New Balance Men’s Mw1569 Country Walking Boot

New Balance is one of the most recognizable brands in athletic footwear. Their products are often found in high-end retailers and mass retailers, making them a very popular brand.

New Balance is known for their quality materials and craftsmanship. They use high quality leathers and fabrics to build their products, and they put a lot of effort into developing innovative designs and introducing new models.

These attributes make New Balance a respected brand within the fashion community, helping them gain more mainstream recognition. People respect a brand that offers good value as well as good looking shoes!

This gains attention, with people coming out to buy their shoes and being impressed by how nice they look on someone.


Textured leather

new balance men's mw1569 country walking boot

This boot is new to the New Balance collection, but not at all! The Mw1569 features a leather upper with a textured leather lining. This gives it a very luxe look and feel.

This new upper material is called Nubuck and is considered more of a suede like material. It is very soft and luxurious!

Because this boot has such an iconic black color, New Balance went with Nubuck as the material instead of leather. This helps keep the price lower than would be with leather shoes.

Nubuck shoes are typically cheaper than leather shoes, which is why they are becoming more popular among individuals looking for a low-cost shoe.

This boot is very lightweight making it an appropriate shoe for early morning or early afternoon workouts.

Lace up closure

new balance men's mw1569 country walking boot

This boot has a lacing up closure system that gets your feet in and out with a smooth, easy pull. This makes for a very comfortable footlocker and prevents accidentalUREs.

These shoes are designed with walkability in mind. They are shaped almost like a high-heel, boot which makes it easy to get your feet in and out. They also have a soft memory foam insole to help you feel more comfortable as you walk.

To keep the shape of the shoe, when you take off one shoe, the other stays on. This helps you keep your feet warm and cozy as you walk. These shoes are very popular because they are easy to put on and off as people increase their ankle flexibility.

Padded collar

new balance men's mw1569 country walking boot

A rare feature found on few casual walking shoes is a padded collar around the shoe. This prevents your foot from getting pinched or caught when you walk in a single direction.

This feature is useful if you are going for a quick walk or need the protection this feature provides. It also makes it easier to get a correct fit with this boot as it has more room in the heel and more space in the forefoot.

Since this boot does not have a heel, it does not have to be reinforced with additional plastic material. This makes it easier to remove when you are done walking, as there is no need for another piece of plastic sticking out of it.

The padding also helps prevent pain in your feet while walking, which is very important to keep people interested in this boot. This boot also looks nicer with nice looking wear and tear, like scuffed edges or soles that are thinned out.

Memory foam insole

new balance men's mw1569 country walking boot

The New Balance Men’s Mw1569 Country Boot has an amazing looking, rugged look. It is inspired by hunting boots, but with a more casual look. The memory foam insole makes this shoe nice and comfortable.

This boot is designed to be used in everyday life. That is why the leather is quality and the design is functional. As you wear the boot, your shape will move it where it needs to go. This will make it feel more like a true shoe than a trainer style shoe.

Since this boot is designed for walking, it has good traction even on wet or rough terrain. The leather does not get marred or scratched when being used in that way.

The size 9 boots are good size for people who have bigger feet or less use of shoes over time.

Cushioned footbed

new balance men's mw1569 country walking boot

The New Balance Men’s Mw1569 Country Walking Boot has a memory foam footbed that cushions your feet. This feature makes walking longer distances more comfortable, as you don’t have to worry about your feet feeling the ground.

Memory foam is a padding material that contours to your foot to create a custom fit. When paired with a responsive foam like memory, it creates the perfect cushion for your walking experience.

This feature is critical for those who spend much time on their feet, such as those who work with their feet at times. Without this feature, these men’s boots would be of little use to someone looking for daily wear and tear.

Durability is another reason this boot has garnered so many positive reviews. Many say they have used these shoes for work and back home because they are so durable.

Deep treaded outsole

new balance men's mw1569 country walking boot

The new Men’s New Balance Mw1569 Country Boot is a rugged, comfortable pair. It has a deep treaded outsole that reduces stress on your feet underfoot. This keeps your feet happy and safe all day long.

This boot is made of canvas with decorative stitching, making it soft and easy to wear. The canvas also helps keep this boot lightweight which is nice when walking long distances.

Another nice feature about this boot is the padded collar around the top of the foot. This prevents any pain or irritation when walking over hot pavement or through heatgrate pavement.

How much you can wear before they fall apart? Not likely while being worn by someone with good health habits, that! This makes them more desirable to people looking for a rugged pair of shoes.

Supportive arch

Most shoes lack a supportive arch support. This is critical for those who suffer from high foot wear stress or pain. If your feet are suffering from high wear and tear, this is the boot for you.

The New Balance Mw1569 Country Walking Boot has an excellent supportive arch support. It also features a moderate to high-low fit, making it an easy boot to move in. This boot is also tall, which may help prevent problems such as pinched toes or toe lengthness.

This boot is not recommended for short people due to the short length of the leg in this boot. The rare problem of short leg fatigue was solved by wearing a long sock with this shoe, but keep in mind that this may not be practical for those with short legs!

The design of this boot makes it easy to tell how much work it gets. You can see the wear and tear on the outside of the boots, showing how often they are being used.

Durable leather upper

new balance men's mw1569 country walking boot

The New Balance Men’s MW1569 Country Walking Boot is a durable leather upper. These boots are built to withstand many hours in the sun, hiking, and around the house. The boots are also waterproof!

This is an important part of safety when it comes to shoes. Heel angles and special layers like khaki or brown polyurethane soles prevent anything wet from entering the boot.

These are a great starting point for those looking for a soft, durable pair of shoes. They are not overly heavy which some may be looking for in winter Shoes.

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