Remove Dog Tear Stains Home Remedies

When your dog tearfully chews a piece of upholstery, bedding, or furniture, it can result in a lot of blood and tissue damage. This is referred to as torn upholstery due to the amount of cloth he/she has chewed away.

Tear stains are very visible and can be seen as solid red or pinkish traces where the cloth was once white. These stains may also appear brown or grey depending on the type of paper used to cover the furniture.

These stains are difficult to remove as they will not come out with washing or dry cleaning, so the best way to prevent them is by preventing them in the first place. Preventing this involves maintaining an upright and clean dog!.


Tea bags

Changing a dog’s diaper is a little messy at times. When it comes to cleaning up a dog’s tear stain, adding a little tea bag foam to the wash is one way to go.

Just make sure the bag is big enough to hold all of the poop that your dog will need during his stay. It would be hard to add more without having to add more water too, which would cause problems.

By adding some tea bags into the wash, you can easily try some different smells and cilantro effects. You can even use them as carpet stains because of the faded look of the wool.

Lemon juice

Pour 1 cup of water into a bowl set up with the ingredients listed above. Then, add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. This prevents any lemons from entering the house and harming your dog.

The trick is mixing the two liquids together to create one liquid. The two solids need to be dissimilar in color and thickness- one cannot effectively work with both exposed.

This method works for removing dog tear stains from clothing, towels, and bedding. It can also be applied for removing dried blood spots, grease accident marks, and soil stains.

Salt + water

When a dog tear stain occurs, your first step is to determine the color of the tear. If the tear is red or pink, then add salt and water to prevent forming stains.

If the tear is white or light gray, then do not add salt and water as this would create white stripes on the surface. Instead, use cold water and a soft cloth to remove the stain.

Traditionally, people took their dogs to a veterinarian to have them checked for certain diseases such as syringomyelia (commonly known as “Doggie Knee”), heart disease, stomach cancer, and maybe even behavior problems.

However, because of all of these diseases being found in dogs, most veterinaries now say that they cannot rule out diseases in dogs with Doggie Knee and say that it must be treated by a professional.

Dry shampoo

As the name suggests, a dry shampoo contains shampoo, but it also contains powder to reduce shine and liquid soap to clean the skin. Due to the powder and liquid soap, this tool does not work for all hair types.

However, this can be an advantage when you have to go somewhere very busy and where you would not have time to wash your hair again. Because you can add more products in your hair before styling it, which can be nice!

It can also be useful when attending a wedding or party where your dog may get smell-ageed clothing or shoes. Using this tool will help you remove stains while not having to wash the items completely.

To use it effectively, sprinkle some product on the problem area and let it sit for at least one minute before trying to brush or wash your hair.

Rubbing alcohol

A common item that people can use to remove dog tear stains is rubbing alcohol. Many grocery and drug stores carry rubbing alcohols of various flavors so check your store shelves to see if there is a new addition to the lineup this year!

These types of bags are called a sachet or package, and they are typically used for things like cleaning up spilled food or items, cleaning up blood or gore, and padding for wipes when wiping up a puppy’s tear.

As with any grooming item, keep an eye on it to see if it needs replacing or changing. A torn-up wipe should not be used for several days until the stain has faded enough for it to dry out sufficiently.

Water + baking soda

When cleaning dog stains with a bit of water and a sprinkle of baking soda, be sure to get the right kind of baking soda and water.

Some grades of salt contain lithium oxide, a chemical that can enhance the color of things. Because lithium oxide is used as an additive for liquid products, it cannot be directly applied to fabric. However, if you do not have any baking soda or water, you can still remove tear stains.

Just make sure that you do not use too much since it will only turn into mud or something hard to clear up. You want to use enough to cover the stain but not so much that it becomes ineffective.

Vinegar + water

This trick is quite simple. When a dog tear stain is visible, put a small amount of vinegar in water and Brush the stain away. The acid in the vinegar will break down the dye in the cloth and remove the stain.

However, this does not work for heavily stained items such as carpets or furniture. Instead, you can hand wash them with warm water and a mild detergent and air dry them, but this is still recommended because it may not be safe to wash with water alone.

Brushing the stain away does not work for empty oil stains as they will come back with new oil. This is why it is important to remove it using substances such as vinegar and water.

Cornstarch + water

Milk is the closest thing to a favorite food for dogs. As kids, we learned that if you put something into your mouth, it would taste good and you would want to keep eating it! That applies to dogs too!

If your dog loves ice cream or cereals with milk powder on top, adding cornstarch to water can help remove the powder from the cereal. This will help let the dog taste their food or drink more freely.

Similarly, if your dog loves broth or any meat dish, add some water as well to avoid clumping. If your dog does not like watery foods, try adding some ice chips or frozen fruit so they have something cooling after their meal.

Neither of these items are recommended for younger dogs, as they may not absorb some of these substances and/or they could cause stomach upset.