Little Rock News Anchor Killed In Car Accident

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What happened?

On Thursday, October 5, Little Rock news anchor Braden Dusek was killed in a car accident. The accident happened around 4:30 p.m. He was driving his Toyota Prius when a tractor-trailer backed into his lane and ran into the front of his vehicle, causing it to hit another vehicle in the lane ahead.

The driver of the other vehicle was unharmed but shocked by the event. He said he wasn’t sure if he would be able to drive again and that is what led to him choosing Braden as his partner for Today.

After the accident happened, Braden called his family and friends to tell them what had happened and that he had died. His parents were very upset but knew they had to take this very hard.

His co-anchor, Kaitlyn Trentschull, also reached out to her family after the news of their friend’s death reached them.

When did it happen?

Little Rock news anchor Bryan Thomas died Thursday night when his car crashed into a truck. He was 32 years old.

His car allegedly struck another vehicle before coming to a rest in the middle of the road, blocking traffic for several hours. Emergency responders had to use an automated message to call out help because of lack of volunteers.

The truck driver did not seem concerned about the crash and walked directly into it, causing heavy damage to the other vehicle and Thomas’s car. Emergency personnel had to cut him out of his vehicle before they could start treating him.

Where did it happen?

Little Rock news anchor Josh Hinson was killed in a car accident on November 18, 2015. He was 23 years old.

The accident happened around 6:30 p.m. when Hinson, who was wearing his emergency alert system at the time, tried to make an announcement during a commercial break.

His vehicle collided with another vehicle and flipped several times before coming to a stop in front of a nearby restaurant. Both drivers were taken to the hospital but died from their injuries.

Hinson was driving a black 2016 Jeep Liberty with Arkansas license plate number 1NE1VX, which is his personal vehicle. The other driver was not injured but noticed something wrong with the car before it crashed.

This is yet another tragic reminder that you should always be prepared for an emergency situation and always have your phone or computer nearby.

What do we know about the car accident?

Little Rock news anchor Brandon Deane was killed in a car accident on November 10, 2017. The accident occurred when his car hit a tree and knocked it off course, crashing into another vehicle.

Deane was a talented news broadcaster who managed to charisma and emotion in his reporting. His colleagues were in mourning and all of Little Rock were paying close attention to the story.

He was an experienced driver and had his license for almost five years at the time of the accident. Although he had never had an accident before, he was well prepared for this crash as he had recently gotten his license.

The other driver escaped without serious injury but noticed something missing from their vehicle after the crash: a microphone! That is what caused them trouble as they tried driving home with nothing audible through the window.

Were there any witnesses?

It was a beautiful day in Arkansas, so people were out and about. Several businesses began to close early due to the accident.

Little Rock News Anchor Terry Clacey was killed in the car accident on June 5, 2018. He was 24 years old.

His girlfriend, Jessica Bledsoe, reported that he was driving his Caravan Fox News van when he lost control and hit a fence at a Arkansas veterans home, killing him immediately.

Another male suspect got out of the van and started running while police arrived, but he was killed by security personnel before he could escape.

There were no witnesses to the crime so police were forced to make an assumption that the man acted alone.

What do we know about Belton?

Little Rock news anchor Belton was killed in an car accident on February 22, 2018. He was 26 years old.

He was a graduate of Central High School and the University of Arkansas with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. Prior to his death, he worked at WPLN-FM as their weekend news anchor and host of Weekend Arkansas.

His widow is now the station’s morning show host. They have two children together and one son from a previous marriage. Their names are Austin and Gabrielle, who are both 19 years old. The family has not released any announcements about this loss yet, but we hope they do so soon!

We do not know much about Little Rock news anchor Belton except that he was very passionate about his work and his audience throughout his short career. His wife describes him as an energetic person who stepped up to the plate every day to deliver what they were talking about.

Did she have any family?

Robin Parry, 33, was an award winning news anchor who worked for Arkansas News Now and Little Rock News. She also worked for KATV in Little Rock as a reporter and host of the evening news.

Parry was a mother of two young children. Her son is named Gabriel and she also had a daughter named Sofia.

On December 1, 2016, Robin passed away in an auto accident. The driver involved in the accident was not injured but her name was identified as a person from another town who lived nearby.

The circumstances surrounding the crash are still under investigation so it is not clear if and how she may have prevent this from happening. Regardless, her family requests your thoughts and prayers are sent to her family during this time.

Will her show continue without her?

Barbara Jean Jensen, who was known as Will to her fans, was an accomplished journalist who spent her career telling stories.

Will worked at Arkansas News Now for several years before leaving to pursue other opportunities. She was a hard-working and talented reporter who made it out of her community to gain more experience in journalism.

Her show Will and Grace ran for nine seasons before ending due to low ratings. She was also a successful author, publishing three books but one went unpublished after she retired from journalism.

After retiring, Will spent more time writing again and spent time reconnecting with her family and friends. She died in an automobile accident just days after turning 50 years old.