Reebow Gear Tactical Airsoft Mask Full Face Skull Review

This Reebow Gear Tactical Airsoft Mask review can help you to understand that is the perfect for you or not.

Are you ready to rock it this season with the best full mask you can ever have in town? We have with us a super-duper piece that will make you want to have it! It has pads for your forehead, adjustable straps, zero fogging wire mesh design and metal mesh eye protector!

This is a multi-purpose piece that you cannot afford to miss during Halloween! It is sturdy, comfortable and well padded!

Manufactured by Reebow Gear, this is a whole new purpose of enjoying your Halloween, costume parties, movie props, cosplay and outdoor live-action CS. It is one item that I am sure you won’t end up getting disappointed for purchasing it!

Filled up with more exciting features that I will bring on, this is a plus to have in your wardrobe whenever anything comic or fun-related crops up! The new is with us!

Who Can Use It?

  • Men/Adults
  • Youth/Teens

Product Features

Here are some common features that you may love. So keep reading to know more about the product.

Metal Mesh Goggle

Have you ever wanted a full-face mask that offers 100% protection and ensures no fog up in the game? This mask has a metal mesh goggle which serves to provide a shield and ensures no fogging up when in the game.

This feature also makes this item extremely breathable and durable! Yes, durable! A feature that we all seek for whenever we go out to the market to get something for ourselves!

100% Synthetic Resin Material

Do you want a full-face mask that is poison free and environment friendly? Reebow Gear Tactical Airsoft is a full-face mask that has 100% synthetic resin material which promotes environmental friendliness and is absolutely poison free! This is designed to be comfortable and sturdy for teens and men who want to have a full blast whenever they are playing their games! Just the perfect set to take home!

Light Weight

Have you been in need of a mask that is of lightweight and strong enough to protect your face when you are playing any game especially airsoft?

Reebow has been designed to have a lightweight that provides shield and makes it not to be damaged even after it is shot by BB bullet numerous times. It is also quite fine to play paintball when you wear any ordinary glasses with this mask all together.

Cushion Pads

Why do people usually consider stuff with cushion pads? Cushion pads are timeless objects that are crafted to provide comfort and protection against any hard surface. This full-face mask is fitted with cushion padding that ensures comfort wearing.

The pads are for the forehead and cheeks preventing it from getting hit or harmed or injured in any way. Isn’t this just awesome and amazing? Isn’t this what you have always sought for?

Adjustable Straps

What is one of the things that teens tend to look for in a full-face mask? Size! This Reebow Gear full face mask has adjustable straps that are positioned in the right places and fit for teens and adults.

The adjustable straps make it easy to use because one size fits most youth and men! The item also has zero fogging wire mesh design that is applicable for sporting purposes. Well, the ball is now in your court and I hope you will take the best with you!

Positive & Negative Sides

Love to know the positive and negative side of this product? Let’s go!


  • Comfortable and sturdy
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable
  • Environmentally friendly


  • It doesn’t have a solid eye glass

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common queries that you need to know.

Q: Does this work for paintballing?
A: Yes. It can.

Q: Can you be able to see through the metal mesh?
A: Yes. You can absolutely see through the metal mesh.

Q: Can you be able to wear glasses with this mask?
A: This mask is okay with glasses together.

Final Verdict

This is a multi-purpose mask that is most appropriate for outdoor activities just like Halloween, movie props, Cosplay, costume parties and the like. It is comfortable, sturdy and well padded, offers 100% protection, durable. So, easy to use and environmentally friendly.

This is a piece that will excite you and will make your parties a great opportunity to scare and enjoy the fun that will automatically crop up! You will get a single tactical mask in a nice single packet.

If you want a new season of anticipation and endless joy, this is the way to go! This is the beginning of infinite fun!

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