Muay Thai Workouts At Home

Muay Thai is an art form that combines boxing with wrestling. It was created in Thailand as a way to socialize and train physically and emotionally. There are several different styles of Muay Thai, and they all use similar movements but with different tactics.

Muay Thai is excellent for working the whole body. It can be routine or more of a breathing exercise, but the work you do on the feet and hands together is key. This is what separates Muay Thai from other martial arts like MMA where you may only use your feet to attack and defend.

It can be done at your home or on your car ride home! There are many companies that have Muay Thai classes if you can’t do home workouts yourself. You can find them at local gyms or online.



As described above, exhaustion is the worst thing you can have during a workout. If you are not already doing a nightly workout, now is the time to start.

To give yourself enough time to complete your workout, you must do it for at least sixty minutes per hour and minutes per minute. That means that for an eight-and-a-half-hour workout, you would have to do at least one session for six hours and four minutes!

This can be difficult to keep up as the day goes on, but it is well worth it in the end. Doing this every day will help improve your health and fitness overall, and will only take a few minutes to set up and perform.

There are many ways to do this if you are not at home. You can also set up a location such as a park or library where you can train in publically.


Another favorite of mine is power. This workout can be done at home or at a local park. Either way, you can create your own or do the one suggested by the health care team at the park or in the community where the workout is offered.

This workout can be done on any day of the week, and it does not matter if you do not have fitness or fitness-level training. You can get your heart rate up and down with this as long as you are feeling sorry for yourself and your back.

You will need a little bit of equipment to make this work, but not too much—you want to be able to still feel and manage your pain while doing this. Some examples of what you would need are a set of weights or a yoga mat/floor mat/dugout mat combination.


Sparring is one of the most essential parts of mixed martial arts. While it may not be the first thing you think of as a Muay Thai workout, sparring is crucial to your overall health and fitness.

Sparring is where you as a athlete get your work-up and training pep-pah! It can be done in your own space or in a group setting.

The best sparring spots are: feet, gloves, hips, and head. Wherever you place your attentionately is key.

Sparring can be done on your feet, on one’s feet, on the ground, or on one’s feet. It can also be done on land or water.


Cardio is one of the most popular workouts in Muay Thai today. It is also one of the more complex workouts. But it doesn’t too!

Cardio is a word that means “the study of or relating to movement and exercise.” This workout is very physical, and requires special attention to the floor.

This workout is best done on a treadmill, step machine, or other cardio surface. The steps can be done using a ladder or similar structure. The preferred mode of operation is simple: move through the list of exercises listed below rapidly and then do the next one!

This workout can be done at home, on the floor, or in a gym.


Most Muay Thai fighters start their workouts on a low position, feet together, heels down. This is called initial positioning. Once the fighter is in their zone, they can move to higher or lower positions.

The fight position is a good place to start as it is easy to adjust and fall into. The fighter sits on the ground with their legs together and knees up and sits with her weight on her feet only and pelvis raised. This is called the fighting position.

As the fighter gets better at it, they can add kicks or other attacks into it. The top fighting positions are when the fighter is sitting with their legs crossed and then they get up on one leg and then get onto one foot and then get onto another foot.


Most Muay Thai fighters recommend a balance of cardiovascular and strength workouts to maintain your health and fitness. While in the military, having a daily 5-mile jog was a norm.

In the military, 5 miles per day is a rule. So, it is no surprise that in the fitness world, you will find that 5 miles per day is considered high volume training. However, this quality training can have many benefits.

From improvements in heart rate and body circulation to improvements in lean muscle mass and fat loss, this type of training has benefits for both MMA fighters and non-mma athletes. For instance, members of the soccer community use pull-ups as an easy way to get into good shape.


Muay Thai is all about building strength. There are several Muay Thai workouts that require you to use a heavy duty piece of equipment or property to practice on. These include the heavy duty computer workstation, medicine ball, and barbells.

The best Muay Thai workouts demand you to use your full body strength. That means you should not go easy on yourself during the workout. You want to make yourself as uncomfortable as possible while practicing the moves.

This may mean wearing tight clothing or gear to make you feel as if you are really in a battle scenario. Alternatively, it can be going without any clothing or gear when the moves are hard.

Respiratory endurance

Respiratory endurance includes how well you can hold your breath, how well you breathe on your own, and whether you have trouble breathing in air. It also includes whether you’re able to exercise in the absence of official workouts or training sessions.

When it comes to working out at home, there are two main types of respiratory endurance: physical and mental. The physical type refers to the physical exercises you can do on your own, like swimming or gardening. The mental type refers to the skills and experiences you learn at home, such as cleaning or cooking.

The best way to test your physical and mental ressources for home workouts is by searching online for different activities You may be able to find online searches for things like walking, gardening, washing, etc. Tools like can help with this.