Oakley Si Assault Boot 8 Inch

The Si is a new model from Oakley. This model features a 8-inch sturdier heel, reinforced toe and heel areas, and a solid rubber sole. It also includes an internal memory system that can be used for automatic kicks, or manual kicks.

This model also comes with an anti-bacterial treatment that helps prevent mildew and dryness. This treatment is notifiable by small black marks on the tops of the feet. This treatment is noticable because it changes the texture of the skin.

The Si Assault Boot is designed to be worn ruggedly with jeans or cargo pants. It is also perfect if you are looking for something that will keep you warm in winter, or cool in hot weather. It is also suitable for warm weather wear events such as olympics or race season starts right away?

How do you use your Si Assault Boot?

You can use this boot for automatic kicks or manual kicks. The automatic kick feature allows you to kick the boot without having to put any pressure on any part of your foot.



oakley si assault boot 8 inch

When it comes to comfort, you can never go wrong with a pair of oakley si assault boot 8 inch. They are designed to feel like your feet are always walking on air. They are plush and soft, yet durable.

These boots havememory foam inside which gives them some extra comfort. This also helps keep your feet warm and dry. Memory foam is one of the top wear-resistance materials out there.

Memory foam also does not stick to your skin which makes it easy to remove her shoes. Many people put them on before bed so they can get a good night’s sleep in! Having soft shoes that are durable is another way to save money on shoes by going with memory foam instead of leather.

Last but not least, these shoes are very comfortable. You will know when they are because you will not feel any pressure or pain where the heal meets the toes and how hard they walk.


As the name suggests, the Si Assault Boot is characterized by its stability. This boot is designed to keep your feet firmly on ground while running, running walk, or jumping around. This boot has a smooth heel with an aggressive shape that stays put as you run or jump around.

The tread on the bottom of the boot keeps it stable as you move around in it. The memory foam inside gives this boot some comfort as you are moving in it. It also helps prevent foot pain and discomfort when walking in it.

Memory foam plays a big role in this boot. The heavier weight of the boots makes it need more memory foam to achieve its stability. Without enough memory foam, the boots can feel like they are floating above your foot when walking in them.

Using thicker memory foam allows companies to create more affordable products that reach people with physical disabilities.


oakley si assault boot 8 inch

Most shoes have grips in them, but they are usually flat or slightly raised. If you have very sharp or slender feet, then a grip might be necessary. If you have long average feet, then a grip might be helpful.

The grip the shoe has can make or break it when it comes to heels. Some heels are very strong and require a strong heel to hold its shape. This may not be the best choice for someone with a thin foot who also wants comfortable shoes.

Someone with short average feet may want the slight grip that someone with short thick feet need. The slight difference in feel can make or break whether you like the shoe!

Bullet point: Heel Height

Next up is how high the heel is. Heel height affects how long the person must strike on the ball of their foot to take some force from the shoe. Too low and they will not hold its shape!

Heel height also affects where people place their weight in the shoe. Some people prefer very tall heels while others prefer less tall ones.


oakley si assault boot 8 inch

The cost can be hard to consider when looking at all the features and benefits this boot has to offer.

Including these features and benefits: Cost of other boots, cost of a flat-soled shoe, cost of a trainer, cost of a non-training wear outfit, cost of a trainer or class(es)?

It can be tough to calculate the true cost in some ways, because it includes so many items. However, if you were to buy one pair of shoes for yourself only, what item would you buy and why? You would probably say the comfort would be worth it in this case!

The price point is fairly low for such a durable boot. Most are around $100-$150 depending on where you go.

Could use some more shock absorption

oakley si assault boot 8 inch

The Si is not the strongest model in the line, and that is by most standards. It has 33k NXP shock absorption, which is below the 35k threshold. This shock absorption helps mitigate some of the force that is applied to the boot.

NXP shockabsorption works by compressing a high denser matrix around your foot to render it more comfortable. This prevents your foot from being hit with too much force when you jump or run. This also helps prevent blisters, which are a very common issue for people who jump a lot or run a lot.

This model has a slightly steep cut, which may cause some feet to be uncomfortable when standing up for long periods of time. When running or jumping, this must be accounted for! This also makes it more sensitive to changes in terrain, as if it is not sturdy enough already!

Overall, these are great boots to start wearing if you are looking for something lighter and more casual.

Not the best for beginners

oakley si assault boot 8 inch

First, this isn’t the best shoe for new shoesters. You will need to have a bit of experience before you can put in the required pressure on the outsoles to create a complete grip.

Second, this isn’t the best shoe for beginners who do not want to learn how to properly walk in shoes. This is one for those who like to walk around without knowing how to place your weight on the foot properly.

Third, this doesn’t have the best beginner’s cushioning. If you like this feature, then you should purchase another model of boot with it. It may be hard for some people to find their perfect comfort with this feature!

Lastly, this model does not come in any specific color options which makes it harder for people to find a match. Many start out looking at these colors but cannot because of this model.

Available in men’s and women’s sizes

oakley si assault boot 8 inch

Many styles and colors are available, making this style accessible to almost everyone.

The Si is one of the most popular models in the Oakley arsenal. It is available in men’s and women’s sizes, making it an easy fit. The top of the boot is made of leather with a vinyl bottom. This style does not have a sole, so it does not require any special preparation before wearing.

This style is easy to get into as far as colorways and styles. There are many ways to wear the Si, from casual to formal. It can also be paired with either full-length or short-length dresses, depending on what you want them for.

Can be hard to get on initially

oakley si assault boot 8 inch

When you first start wearing these shoes, you will probably have to take your time to get them resoled. This is because they are made of therma-pedestal treatment. This means that the shoes are heated before they are sat in. This process works with very delicate areas like your feet.

Once you do this, it takes a day or two for it to happen and then you can relax and enjoy your beautiful new shoes! There is no rush needed, just do it slowly so that it happens.

Can be hard to get on initiallyola_carlotta If you buy cheap shoes or boots, and they don’t fit well enough when you first take them out of the box, then they may need to be returned.

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