News 4 San Antonio Anchors

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News anchor is responsible for breaking news stories and broadcasting them to the community. They are also typically asked to give details on how people in the community can help or support a story.

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Julian Garcia

Julian Garcia is a new news anchor at News 4 San Antonio. She has been working in journalism for the past several years, so this will be a quick rundown of her tips and tricks for success as an on-air personality.

First, she says she gets her start in journalism by counting all the stories on every piece of news coverage. By having as much input as possible, she can build up some momentum to get you excited about what she is going to say next.

She also says that being able to read people’s texts and emails is a must-have for every news anchor. Being able to handle the demands of being a reporter, reading information can be done on a phone app or directly via email or text.

Last, but not least, she says that being able to create engaging characters who reflect your audience is key to success as an on-air personality. You want your listeners and viewers to feel like they are talking to you and your story is what they are feeling and sharing their day is what you are spreading that.

Alejandro Espinosa

Alejandro Espin, news anchor for KENS5, is one of the most well-known journalists in San Antonio. He’s worked at KENS5 since 2012 and has gone on to win several awards for his reporting.

His work includes breaking news and features including a series on homelessness. His style is easy to follow and his results are clear.

His confidence in his work makes it easier for him to get the story and for his audience to trust him. His ability to put himself out there makes people feel more comfortable telling him what they want to know.

His style also helps with stories that are hard or impossible to do in person. Alejandro was able to do a good job of covering stories from multiple angles using only video footage.

Demian Becerra

Demian Becerra is an anchor for News 4 San Antonio. He started out as a journalism scholarship in college. After that, he wanted to be a TV journalist so he went to work for the news.

Demian has been with News 4 since 2012 and has been with many assignments. His newest assignment is as co-anchor on the morning show, Good Morning Texas.

His calm and steady demeanor helps him build trusted relationships with his audience and sources. He’s able to focus on his duties while being distracted by everything around him, which is important when you look at his accomplishments.

He’s known for being very involved in community events and being very friendly, which always make a difference in people’s opinions of him. His job is to report news, but he also makes people feel comfortable and trustworthy through his behavior.

Mariah Medina

Mariah Medina is an anchor for News 4 San Antonio. She was born and raised in San Antonio, but now hosts her news coverage from Austin, Texas.

Medina joined News 4 in June 2016 as a reporter after spending several years working as a news photographer for the San Antonio Express-News.

She became a reporter after the news director there noticed her work and hired her. Since then, she has covered everything from police shooting investigations to major stories in downtown San Antonio.

Her drive to tell stories comes from her father, who passed away when she was young. He was an avid sports fan, which made him want to report stories about things he loved.

She says it still drives her to find those stories and cover them herself.

Delaine Mathieu

Delaine Mathieu began her news career at KVI in 2008 as a broadcast assistant. She went on to become a co-host in 2009 and became a full time co-host in 2013.

She has been named one of the Top 10 News Co-Hosts by College Student Living Magazine for her work as a housing advisor at the University of Texas at Austin.

In 2015, she was named the Journalist of the Year by the Society for News Broadcasting, earning her an invitation to be recognized at the 2016 Poynter Conference and Awards Dinner in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Her husband Maurice Mathieu is an associate news director for KVI. They have two children: Ashton and Avery.

Joe Pags

Joe Pags is a new hit news channel in San Antonio. You can find it on almost every device and person of access. It has a semi-regular audience, with many people finding it because of its very serious tone.

Joe Pags was created by the Nueces County Communications Foundation to provide greater awareness and understanding of issues affecting our community. The foundation uses an anchor style presentation with short news updates and longer features.

The foundation is dedicated to reporting the news accurately and offering solutions for issues involved. They cover a variety of topics, from politics to social issues, that affect our community and how we live our lives.

Misty Morgan

Misty Morgan is an anchor at News 4 San Antonio. She joined the station in November 2015 and has been with them ever since.

Morgan was first hired as a reporter for News 4 in January 2016. During her time as a reporter, she covered local news stories and stories about San Antonio including the recent San Antonio Grand Prix and Alamo City Sushi Celebration.

After becoming a journalist, Morgan went on to study journalism at the University of Texas at El Paso. While studying, she worked as a newsmobile reporter covering local stories and events while attending UTEP.

When she is not working, you can find her spending time with her husband and two children.

Paige Hughes

Paige Hughes is an award winning news reporter for News 4 San Antonio. She began her career as a news reporter for WAAQ-LP, a local college campus radio station. She moved to television following her graduation from the University of San Antonio with a Bachelor of Journalism degree in journalism.

She joined News 4 in 2014 as their crime and public safety reporter. During her tenure she has covered several high profile stories including the Jonathon Alano murder investigation, Zapp Brannigan’s former home life and death, and the tragic story of Melissa Kacelak, who was murdered last year.

This past year she was named News 4’s Anchor and Communications Chair at Large for the South Central region. Her role includes creating content for social media, running the newsroom operations, and overseeing reporters covering her region.