Rear Ended What To Do

Being rear ended is both scary and special. For the victim, it can be life changing. For the attacker, it can be fun!

Life-changing is the term that refers to the period after a person is assaulted and before they realize it. During this time, the victim believes they are never going to be safe, they are scared out of their wits, and they feel helpless.

This feeling lasts for several weeks and even months and can change every time a new fact comes to mind.

Everyone is different in how they deal with this trauma. Some find comfort in friends or family, some don’t talk about it but live with it every day, some don’t go to work or school and some do.

Take photos

rear ended what to do

You can take photos of a being rear ended by standing as far away from the car as possible, or walking as far as you can away from the car. Both of these approaches involve putting your body in place to prevent injury or damage to yourself or others.

If you are unable to do either of these, you can take photos using a phone camera or online at You can also take photos using a car dashboard camera if the driver is aware of what happens when a car crashes into another vehicle.

These photos can help identify potential problems with the vehicle such as foreign objects knocked off surfaces, broken glass, and collapsed padding. They can also show who was at fault for the crash which may help decide who should pay for repairs.

Get witnesses

rear ended what to do

Get as many witnesses as you can, preferably ones that were in the same area at the time of the accident. You can ask them to contact you if they are nearby so they can come to the scene.

If you are the one that was rear-ended, get as many details about your day as possible. Who you socialized with, what things you bought and what things you liked about your life.

This helps you realize whether or not there were warning signs for your life that things were not going to be great. It may help you find answers to why something like this happened to you.

Do not make any assumptions about people’s lives just because they were in a car accident or Rear-Ended What to Do. Both of these situations are rare and both people and their families deserve respect for how they lived their lives.

Check for injuries

rear ended what to do

If a car backs into you, you should check for injuries. Most common injury is a broken arm, caused by the car’s wheels hitting you as it backed out of the driveway.

Another risk is a fall, so look for any injuries or broken objects nearby to help figure out what happened.

If you were hit by a car, call your local emergency services immediately to see if they can help with an ambulance or doctor. Depending on where you were injured, your doctor may be able to help diagnose and treat your pain and other health issues related to the accident.

Document damage to vehicle

rear ended what to do

If a vehicle is hit from the back, the first step is to determine if there are any damage or indentations on the vehicle.

If there are, then the person responsible for cleaning up the scene should determine who was at the location at the time of the accident and notify them. You can then ask them to help you with your claim.

To help prove liability in a car accident, look for broken bodies or other evidence of a collision. If you can find these, you can argue that someone else caused your vehicle damage by knocking over or otherwiseing it.

Of course, neither person nor insurance company will ever accept such proof in court, but you can say what happened and leave it at that. It is important to get help with this though to ensure full and complete resolution of your claim.

Get a repair estimate

rear ended what to do

If you are hit by a car, there is a good chance the driver will call a repair estimate ahead of time. Most car services and shops have a record of every phone call they make to their system, called an account.

If you are involved in an accident with another vehicle, the repair estimate may depend on what kind of damage was done to the vehicle. Some repairs can be done cheaply and quickly, while others may require more sophisticated equipment or bigger budgets.

If you were fortunate enough to not get any damage, it is possible the other person was not as careful and suffered no damage due to impact.

Ask your insurance company about enhanced coverage

If you are injured in a vehicle accident that results in medical care or transportation, your insurance company will review the incident and decide whether to cover the damages.

Many businesses and organizations offer policy guidelines for accidents, so it is smart to ask about this when shopping for insurance. Some of these companies include Progressive, USAA, Aon Hewitt, and Manatt Health.

If you are involved in a non-vehicle accident, your health insurance should cover any medical expenses that were not caused by injury to your vehicle. Many people do not know this and miss out on applying these costs toward a healthy lifestyle changes that can greatly improve your quality of life after the accident.

Request a settlement offer

rear ended what to do

If the driver in your case is at fault, you can ask for a settlement offer. A settlement offer is a compensation offer made by the driver in exchange for your damages.

Settling a traffic collision case is not an easy task. Both parties to the car accident need to agree on what type of compensation they want and need for their damages.

Most of the time, lawyers do not recommend this because it can be hard to determine who was at fault and who should get compensation. However, this is important to do as a part of your legal process.

Because there are so many car accidents out in the world, it is hard to determine which one was severity-wise the most impactful. Therefore, one needs help deciding what kind of medical treatment they need or whether they should go see a doctor immediately after an accident.

Consider hiring a lawyer

rear ended what to do

If a car back-into you at high speed, you may have damages to the front of your car. This can happen while driving at night, in a rush, or if the other driver was too busy to keep an eye on their vehicle and its occupants.

If a person is in the car behind you, they may have considered damaging your vehicle in order to get out of having to face consequences for causing damage to yours. This can be dangerous if it goes south as well.

If a car backs into you at a slow speed, there is less chance of causing damage or injury but again, the chance ofresolution is lower. Consider getting some help or hiring someone who can represent you when next conciliation.