Samsung Gear S2 Classic Model Number

The Samsung Gear S2 Classic is a novel way to experience the Samsung Gear series. It features an LCD display, meaning you can view your notifications and messages even when your wrist is strapped down.

This model does not have a rotating bezel like the newer models. Instead, this model has a traditional button layout with four home screens. You can create as many as five separate user accounts on this model, making it very customizable.

This device is geared more for those who are looking to add a smartwatch to their collection. It is also perfect for people who do not want or need a gesture-based interface on their watch.

This new model of the gear series was released recently, making it hard to find a store that stock it.


Battery life

The Gear S2 classic modeluses a larger battery than the original model. This accounts for the longer time between charges!

The new model has a 500mAh battery instead of the former 300mAh. This makes a difference in how long you can use your Gear S2 after charging it.

When you use your device for an extended period of time, especially when using some features on this website at times, you will need to charge your device more often. The newer version of the Samsung Gear S2 allows you to turn on full mode faster which means you can keep using your device for longer times without having to recharge it.

full mode faster which means you can keep using your device for longer times without having to recharge it. The newer version of the Samsung Gear S2 allows you to turn on full mode faster which means you can keep using your device for longer times without having tenezer there are no hard limits on how long your Gear S2 will last.


The Samsung Gear S2 classic model has an internal processor that allows it to send notifications and perform other tasks. This chip is a bit different than the one in the newer models.

The internal processor can be paired with another device to send notifications or perform other tasks. This is useful if you have a smartphone or computer.

The internal processor can only be paired with the Samsung Gear S2. If it is connected to another device, then no action is taken.

If you want more functionality without purchasing additional accessories, then go with a watch. The Samsung Gear S2 can be paired with a watch, giving you more timekeeping features. An app could also connect to the watch to give additional timekeeping features.

Memory size

The memory size of the Samsung Gear S2 classic model number is 8GB. This amount of memory allows you to store up to 8 apps, 8 contacts, and even an app or two.

8GB is quite the reasonable amount of memory for an app-oriented device. Most users will not have too many additional apps installed, so 8GB is fine.

Most apps are hosted on the Play Store, so you will not need a special download tool to install them. The only downside to having too much memory is that you may run into problems with installation and removal on your phone due to lack of space.

Running out of space can be a hassle, as you may have to delete several apps and/or photos in order for new ones to take up enough space! Luckily, this problem does not happen that often, so do not get nervous if it does.


The new Gear S2 classic is water resistant? That is something new right? The original Gear S was not, being a standard wristwatch with no waterproof feature.

When you buy the new Gear S2 classic, you are responsible for knowing if it is waterproof. There are two standards for watertight watches- A-class and U-class. The A-class has been tested and verified to be fully operational underwater for up to half an hour.

The U-class has not been tested but can be assumed to be working underwater for a shorter time due to its casing being unable to withstand the depth. The U-class must be recharged when it runs out of electricity which would be after being in a wet environment for some time.

Being able to keep your wrist dry is an important factor when choosing whether or not to buy the new Gear S2 classic model numberaqueña. We recommend using water resistance bands or wearing them around your wrist until they are soaked to ensure you keep your head above water.

Smartwatch features

The biggest feature of the Samsung Gear S2 Classic Model is its built-in music player. This makes it convenient to listen to your favorite songs or tracks while you are walking, running, or exercise.

Another feature of the device is its built-in GPS. You can use this watch to track your daily activities, from doing an activity like exercising or shopping for groceries. The GPS can also be used as a general time tracker, so you do not have to input a specific time for music play and exercise.

The third feature of the device is its built-in display. This displays notifications from apps as well as the clock and weather. You can also use this display to see texts and calls without taking off the watch’s display.

The last feature of the Samsung Gear S2 Classic Model is its strap material. This affects how thick the watch looks when it is on.

Bluetooth version

When is the Bluetooth version supported
– When Is It Not Supported
When a device is paired, it must be supported in order for the device and phone to communicate. This includes devices such as wearables or cell phones that require a compatible app in order for communication to occur.

Some apps do not support the Bluetooth version on an iOS or Android device. This can be a frustrating part of using a Samsung device, as you would love to sync apps and devices using this feature.

Fortunately, this app compatibility issue does not affect you much as you will still be able to use your Samsung device, but it is nice to know that there are people who have problems with it.

Heart rate monitor

The Samsung Gear S2 Classic model number is a new addition to the Samsung line of smart watches. This model number change will be available for all models, except the classic gold one!

The classic gold watch features a black band with a white and black digital display. It also has a rotating crown to set it up, and a round button that can be programmed to act as the power or navigation button.

The heart rate monitor tracks your heart rate while you sleep which makes this a great sleep tracker. When you are looking for an app that can help you sleep better, this one is on your side!

This watch is very comfortable not just while wearing it, but sleeping on the same side of the face helps keep it in place.

Ambient light sensor

The ambient light sensor on the Gear S2 Classic Model Number is a cool feature. You can change the way your watch senses light, and it has a big impact on how your watch alerts you to changes in light.

When the watch is dark, it increases the odds that it will send an alert when something is dark or lit. This feature was pioneered by security devices like baby monitors, which want you to know when it’s nighttime.

With smartwatches having so many uses, from fitness trackers to notifications, not having a lighting effect effect how you receive notifications. Many users prefer a watch with no display for more privacy purposes.

The Gear S2 Classic Model Number comes with low-light sensor technology built-in, making this an easy choice for users who do not want to receive notifications in low-light conditions.