Ps4 Controller On Gear Vr

Virtual reality (VR) is a rapidly growing sector of technology, with devices like the Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard becoming more and more popular each year. Sony has released their Playstation 4 Controller for Gear Vr, making it an easy way to get into VR!

By using the Playstation 4 Controller for Gear Vr, you can now finally experience true virtual reality (VR) without having to purchase any additional equipment. You can still play most games perfectly fine using the Dualshock 4 controller, just with the addition of being in VR!

There are several companies that create VR headsets for PC and/or mobile devices, but only one will be reviewed here: The One-DOCTRIN-Only Virtual Reality Headset. This device was created with one goal in mind: To Bring You Into A Virtual World With Only One Visionary Dose Of It.


Download and install Motionjoy

The Motionjoy console controller is a game library management and streaming platform. You can download and install the motionjoy controller onto your Gear Vr, allowing you to use your existing gaming account on your new vr.

This is a very handy feature to have as most games have at least one dedicated account page where you can add and play games.

By using the motionjoy vr, you can control your gaming with more ease than ever before. You will still be able to use the buttons and movements that are associated with your current game, just by changing the position of the vr.

You will also be able to stream your games directly from the motionjoy app onto your vr, saving you from having to go searching for them.

Update the driver

If you have trouble connecting your PlayStation 4 to your computer, try the latest driver for your PlayStation 4 controller. The latest driver ensures a better connection with your computer.

If your PlayStation 4 is not working correctly, try the newest version. If that does not help, you may need to purchase a new console. There are many websites that provide updates for consoles so go ahead and purchase one if yours has one.

Be sure to check the box of the console and make sure it is plugged in and activated before contacting customer service. They may have to replace the unit if they are unable to resolve the issue with an update.

Configure the controls on the app

When using the app, you can set various aspects of the controller. These include controlling your movement, changing modes on the vr headset, and accessing some controller features.

You can also press and hold one of the buttons on the controller to bring up a menu where you can change between wireless and wired connections. You can also turn on or off pressure-sensing technology to improve your gameplay.

By connecting a cable, you can attach a dongle that connects to your TV or computer monitor to access additional vr content. This is useful for accessing live tv or movies hosted by a vr studio!

As mentioned before, setting mode on the headset is another way to control the app on the vr. We strongly recommend using this feature as it is not automated with the controller.

Connect your controller to your phone

Once you do, you can use commands such as lho or touch to interact with the world around you. These features work like they do on a regular Playstation 4, so no changes are needed in your game!

This feature is ideal for getting started with PlayStation VR because it allows you to connect your controller and get into the game! Plus, it is very cool to see your character move when you press the ‘X’ button on your controller.

It also makes playing with friends much more fun because you can all try new games together! If one person does not have a controller, then they can just use the phone or computer as a substitute.

There are lots of online services that connect Android and iPhone devices to the Vr dečeku vkroužku , allowing you to ‘enter the virtual reality world’.

Use a magnet to align the camera

If you want to use your controller’s camera onto a gear vr, you’ll need to do some extra work. The standard camera will not fit into the frame of the vr, and will have to be used on its own stand.

This is due to the vr having a handheld unit and a desktop unit. The handheld unit has the camera mounted onto it, and the desktop unit has it attached. To get the camera aligned correctly, you must remove some of the stand hardware from the bottom and then re-install!

However, this is not something that can be done while the vr is still in play mode, as the stand needs to be disconnected.


If you are already a gamer, then the chances are high that you have at least one console or device connected to your account for play. If not, then now is the time to start!

Gaming has evolved over the years and new features are introduced regularly. Due to this, many features are added and others take away from one device to the next.

Today, players can easily link several devices together for play, making it very convenient. Depending on what games you want to play, you can either use a keyboard and mouse or a game controller.

Since the gear vr edition comes with a controller, users can now connect directly without needing a console or device.