Roomba Not Charging On Home Base

Roomba is a brand of vacuum cleaner that was launched in 1991. Since that time, they have released several versions of their flagship model, the Roomba.

Roomba is a popular product in high-end homes as it can help you separate and organize your home easily. It measures 6 inches by 4 inches by 4 inches and weighs about 7 pounds.

Roomba is known for its automated cleaning system. It uses sensors on the Roomba to determine where things are in your home and how large items are. When it finds something larger, it charges more aggressively to follow the same path!

The problem some people have found with this system is when it stop charging after a few weeks of use. After about six weeks of use, the sensor on the Roomba gets dirty and stops assisting with cleaning.


Check Home Base

If Roomba hasn’t come home after a charge, you can look for signs it is by checking Home Base.

Roomba is designed to work in homes with multiple members of the family, so it has a few extra features like a care module. This module can be programmed to automatically clean an individual’s room twice per week or every other week, it also tracks how often it is cleaned and its efficiency.

The best way to check is by putting one Roompot on your room’s cleaning surface and leaving it for about an hour. When you come back, Roompot should have cleaned your whole room!

If Roomba doesn’t have theFeatures that require a re-charge, then you can determine if it’s coming home on its own. Try calling support or calling Roomba’s customer service number to see if it’s lost power or stopped tracking where the car was moved.

Reset Roomba

Another way to resolve the Roomba charge issue is to reset yourRoomba. To do this, connect the Roomba to a computer using a USB cable and then remove the cable from the Roomba.You can also do this via a mobile device such as a phone or tablet.

The Roomba software will then be wiped and you can start over! This may take several tries, but each time it works it gets you more excited.

If this does not work, try one of the next suggestions below first before turning to something bigger and stronger like brute force hacking the Roomba.

Try different wall adapter

Try using a different power source

Roomba is a high-end robotic vacuum cleaner. These cleaners are very advanced and require you to use the internet to order and receive updates about new models and features.

Until then, your Roomba will need a regular power source to work. Most often, this happens via a wall adapter or by connecting it to a computer and network via the app.

If your Roomba does not charge, try having a seat on the charger more closely matching the shape of your Roomba. If that does not help, try adding some dry cells or paper money as additional protection for your Roomba from damaging it from lack of power.

If that does not help either, then the unit may be faulty and needing to be replaced.

Try different USB cable

If your Roomba is connected to a computer via the USB cable, then you can try changing the USB cable. Most are single-A to A connectors, but some are double-A.

If you change the cable, make sure it is set to the correct length before attempting to connect a device. Also, make sure the device is charged before attempting to charge your Roomba.

If that does not help, try a different wall outlet socket theoreticly on your house else your house else its connected differently from the power source.

Call customer support

If the Roomba is performing properly, it should be cleaning the home well. If it is not, then call customer support to get help solving the problem.

Many times, problem Roombas need help from their authorized representatives. Since this is a sales tool, most of them are aware of charging issues and how to fix them.

If this issue does not come from the Roomba itself, then there may be a unit failure or a distributor unit failure. A failed unit can often charge but won’t stay charged so it needs to be replaced.

Since these units are hard to find and repair on your own, I recommend calling customer service if you have a Roomba that doesn’tCharges.