Sorel Women’s Winter Carnival Boot

The Sorel Winter Carnival is a fun way to start the winter season. They are known for their high quality winter boots, so if you are looking for a new winter boots to try out, this is the one for you.

They offer two models of these shoes: The low-top or canvas shoe and the top-top or suede shoe. These shoes are easy to put on and feel very comfortable. The suede feels nice and smooth against your feet during wear.

Both models have memory foam inside to help comfort your foot as it sits in the shoe. The suede top-top has more support while the canvas low-top does not seem as supportive but can be used in cold weather without too much problem.

These shoes are not for very tall people or people with very short feet because of where the support is.


Color variety

sorel women's winter carnival boot

Sorel is one of the few major snowboard brands that makes two different colors of winter boots. The first are called the Winter Carnival and the second are called the Winter Sport.

The Winter Carnival color is a bright, cheerful red, black, and white. These boots look very festive!

The Winter Sport color is much darker and more sinister looking. These boots are usually black with a white soles or no sole at all. These look great when paired with a black leather jacket!

Both colors have their advantages and disadvantages. The Dark Boots must be treated with care, as they may make other people forget about snow in the winter! The Colorful Boots can be slippery if not taken care of, because they are so bright.

The top of these shoes have fur on them to keep you warm, however they may slide if someone is not careful.

Decorative buttons

sorel women's winter carnival boot

These are a fun, easy way to upgrade your boot. A little bit of common thread here! All of these buttons are decorative!

The majority of women do not spend much time looking at the buttons on their boots, but some do. Having some buttons on your boot is a nice way to show off how you wear it!

That is why we are asking you to donate $5 for each button you buy, so we can add this cool feature to our boots. We will send you an email with the link if you need to enter your gift card code to activate the feature.

Fur lining

sorel women's winter carnival boot

A rare feature? The lining of this boot is fur. This is an extremely rare feature that is found in very few winter boots. It adds warmth and luxury to your boot!

The fur lining reduces heat transfer by being thick and sturdy. It also helps retain moisture and prevent dryness, which is important for long days of walking.

In normal use, this will not come into contact with water, so no concern there! Water will simply pool in the leather reinforcements near the toe and heel.

This same fur lining is used as a comfort layer on hot summer days, making an excellent cold weather boot.

Heel support

sorel women's winter carnival boot

Most women who wear a flat heel support product such as hard plastic or canvas shoes, use them in the back. You can do the same with this.

With the back of the foot supported, you can place your thicker, heavy foot fall forward to support the front of the foot. This helps to create more pressure on and extension of the toes, which ensures your feet are getting enough support.

With this method, you do not have to worry about someone else’s feet pulling out of shape or breaking. It also helps to save money as plastic surgery is usually more expensive than nail polish and salon treatments.

The easiest way to use this is with a soft sock that is pulled up just slightly over the ball of your foot and then placed on top of a sturdy boot.

Sole material

sorel women's winter carnival boot

The soles of the Winter Carnival Boot are made out of rubber. This creates a nice soft cushion that prevents the boot from being tight or uncomfortable at times. The boot is designed to be comfortable for hours and hours of enjoyment!

Trivia: The rubber soles were developed to prevent water from getting inside the boot. When this happens, it can cause you trouble. It can cause you to walk in a way that feels comfortable, but might not be if it was made out of paper or something less durable.

How important is this feature? Very! This feature makes the boot very desirable to look at and own. There are probably very few people who would buy a foot-length rubber footed jacket that looked like there was nothing on it!

General tip: Check whether or not the boots have general tip when you are buying them.

Waterproof material

sorel women's winter carnival boot

This boot is designed to keep you warm and safe in the winter. They are insulated and have thermal stitching all over them! They are also waterproof!

These boots are commonly used by ski resorts to have staff wear to train them on how to properly use their equipment in winter weather. These boots are also popular with snow shoeers as it is easy to get into and out of the snow boot.

Since these boots are designed for winter, they must be sturdy enough to keep you warm. The thermal stitching on this boot is perfect! It keeps you warm even if you are not wearing a thick heavy sweatshirt or jacket.

The only downfall to this boot is that it is a little big size wise. You will need to buy a size smaller than your usual size due this shape.

Shoe size guide

sorel women's winter carnival boot

If you usually find that shoes feel too big or too small when you walk in them, then get a shoe size smaller in these shoes. If you normally get a size larger, then get a size bigger in these shoes.

These boot sizes can be tricky. Most quality boots come in a half-size smaller than your normal size. If you normally wear an 8 or wider, then buy an 8 in these boots.

If you are very narrow-footed like me, buy a larger boot to make room for more foot space. If you are like me with wide feet and narrow toes, buy a slightly smaller boot to make room for more foot space.

If you are somewhere in between sizes, buy the next bigger size! There is no wrong or right way to pick up and use this guide.

Sorel womens winter carnival boot review

sorel women's winter carnival boot

If you are looking for a rugged yet fashionable snow boot, look no further! Sorels are known for their durability, so this boot will last you for a few seasons.

This is a durable boot that will withstand heavy use. You will want to replace the insoles and footbeds eventually to keep it looking new.

The lining is easy to take off and put on yourself, which is nice. You can also add or remove the gel cushioning if you wish, though most people would rather have it as is than change it.

The gel cushioning does help with painful feet that get a lot of walking in cold weather, but keep in mind that some people may not like it if they have sensitive feet. It may cause them to overpronate or break down the material causing them pain later on.

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