New Home Decor Trends 2017

Finding the right way to decor is an ever-evolving field that trends. Trends in interior design, cuisine, and culture influence every area of life.

Trends in fashion, food, and culture are common. The media and popular opinions are frequently shifting.

For example, during a season like 2018, people were focused on glamour and excess. However, once the new year started, people began to focus more on everyday items and practicality.

This is a good thing! People can live without exciting or complicated things that they need or want. They should be able to find simple ways to favor the New Home Decor Trends 2017 cohort of products!

These products can be anything from decorations to Whole House Filters.



A new trend is the use of pillows. There are many ways to layout a bedroom, so which one you choose to use is up to you. Some people prefer the look of having none, or only a small pillow at a time, and that is okay!

The two most popular types of pillows are flat-backed pillows and down-backed pillows. A flat-backed pillow is lower in weight and thicker than a down-backed pillow.

To take advantage of this fashion move, buy one or two low quality flat-backed pillows and one or two down- backed pillows and you are good to go! If you want more space for clothes storage, then buy two or four more low quality flat- backed pillunks and two more down- backedpillants.


A new trend in home decor is exhibiting images or art on the walls. This trend is known as art-thole!

Many people find it attractive to show off their arts withumenu with this fashion trend. Others love the fact that it adds more value to a home, and others just like the aesthetic quality of it.

Now, there are many ways to display your art. One way is using Paint Night’s (a painting night event series) white canvas, adding artwork, and then hanging up. Another way is using found objects such as paintings or furniture matches, which can be hung from the ceiling down.

The important thing to realize is how much you want to display.


Mirror is a new trend this year. You will be able to see it all over! Many interior designers and decorators are using them in new ways.

Some use them as flooring or ceiling decorations, others place them in rooms to increase sense of space or add an unexpected touch. Some even put them inside homes to aid in communications and/or spiritual understanding.

Heavily mirror clad walls can help create a large square-shaped room with very few curves, making it look flat. If a ceiling is high, then a lot of mirrors can be hung on the outside of the home to enhance height.

If a room needs bigger or smaller dimensions, then simply change the size of the mirrors! They also apply different sizes and shapes for custom vanity, countertop, and chair sets.

Console tables

A console table is an extra table or counter, typically located in the middle of a room. They can be used for display books or supplies, a drinking fountain, and a place to put accessories like gaming controllers and movies.

Using a console table helps maximize your room’s interior space because you have two additional pieces of furniture to place items on. It also breaks up the focus of the room and gives it someaisn’t leased someisn’t leased added convenience.

Some consoles tables are square instead of round, have a lower shelf instead of a top one, or are painted white instead of durable wood. All of these options are still valid ways to use a console table!

When placing the console table in your room, make sure it is comfortable and location-friendly.

Sculpture decor

A sculpture decor trend is back! Previously, homeowners favored moderne-inspired decor. Now, they have an excuse to return to it!

Moderne is a style that uses large, heavy pieces that seem expensive. These pieces are paired with relatively low-cost accessories. It is a simple way to make a statement.

In the fashion industry, today’s youth are moving away from conventional color schemes and choosing things in colorful clusters or “tricks.” These decorations consist of cloth, glass, and toys that look like rules or patterns.

Wall decor

A new way of decorating is using wall paper. There are many options such as white, dark brown, and gunmetal. You can create a classic look by using only these materials, or more sophisticated designs where some materials are mixed in with others.

Another way to use wall paper is as a backdrop for décors. Put some in an office, design a room around them!

How much wallpaper you need depends on the size of your space. A small bedroom may need less wallpaper than a large bedroom that needs more wallpaper.

And don’t forget ceiling tiles or skylights! Those can be beautiful pieces of artistry.

These days, we find low-profile décor options that are not too flashy. These changes are moving away from bright and fun to soft and peaceful.


A new trend in home decor is to build your own baskets. There are many ways to create baskets and patterns, so there is no limitations to this trend.

One way to do this is by joining together several items and creating a basket. You can then add treats or goodies to top it off!

In addition to joining items together, into which they go in a container, the size of the container depends on what you put inside.

The biggest ones you can make are for holding large objects or treasures. These may be hidden in an attic, basement, closet, or other dark area you do not want people to see what is inside.


Lamps are a staple in most homes today. There are many different ways to use these in your decorating repertoire. You can use them as night lights, entryway decorations, or even kitchen countertop decorations.

Lamps are small appliances that you connect to a power source. This gives you two options for how you use the lamp: as a normal light bulb or connected to a computer or phone via software and function keys.

Today, most homes have at least one light bulb, making switching out your bulbs an annual event. Newer models offer advanced features such as color temperature options or weather-resistant treatment. Some can even be programmed to turn on and off with certain conditions such as lighting or sound signaling an alarm.

There are many ways to organize your new lumen production, from buying plain old light bulbs to setting up online forums with guidelines on how to program yours into your home automation system.