Most Expensive Home In San Francisco

Choosing Which Way to Live is an ongoing journey, not a one and done affair. As our technology and lifestyles expand, new places are created to live!

If you’re looking to move into a new neighborhood or experience life in another city, you’re already on track. There are hundreds of neighborhoods across the country and around the world that have been cultivated over many years by developers and users alike.

By joining the fray and creating a place within this diverse landscape, you can add value to yourself and others like you who choose to live in different communities. Developers recognize your presence when people visit your property or use it as a means of transportation.

You don’t need big money or space to live in these communities, however.


Price history

The most expensive home in San Francisco is a house called dawn alquist au fu. The mansion has a price of $7.5 million!

This home was built in the early 1900s and has been updated over the years. It has been a private residence for sale or rent, but it has never been owned by someone before.

Someone will need to purchase it for a high-paying job or luxury lifestyle. It is meant to be lived in, so it gets upgraded interior and exterior. The owner can also sell it or rent it out when they are done with work or when they outgrow it.

Either way, this home will remain in their family for ever because of the money spent on it.


Atlaswildwood, in the city of San Francisco, is a incredible home with a large private backyard. It also has a large interior space, making it an ideal home to raise a family.

The exterior is gorgeous and features several stories and impressive design elements. The main house is on the upper floor with the additional bedrooms and bathrooms below.

The backyard is beautiful and spacious. There are many ways to enter the home, making it a great family party destination. There are also lots of places to enjoy nature close by, such as in the private back yard or in the neighborhood around you.


As the title suggests, this bullet point is most important in a neighborhood. If you are looking at a neighborhood home, make sure it is in a neighborhood that is nice.

Many times as you go up in price, things around the home get nicer. You get to enjoy more floors and walls of décor, additional furniture and decorations.

When looking at homes, remember that this is a money issue for you. You want to find a home that is comfortable for you and your needs. You do not need to live there forever if you do not want to but spending money on this may help you find what you want.

Lastly, when looking at homes, make sure they are safe for your family.

Interior features

There’s a reason why many affluent people choose to live in luxury housing. You are not required to live in it, but if you do, you can make some pretty nice money off of your home.

As a home owner, you can make a lot of money by offering professional services on your home property. For example, if you run a cleaning company on your home property, then you can rent out various services such as housecleaning, legal services, and marketing services.

You can also run a business on your home property such as selling businesses or an event venue. If you are an event planner, then renting out your event on the homes and events website will help you make some money.

If you are a photographer, then hosting photo shoots on your home property is also a way to make some extra money.

Land features

As the name suggests, land features systemly refers to features such as valleys, hills, and peaks. A valley, in this context, is a area where one cannot help but look up as it is located on top of a hill.

The diversity of lands in the region makes it an attractive place to settle. There are many ways to get into a valley, and one of the best is via helicopter. You sit in complete relaxation as the pilot hovers above you and creates incredible views.

When looking for a new home, do not be preoccupied with size. What matters most is how well you can blend your personal belongings into the surroundings. How much room you can put inside out of mind when buying a home, especially if it is big.

Why is it so expensive?

At over USD 4 million, the home above is certainly a luxury property. However, compared to other expensive homes in the city, this property might not be all that special.

At USD 1 million less, this home would be classified as a medium-price home. Yet even at that lower cost, USD 4 million is a lot of money.

Furthermore, this is not the only expensive home in San Francisco. There are several homes in the neighborhood that cost more than this one does. A few of these can cost more than this one does!

Home values have gone up considerably over the past year and a half. This has made finding an affordable place to live difficult. While there are still some inexpensive places to live in SF, none of them are close to these high end homes.

Who lives there?

At present, a inhabitant lives in each of the two condos that were built by Mark Odrin on dcreece Place in 2014.The units are quite spacious, with an open plan layout that allows you to enjoy the sun or shade throughout the year.

These units have a very high price point, which is why only two people have moved in as of now. Both residents are highly influential members of the neighborhood, so moving in is quite a coup.

Both residents are very active members of the community and volunteer at local organizations. They also donate their homes to people who can use them for housing but cannot afford them on their own.

If you were looking to move into the neighborhood, who should you talk to about getting a home? These guys might not have any roommates, so your privacy is going to be important.

Has it sold?

No, it has not. The home at 901 Haight Street is one of the most expensive homes in the city, and has remained on the market for over a year.

This large, beautiful home was listed for almost four million dollars in 2015, before being reduced to three million after very little demand was seen.

The home has been re-listed three times since then, with no change in price. This is an enormous cost to not sell your home fast enough, when there are so many willing to pay more.

Home prices have dropped significantly since 2015 though, so if you’ve made this property yours, it may be time to lower your asking price.