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News 12 the Bronx Numberère is a low-bandwidth, high-quality news channel available to most households in the United Kingdom. It was launched in 2003 and has undergone several format changes over the years.

The channel is currently operated by Sky, who rebranded it in 2017 as a 24-hour news channel. It broadcasts at 212 MHz, which is the frequency for TV channels in Europe that broadcast with automatic CBS programming such as The Twilight Zone and The Morning News.

Unlike many North American networks, News 12 does not run with either CBS or NBC logos on its screen due to their varying levels of coverage of political events. Instead, it runs with an icon representing what station it is: a red circle with a line around it representing a news program.

This makes News 12 stand out from other networks that only have one logo visible at all times.


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A pregnant woman was shot in the head early Sunday morning in the South Bronx. Her baby was seriously injured.

Police said a woman, 19-year-old Nia Heasnig of Pelham, was getting into her mother’s car with her and her brother when a male acquaintance came up and asked if Heasnig had a place to stay.

When she agreed to let him stay with her, he went inside and took out a gun and ordered Sheasnig to put her hands on the wall or leave with him. When she did, he pointed the gun at her and ordered her to get into the car or left with him.

Sheacngion drove away but later returned because she didn’t know where she was going and couldn’t find her way home. Sheacntion then went inside another house where she met someone else who happened to be home from hospital so she stayed there until police showed up.

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A wave of crimes in the Bronx has led to a new number- Welded crime investigation officials have identified a man who they say is committing Welded crimes at an alarming rate.

Welded is an area-based crime alert system that provides local law enforcement with information on targeted areas of town where crimes such as burglary, motor vehicle theft, and larceny occur.

The system alerts police and other organizations that a specific number of suspects are committing these types of crimes in unison.

According to data from the Welded crime alert system, the Bronx has seen its share of aggravated assaults rise by 40% over the last year.

That increase has prompted authorities to call for more resources to fight the growing crime problem in the borough. Addressing this increasing aggravated assault crime in the Bronx is key, law enforcement agencies are telling investigators.