.

Like multiple machine workouts, you will place your hands on the handles or batons, and then you can rotate your hands or place the baton or handle.

This exercise keeps your arms busy for a long time and works all of the muscle groups in your arms. You can do this every day to keep it working.

Another good stay at home mom workout is the tricep dip. You will start on all fours with a one-legged jump, then you can switch to one foot, and then you can go two feet! This is best done with no breaks between each set.


This is one of my favorite workouts. It requires a lot of concentration, so make sure you have your phone and mat nearby to stay in shape!

Make a line in your house or place you’re standing next to. Then, move out about five feet and repeat. This should take about one hour of your busy schedule.

The Morgue is a great place to do this workout. There are seven stations where you must go through: laborers, farmers, barbers, gynecologists, EMTs, and the mortician.


Bullet point: Step-ups

Step-tops was created while a mother on the toilet break was too long of a restroom break. She saw there were no other moms doing the same as her so she created the step-tops program.
As you stay on the floor or on stairs, you still get your legs working and this program will help with that. The best part is it does not take very long to complete so it is perfect for any size family.
Many people use it during recovery from workouts or to help get ready for the day or stay in bed after dinner because it is so effective.

Circular muscle movements

The remained at home mom workout is a more advanced exercise program. Instead of working your legs for approximately five minutes and then your back for approximately five minutes, this program works your muscles together for about 12 minutes and then allows you to switch positions.

This version requires you to work your muscles together for about 20 minutes in a set, nonstop fashion. You must allow yourself to rest during this time, or it would become impossible to stay awake and exercise.

This version is challenging, so only try it if you are fit enough to make it safely.

Basic core exercises

Stay at Home Moms already do pretty much every day so why not make their workout even more basic? Many times you just walk or jog for a few minutes and perform some basic core exercises such as walking your feet in the air for a moment, holding a position for a set duration, or simply breathing deeply while doing these movements.

Core exercises work your inner organs, like your back, abs, and spine. By doing these simple movements on the daily, you will keep your body healthy by performing basic core exercises on different days. Plus, just by doing this on the daily, you will get some good health benefits.

These include: walking briskly, holding a position for a set duration, or simply breathing deeply while doing these movements. When trying new workouts or exercises, make sure they are safe! Stay at Home Mom Workout has provided some basic guidelines for the core exercise trick.

Leg raises

A leg raise is one of the best exercises you can do for your legs. There are many ways to stay active during this period of your life where you need to get in a lot of exercise.

Most people find that doing this at home is the best option. You can buy cheap leg raise boxes or sheeskals and set yourself up at home. Or you can find gym quality versions such as the Concept2 X-Gene Leg Raise Box.

This exercise is not only good for your legs, but also your back and neck. It also allows you to work all those muscles in your body that are neglected by the other workouts. This exercise is perfect for beginning exercisers as it is not too difficult.


The next exercise that most mothers don’t do for a long time is stay at home mom workout. But don’t worry! This one is just for you!

While doing the stay at home mom workout, you should do at least 25 minutes of activity every day. This includes 15 minutes of active playtime and 10 minutes of naps. You can also do some exercise bands or a Stairmaster to help make your stay in shape.

The best time to work out is in the morning and again after dinner, but first you should get up and get ready for bed. You can also do this before if necessary, because it takes about thirty minutes to get ready for work or school the next morning.

Workout number two: After staying in bed until lunchtime, you should get back on your feet and do another 25-30 minutes of activity.