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This article will help you to learn how to participate in a conference call with your team. A conference call is a conversation held together by telephone, in which participants talk together as if they were meeting for the first time.

A conference call can be used for many purposes – for example, to introduce new products or services, discuss upcoming events and programs, and answer questions from the audience. Having a conference call with your team is a great way to gather feedback and communicate ideas.

How Does It Work?

The most important part of a conference call is the introduction. This can be done in several ways:

In person: You can either walk up to someone’s desk or over the phone. Either way, you must make sure to tell them who you are, what department they work in, and how they may help the company as a whole. This is very important as it gives them time to ask questions and respond!

In phone: You can either dial someone’s extension on your cell phone or use their personal number (if they have sent an email address).

Get permission

record conference call

Before you do any recording, you should get permission from both the person you’re recording with and from anyone else who is on the conference call. If there are other people on the call, you must give them permission to record too.

If someone else is on the call with you, they can request that you turn off your microphone and record via a phone app or software. You can then ask them to set their mic and record through a speakerphone or headset if both people on the phone subscribe to such a service.

If someone else records your conversation, make sure that whoever sets up the recording tells everyone involved that they must listen to the recording and tell them how to respond to it.

Use a good app

record conference call

Have an app you can use to record or make a copy of your phone or computer’s conversation. This allows you to re-take your calls again should the line go away or you lose the recording. It also allows you to add extra people to the call as additional participants.

This app is called Google Talk, and it is available for free on most devices. Once you have it, use a feature called ice fishing to add an additional person to the call.

Use this app before any important meetings or events to have an audio record of the entire conference call. Use a feature called “pause and resume” to quickly take back control of the call should someone forget their phone or laptop in the room.

This app works on all major devices including cell phones, computers, and tablets. Make sure it is compatible with your phone or computer so you can use it on all ends.

Get good audio quality

record conference call

If you are going to be on a conference call with a lot of people, it’s worth considering how good your phone’s sound will be. If you hear any noise from the other person’s phone, that will show in the audio quality.

Many people find that having a very clear and loud phone is important for good audio quality. A small speaker may not show up in how well someone else hears you on the call.

Smaller phones may not have as much space for expansion as larger ones do.

Use a good microphone

record conference call

If you are going to call your conference call from a cell phone, a good quality mobile phone battery is needed to ensure that you can hold on to the phone line for as long as you need to.

Same goes for the microphone in your pocket or headset. You want something that will not get cut off during the conference call!

Minimizing background noises is important too. If you have video chat with your friends, noise reduction software can help mute out the rest of the world so that you are alone in your thoughts.

Watch your storage limits

If you’re storing a lot of photos, videos, or documents, you should limit how many files you store on your phone. You can do this by going to My Account > Location & Usage > Record Conference Call to set a limit on the number of files you’re storing on your phone.

You can also use File Explorer or another app to set a separate storage limit for your phone. And if you have an iPhone, you can buy an app called FaceTime that lets you communicate with your iPhone via a video call.

These limits apply to your device as well as to your phone’s storage. A full-featured iPad application has limits as does the iPhone app for setting storage limits.

Keep notes during the call

record conference call

When a conference call is over, the attendees either have to wait for their turn to answer questions or exit the call. If you want to keep writing in the meantime, you can do that.

The best way to keep notes on a phone is by using a app. You can download an app and use your phone as a notebook while the conference call is ongoing.

You can also make notes on your phone right after the call has ended and before you connect to email or messaging.

These tips work for all types of calls, not just conference calls! When doing this at home, keep a note book and a pen nearby to make it easy to do.

Share your link with others

record conference call

When you’re in a meeting, conference call, or just want to listen in, you can easily set up a link to your phone or email. Just enter the information into your conference call app, app for chat, or email address you’re using.

This is great for keeping a record of the conversation and re-creating the link if needed. You can also send the message and request for an appointment via your app or chat platform, so other people can participate in your appointment.

By having this feature available on your app and/or chat platform, it is accessible from any device. Even if someone does not have your phone or email address, they can still join the meeting by sending a message and request.

This is very helpful for meetings where there are discussions about coming events or services.

Keep your phone close to you but not on you

record conference call

This is a very special tip. Instead of keeping your phone on you, have it connected to you through a conference call system. This way, you can keep an eye on the phone while also watching the other participants on the call.

This way, you can answer questions as they arise and still stay connected. It also allows you to have two phones connected through the system at once. You can have one person answering questions and another who keeps track of what everyone is saying.

If someone gets too serious or loud, just switch off the phone so that people cannot respond. You will also need to re-activate your phones later when you exit the system. This way, you can continue working without having to worry about being disconnected or losing information.

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