Samsung Gear Fit Compatibility With Iphone

The Samsung Gear Fit is a fashionable Activity Tracker and Health Club that tracks your daily steps, sleep hours, distance traveled, and more. The device is compatible with the iPhone which allows you to use the Samsung Gear Fit as a fitness tracker.

The iPhone has become one of the most popular smartphones in use due to its versatile functionality. By having the Samsung Gear Fit as your activity tracker, you will be able to keep track of your daily activities without having to purchase additional apps or pay for something that is already included in the iPhone.

This app can be re-installed multiple times so it will always be available so you can use it as a fitness tracker. You can also get this app for free through iTunes if you have it installed.

Download the Samsung Gear application

Once you have downloaded the Samsung Gear app, you can start pairing it with your device. You can do this through multiple ways, by entering your smartphone’s number into the Gear app, or by using the companion mobile app.

Both methods work! Once you enter your PIN or passcode, your phone will sync with the Samsung Gear app and be able to receive notifications and messages from it.

If you want to send a message or a notification from the Samsung Gear app, you will have to set up how sender and receivers are identified in the Samsung Gear app. This may take a few goes, but eventually you will get it right!

Once paired, you will be able to receive calls and messages on your phone just as if it were connected directly.

Connect to Wi-Fi

Once connected to the internet, go to the Samsung Gear Fit app and click on Connect to Wi-Fi. This will allow you to connect your phone to the device via the app.

Now, you can see what notifications you have, reply to them and leave comments on your messages. This is a great feature as it does not require you to take your phone out of the wrist support.

Then, when you want to turn your smartwatch on or off, you can do it through the app. You can also send messages from the watch to your phone! This is very helpful for sending notifications while wearing the wrist support.

Update your profile

If you have the Samsung Gear Fit, then you can update your profile by visiting or by going to the gym. You can also go to the local Samsung retailer and pick up the Fit!

Once installed, you can visit and select the gym mode to start pairing your Fit! with your iPhone. Once paired, you can send a message or call back through the phone app and at the gym!

This is a great way for people to get acquainted with the Fit! at the gym and for those who do not have an iPhone but want to be able to text or call at the gym this is an easy way to do so.

Make sure that your phone has access to bluetooth and that it is in range so that you can text or call out at the gym.

Select which device you want to pair with

When connecting your iPhone to the Samsung Gear Fit via Bluetooth, there are a few steps that must be completed. These include entering the appropriate pairing mode and then connecting to the Gear Fit.

As mentioned before, when pairing the iPhone with the Samsung Gear Fit, you must enter the correct mode for it. This is done by setting it up on your phone as a device with a name and an icon.

Once this is done, then you can connect to the Gear Fit. You can do this via your phone or the Gear Fit may do it itself. Both steps must be done at the same time so that the two devices are connected.

Activate bluetooth on your phone

After connecting the Samsung Gear Fit to your phone via a Bluetooth connection, you will need to activate the Gear Fit as a paired device. This can be done through the Gear Fit’s app, or by selecting it as the only device in the Connected Device menu in your phone’s settings.

Once this is done, you can connect and sync your devices!

If you want to turn off the Bluetooth on your phone, you can do that in the Gear Fit app. You can also disconnect and reconnect the Samsung device whenever you want, as long as your phone is connected!

Had some issues connecting or removing devices? Try using one of these solutions: Use a different network, or use a nearby network if there is none. Or just make sure that your phones are running on identical software versions.

Select “Gear” from the list of devices

When searching for a phone that works with the Gear, be sure to check the compatibility with other devices. Some phones do not fit well with the Gear, making it hard to stay organized and motivated.

Some phones such as the iPhone 5s does not have enough room to comfortably fit a phone and charger while wearing the Gear. This is why Samsung recommends using a separate wristband to keep your phone and charger attached.

Other phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 or S6 have problems with Fitbit bands due to metal contacting metal. This can result in poor functionality or juicing out of the device. To prevent this from happening, make sure to size up on both ends of the band.

Enter a passcode (provided by the app)

Once paired, the device will display notifications from the Fit app. You can turn notifications on or off as you wish, but you will also have to grant access to your phone to the Fit app in order for it to control your phone.

You can have up to five Fit App profiles, each with its own profile picture and apps supported. You can switch between them via the Gear S app or through the Fit website.

Fit App supports several apps such as Messages, Music, Phone and Health App, so you will not need to limit which apps you want controlled by the Gear S2.

Fit also has an activity tracker mode that will limit how much your phone controls your device in order for you to get maximum benefit from the Gear S2. This is important when wearing it around your neck due to its short length.

Wait for it to sync with your phone

When it does, you will be able to control and navigate the device through your phone. This is very helpful if you are lost or need to return a phone call or respond to an email!

If you have another Samsung device such as a tablet, you can also connect it via Bluetooth. This allows you to take calls and respond to emails on your phone as well.

This is a great way to keep a device handy while not having to use a computer or app.

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