My Cat Is Constipated Home Remedies

Constipation is a common ailment. Most animals, including cats, will constipate if they do not get enough food or care.

Many times it is not the cat’s fault- he may be suffering from wind, which is why you see him use his stomach for food. However, if your cat does not show any signs of regular eaten food and/or poos frequently, then it may be constipation.

There are a few ways to treat Constipation in a Cat. First, you can try the following tips:

achoeneous (yogurt and fruit snacks), applesauce, bananas, barley foods, brown rice products, capers for flavor and texture, chicken broth, Joined diet foods and changes in physical condition , low sodium foods, melon chunks or stewed fruit pieces as treats.


Give them plant oils

Plenteleaf oil is a common name for olive oil. It does not appear in most homes as a pet dish detergent, but you can give it a try.

My cat is constipated? Try giving your cat the plant oil Xeon. It is also called lanolin in Europe, which is the same thing as olive oil.

Kittens need lots of diapers until they are ready to use their own waste. If you have a high poop production kitten, buy two different kinds of diapers- one good and one poor quality. Mix them together just enough to get them wet and let them sit on the toilet for some time to work before attempting to change them.

Give your cat only one kind of diaper per day to keep the training up. Let him or her go outside for about an hour after changing each diaper to learn how to use the new product.

Give them whole fruit

Instead of giving your cat fluids or food that ishigh in fat, give them something that contains water and some fruit. This can be any kind, but try to avoid vegetables because they are not subject to cooking and cannot be reduced in fat content.

When giving your cat fruit, make sure to measure the right amount for them. A small piece of fruit may only take a few minutes for your cat to consume it, so make sure to keep track of how many pieces you give out.

By having some fruit around, your cats can enjoy some of the Vitamin A in it and feel more comfortable when you put it down. If you have children or grandchildren to care for, consider setting up a Fruit Bar Toilet Seals program to help prevent another case of constipation.

Give them whole vegetables

Many cats experience constipation as a result of a lack of vegetables in their diets. Not only do these vegetables contain water, they also contain important minerals and vitamins that your cat needs to stay healthy.

Broccoli is a staple food for humans, and yet many cats are not able to consume it. However, when your cat is unable to seek out the veggies in the diet, then you need to make sure to offer it.

Many cats suffer from diarrhea because they are unable to get rid of some of the nutrients that were consumed. In fact,itarian pets such as cats often have trouble maintaining their bowel function due to their inability to consume enough fluids and calories.

If your cat is experiencing diarrhea or seems unable to hold its weight, giving them whole vegetables can help rehydrate them and restore their bowel function.

Try feeding them egg yolk

If your cat is constipated, you may want to try feeding them egg whiteondeath.

Egg whiteondeath is an obscure creature that looks a little like a hamster with a shell made of egg whites. It is also known as an agemone or goo shrimp due to its resemblance to an alien horror.

Agemones are tiny sea creatures that look like miniature clams except they are hollow and eat up marine life in their near death state. They are commonly found in Japan and Korea where they are revered as food.

Because of this, trying any of the remedies below may be considered taboo in many veterinary offices, so I would advise trying them only under close supervision.

Give them milk

My cat is constipated? What’s that? Constipated is the wrong term? Then again, why not start off with the right term?

Constable is a four to five month old male. He’s a little on the thin side, so it could be that he’s constipated more often or for longer periods of time.

He has been having some trouble pooping and gaining weight recently, which may be a cause for his constipation. Giving him milk every day could help fix this!

You can give him half a cup of milk per day, which is enough to fill one large bowl. This will take about two to three hours for him to get it down, so make sure you got done in soon!

Since he has been sick lately, you might want to take it slow with the milk.

Use pet laxatives

A cat may not be able to get enough water or fluids due to constipation. Using a pet laxative can help. You can purchase one at your local pharmacy or online.

At home, you must use a liquid type of pet medication. The liquid must be placed in the mouth and allowed to sit before being administered.

Some products are formulated as gummed administration devices. These can be used at home, such as place in their mouth and let sit before administering. Or you can use them by simply giving the tablet or powder a good shake and administering it accordingly.

Make them exercise

Your cat may be constipated as a result of not getting enough exercise. Not exercising your cat can lead to stress, increased gas and stools, and decreased water intake resulting in dehydration.

To help them get through their exercise needs, find a place that is shady and has some hills. Build a cover over the area to prevent them from getting too hot and dry. Make sure you keep an eye on your cat while she is exercising, as she may need more or less time as the day goes on.

Make sure your cat is having enough water intake. Try bringing his water bowl up at least one hill every day to make sure he is drinking enough. If he is not drinking enough, take him out of his bathroom and walk with him outside so he can get exposed to the weather and sun light to make him feel better.

Massage their stomach

This is one of the most basic health remedies, but so many people don’t do it. Once a week, your cat should get a massage from another adult.

There are many ways to give a massage. You can use your hands, an armful of sheet-swaddle-able toys, or even you can get your cat to come over to you.

The best way to do a massage is to start with your hands and work your way up the body. Then, use an armful of toys or use one of those special hands you have that you can hold.

You can also get your cat to come over to you and get a rubdown, if that’s what you want. Try not making it too urgent and keep trying other remedies until he gets better.