Organized Stay At Home Mom

Stay at Home Mom is a pretty broad category of mom. While some moms choose to do full time work schedules, with minimal family downtime, the rest of the mom community refers to them as Stay at Home Moms.

Stay at Home Moms have it easy. With the amount of time they have in their schedule, they can and should spend all of their time with their kids. It’s what they want to do? Right?

Not so fast.

Stay at home moms have a lot of responsibilities. They’re usually the ones to take care of the kids while the husband works and the husband manages household needs. This can sometimes be a double hit to your stomach.

First off, you have to manage your children while you’re away from them. Second, and more importantly, this can sometimes be a stressful way to live.

There are two mainstay ways for Stay at Home Moms to manage their time and keep active: Exercise + Education + Fun (EX/EN/EF/FF) + Socialization (AS/AF).

Clean everything before you start a new task

This may seem like a small thing, but it makes a difference in preparation. Many tasks cannot be done in the beginning due to all the clutter.

When I was preparing meals, I would spend a lot of time cleaning and preparing my husband’s and kids’ lunches and dinners. While this may seem like a small thing, it makes a big difference in the end. By spending time doing these things before every meal, you are providing your family with more help with keeping you busy.

You can also make lists of things to do when you get home from school or when you wake up in the morning. This helps build motivation to do something about your school or life situation, which is so important to feel better and handle stress.

Create routines for your family

This can be something that your family gets out of time, or things that you put into time, and you create a routine for your family to follow.

In the holidays, you can have your children and parents go to a store and pick out a gift for someone. You can do the same for an adult gift and put it in the mail later.

Then, when they receive the gift, you send a Christmas card or make another announcement regarding Hanukkah. Then, on January 1st, you exchange presents.

You can do these things with your family, and they will all enjoy it because they know someone is working hard to get them something great. By going into specific things for days of the week, my kids learn how to follow rules every day!

Creating routines that my family uses is stay at home mommy-proofing.

Use lists to keep yourself organized

Having lists helps keep you organized as a mom, and also helps other people in the house know what you are doing when.

There are many list-related apps for smartphone and computer. Many have free versions that add more items to your profile, making it more manageable.

For example, the app Pocket allows you to create lists called ‘Things I’m Doing Today’, ‘Things I’m Planning to Do’, and ‘Other Things I’m Doing’. When you browse your lists, the most relevant items on them are likely to come together as a project.

Using an app that manages your schedule will also help people around you understand what projects you’re working on, which will help others work better time themselves to meet your needs.

Have designated places for items you use regularly

If you have many things you use regularly, it can be difficult to manage all of them in one place. Luckily, this can be done.

For example, you could put your wallet and phone in your wallet and phone case, or put your tablet in its case and the charger.

You could also organize your books by genre, or group books with similar themes. All of these help create a defined area for items are stored in, and easily accessible.

These areas are a great way to organize yourself because it creates a sense of control. You are labeling and controlling how stuff is stored and controlled.

Geometry is a great way to describe what area items have. For example, your wallet must have a “card” area to hold the cards you use everyday, and the same for the phone and wallet.

Having these areas defined can help make it easier to stay at home with your children, especially when they start school.

Cook ahead of time

If you’re going to cook late in the day or in the evening, then you have to account for time spent cooking and preparing food while the house is locked and the only person able to enter is your spouse.

This can be helpful if you have kids, because you can put things in the refrigerator and cook them hours before your spouse comes home so they are ready to enjoy when he arrives.

However, there are many reasons why you should cook your food ahead of time. For one, you can lay out all of your ingredients and tools before you start cooking, which will make it much easier to manage.

Secondly, this way of cooking can helpyou save money. Many times, grocery stores sell foods pre-processed and packaged for later use.

Plan out fun activities with your kids

If your kids are older, consider having fun activities with them every night or every other night. This can be going to a game or event with the group, attending a play or event with the group, or just spending time together in the safety of your home.

By planning out fun activities and keeping the group together, you make it more likely for them to get to know one another. By spending time together and developing relationships together, you are building good habits that will last a long time.

Building relationships is important because it helps develop similar traits in yourself and others. When you grow up together, find an area where you agree and that can be powerful.

These relationships that develop in your home are important for staying at home, working at home, and building self-confidence in your kids.

Take care of yourself so you can take care of your family

Your stay at home mom job can be tough. You have to take care of yourself, your family, and your job while also caring for your children, managing your husband and children, and keeping the house clean.

It can be demanding and expensive. That is why it is important to do this job on an occasional basis. You should only do this once you are able to take care of yourself.

You will have to invest in yourself when you go out to work. You will have to pay foryour meals and travel expenses because you will be spending so much time at work. Once you are there, you will need to travel so you can get paid for your work.

This is how people learn how to pay for themselves because they spend time in the office paying for their own food and drink.

Ask for help when you need it

It’s normal to feel alone when as a parent you have to take care of your children. It can be difficult when you have to stay at home and watch them every night.

It’s hard to get up in the morning and think, I’m going to take care of my children until they get old enough to learn what needs be done themselves.

That is time you could spend with your husband or friends having fun or doing something you both enjoy. We stay at home mothers need to learn how to manage our homes and ourselves.

We need help when we want it and we need it now, not later on when we are tired or ready for it ourselves. We must ask for help when we need it most, that is how we control our homes and ourselves.