List Automatic Transmission Trucking Companies

Automatic transmission trucking companies are very common these days. There are so many companies that offer this service that it is hard to find one that does not have at least one article about them today.

Making use of an automatic transmission in your car means that you will need to install a transbrake on your truck. This transbrake transfers the force of the clutch to the wheels, which requires special tires with special rings on them.

The challenge with this job is keeping a consistent pressure on the tires and making sure they are properly inflated. Keeping a correct pressure on the tires is key because if they are low, some of the power from the truck will not be transferred.



Ryder is one of the largest trucking companies in America. They have a reputation for being reliable and good at their job. They also offer private label products for businesses to use in conjunction with their fleet.

I met a few of their drivers who used them. He said he would never use another company because of how good Ryde is at getting their drivers paid on time.

Many drivers rave about how easy it is to work with Ryder. They have a dedicated team that takes care of all your needs. Along with the driver, you will need a manager to help guide and assist with your crew and business.

You can find Ryder trucks in many different places such as at Walmart, Sam’s Club, Costco, etc.


Cox is an established name in the automatic transmission trucking industry. They offer a variety of services, including installation, renewal, and modification of an automatic transmission.

Cox also partners with auto manufacturers to offer new vehicles with their Automatic Transmission. This is a great way to raise awareness and support for their company!

Cox has been in business for several decades, which speaks to the quality of their products. They have been around since the early days of automatic transmissions when manual transmissions were scarce.

Today, they offer upgraded versions that feature limited-slip devices and pre-shift engagement systems. Both provide benefits for drivers, who need them in the modern era of driver-aid technology.

Advantage Trucking

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It can be expensive to start out as a driver, especially if you are new to the industry. You must have experience working as a truck driver in order to gain an advantage over other drivers.

Some of the companies offer positions on contract basis only while others offer fulltime positions.

Northeast Trucking Company

If you’re looking to transfer your cargo from a manual transmission vehicle to an automatic, Northeast Trucking Company is an option. Our company is based out of Pennsylvania, and we are able to help you find a trucking company that uses automatic transmissions.

Many truckers prefer the shifting and driving experience that automatics offer. It takes some time to become accustomed to how the vehicle shifts, but after that, you feel more comfortable driving with the wheel. You do not have to worry about having the right gear when driving at high speeds, as the vehicle will automatically shift into gear for you.

Some trucks do not have a neutral position in which case an automatic may be helpful. If you are concerned about having to start the truck with no gear, then automatic may be needed.


USXressix is a leading USXpress transmission trucking companies that has been in business for over 20 years now. During this time, they have continued to expand their reach by offering their services to the growing fleet needs.

USXressix is a recognized leader in their community for providing top quality trucking services at an affordable rate. They pride themselves on offering the best quality services at an affordable price to their clients.

Their company headquarters are located in Indianapolis, Indiana where they have expanded into new territory. They currently offer services within Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee with drivers and trucks available. Their goal is to provide quality service at an affordable price!

Besides their dedication to their clients, what sets them apart from other transmission trucking companies is that they use certified technicians when servicing equipment.

Liberty Trucking

Liberty Trucking is one of the leading automatic transmission trucking companies in the U.S. Offering both passenger and cargo vehicles, Liberty Trucking has options to fit every need.

With over a decade of experience, staff members are trained in all aspects of vehicle operation. From driving to controlling controls to raising or lowering a cargo cover, these staff members know how to get things done.

Cost-effective solutions are offered with Liberty Trucking. A premium collection plan is offered for larger loads, while less expensive plans are used for single containers or small quantities. All plans offer tracking and coverage, making this an excellent choice for those looking for transparency.

Additional services may be added on request, giving flexibility in use.

Roberts Truck Line

Buford, Georgia-based Roberts Truck Line has been making heavy-duty trucks for over 25 years. Their reputation for quality is well deserved, as they have been running the same line up since the dawn of the light truck era.

Since 1988, Roberts Truck Line has been focused on producing quality trucks at an affordable price. This reputation has helped them gain a solid following among buyers, which is what matters most.

Their line of heavy trucks is built to withstand hard use and will last a user long enough to make a sale. That being said, these machines are expensive compared to others, so only serious buyers should look at them.

To find Automatic Transmission Trucking Companies that deliver top quality vehicles at an affordable price, see below for some different models of heavys.


TransForce is an innovative company that has developed a series of advanced transmission technologies to help improve your driving experience. Its innovations include Variable Torque Distribution (VTD), Variable Pitch Shifting (VPS), and Downshifts (D-Shifts).

All of these features work in concert to help you drive in a more pleasurable manner and reduce stress in your driving. With VTD, the rear wheels are transferred more torque while turning, VPS decreases the amount of shifting required, and downshifts reduce the amount of time you have to release the gas before you go into speed mode.

These features do not necessarily work in unison, which can be confusing. However, by knowing what combinations they are combined into one feature, you will be able to find them on your truck.