Mountain Air Country Club Weather

At Mountain Air, we know how important visibility is when you are flying. With weather being such a factor on pilots’ journeys, it is important to know what the conditions are when you are out flying.

As an open-pilot community, we understand that pilots who love flying have varying preferences for visibility. Some prefer hard cover while others prefer open skies. For those who enjoy the feeling of flying but do not enjoy the traffic and other aircraft that are always present on a flight, the cost of not having enough visibility is too high.

With today’s technology, pilots can get all sorts of visual tricks done. Using everything from UAVs to autopilots to altimeters, we can measure what goes into getting a good picture of the terrain and my ego say I flew today!

Mountain Air offers two types of training: Fixed-Wing and Rotary-Wing.


mountain air country club weather

If you live in a warmer climate, you may be comfortable with snow. At Mountain Air, we remind our members to be prepared for snow. You can do this by practicing storm preparations with your membership card.

As a safety reminder, if it looks like snow has been falling, or is falling, notify theron at (719) 278-6333 as soon as possible so he can start preparing for the upcoming season.


High humidity is another weather condition that can threaten your hair. When the temperature of air surrounding your hair is higher than the temperature of my hair, it can cause problems.

Surprising though, is how much heat a small quantity of humidity in my hair can give me!

How much heat a tiny amount of humidity in my hair can give you depends on your personal sensitivity to heat and moisture levels. But, it can be worth it because you get those beautiful water droplets that look like spirals as you dry.

There are two main ways to prevent humidity in my hair: use alcohol-based cleaners and keep my dry shampoo low tack.


mountain air country club weather

While not unheard of, being caught in a severe storm is very rare. Most areas are protected by high mountains to the north and east, plenty of rain and snow to protect them from the worst of a storm, and clear skies for watching the storms pass.

This is due to two things: One, there are usually heavy rains several months into the year, and two, there are usually winds near hurricane force during this time. Many people do not have adequate preparation for these conditions due to past experiences.

It takes more preparation on both sides to ensure both members and members do enough weatherization and roof repairs. It is also cost effective for one person or organization to prepare for these storms as they are happening as opposed to someone else doing it later!

Being caught in a severe storm is something every member should know about in order to have adequate preparations.


mountain air country club weather

If you live in a windy region, you should plan on having a winter sports program. There are usually clinics and programs offered during the winter season, so it is not unusual to have a group of athletes ready to go.

Many programs offer classes or clinics on how to prepare for and deal with the effects of wind on your athletic performance. Some tips include using tall grass or trees to shelter yourself from the wind, keeping your distance from the tree line for safety, and frost eye wear or snow boots!

Known as tress passionates in mountian country club, the wind is one of our top health issues.

Sunny days

mountain air country club weather

At Mountain Air, we celebrate sunshine. We love the brightness of the skies and how quickly you can enjoy the sun’s warmth on your skin.

Many of our members enjoy spending time in the outdoors, so we provide our members with outdoor privileges. This includes having the opportunity to go hiking and exploring nearby parks and trails.

Additionally, we have a water play area for kids that offers free water play to keep them entertained. Many of our members are moms who enjoy having some downtime with their kids after work or before bedtime.

We also host social events every week that feature food and drinks, typically a music event, and dancing.

Cloudy days

mountain air country club weather

If you like cloudy days, you’ll love the weather at Mountain Air. Over the past month, there have been nine days with a clear sky. On average, these clouds stay around for about an hour before passing by, but on some days they stick around for hours!

These clouds provide beautiful scenery as they hover over the valley and move across the sky. You can enjoy this sight for about an hour before it passes by.

This is such a beautiful way to spend a day outside. You can go outside and enjoy the view of the valley or play some active games such as tennis or golf! Both activities are great for cool weather conditions because the heat from the day does not keep you warm enough to need a jacket or sweater.

You can also go outside and take in some air conditioning if it gets hot.


mountain air country club weather

Rain is a funny thing to count on a mountain air club in the mountains. After all, if you do not have an air conditioner or window air conditioner, then you are stuck with wet weather!

Unfortunately, most high altitude resorts do not have AC units, so they rely on waterfalls and overhead clouds to keep them cooled.

At lower elevations, waterfalls are rare events, and clouds are very rare. At higher elevations, clouds are a constant occurrence!

If you want true luxury, stay at a higher elevation. You will get more precipitation in the form of snow and rain during the winter months, which is what I suggest.

You will need to prepare yourself for the weather however, as it can be harsh at times! Luckily for you, I will tell you all about the mountain air country club weather.

Hot temperatures

mountain air country club weather

If you like warm weather, you might love Mtn Air. The club offers a number of summer members-only programs, including a weeklong water aerobics program and a one-day water park experience.

Both experiences offer fun in the sun, so if you do not have long enough sleeves or pants, the water park is also appropriate for shorts!

Water parks are popular summer fun ideas. They make great dates or just fun to spend time with. You can spend all day going from start to finish and never get tired of it.