Ladies Home Journal Can This Marriage Be Saved

Marriage is a beautiful institution. It’s built on love and trust, making difficult decisions together, being together in our faith, and living life as a couple.

However, the concept of marriage has changed over the years. Today, most countries allow people to marry when they are 18, while before that it was limited to couples who were financially stable and committed.

This was not the case back then, as you could see with slavery or even in ancient Greece where people were allowed to marry after 26 years of partnership.

These changes in how marriage is viewed came about over time due to pressure from society. Society has changed and/ored marriage away from something that is only for serious couples to something that everyone should be able to do.

This change in how marriage is viewed has had an effect on what people think it should be, and what it should be like.

Yes, but…

There are many ways to reconcile your lives, and most of them are free. So, if your marriage is headed in the wrong direction, you can go to one of the many marriage modification or separation intervention programs available.

Many times, these programs are located in church or religious organizations, and there is a legal side to them as well.

Some couples even attend marital reconciliation classes together and learn how to address their issues together. These can be free of charge!

Then there are the non-traditional relationships that have some form of emotional or physical abuse. Many times, it comes down to lack of support from one party. The other person simply gave up years ago when it was too hard and/or they didn’t understand why they were getting so upset.

Either party should receive help at some point from a qualified professional before anything else is done.

No, never!

A few years ago, a couple started a home-based business together. They were very successful in it, and received a cash prize for It each year.

They were in love, and was happy. They had two wonderful children too. They were active in their community and busy with their business as well.

But after a while, the business fell apart. The husband lost his confidence in himself and his business, so he stopped working at it. The wife became the family’s caretaker instead of the other way around, which was not easy on her.

She felt guilty leaving her children alone for hours on end while she was out running or attending events with the company.

Read this article and save your marriage!

Every week, approximately 130,000 marriages in the United States are called off, ended, or annulled. This number is so high because it is a legal union that lasts until one person decides to separate or divorce.

Many times, this happens when one person is not ready to parent children and the other does not want to continue to be involved. When one party decides they want out, the other needs to consider it a loss and needs to move on.

This is such a sad scenario as once people get into a marriage, they make decisions that affect their lives for the rest of their lives. They put everything into what they were about and now there’s nothing left of them but dust!

Many people end up in marriage but then something changes and they decide they no longer want to be married so they can do what they want without facing consequences.

Communicate with your partner

Your relationship is not salvageable, let’s talk about that. Having a conversation with your partner can make a huge difference in how they feel and how they respond.

If you’re constantly communicating through text messages, emails, and phone calls, then you’re still thinking about how to respond to each other and not about what you want to do.

When we don’t talk to each other, we have to start thinking about what we want to do. If you want to do something coldly or sexually without saying a word, that’s what will happen.

If you want to talk more than you do now, then start paying more attention to how you communicate. When we don’t use the right words to send and receive information, it can hurt us emotionally and physically.

We all have different emotions when we don’t talk like that.

Take responsibility for your actions

When things go wrong, it’s usually our fault. We make the decisions, we ask for things, we offer things. We deserve to be happy and to enjoy our marriage!

We all make mistakes. Some are bigger than others. But even though it may seem like one of you made a mistake, the other person has to take responsibility for not listening or understanding what the first person was saying.

If one of you makes a mistake, it is better if the other one knows about it and takes time to apologize. If both of you were involved, then there is no point in having a marriage because one of you didn’t care enough to do what they needed to do to keep the other happy.

One thing that can help heal this kind of breach is taking responsibility for your actions. When people realize that their husband or wife or partner or friend or relative has done something wrong, they usually forgive and forget because they know he or she has taken responsibility for themselves.

Be honest with your partner

When things are going great, maybe being honest with your partner can mean the difference between happiness and misery.

It’s easy to point out how happy you are together and how much fun you are fun together. But as we all know, appearances can be very deceiving.

Happily married people often don’t talk about how bad their marriage is—they prefer to keep up the faàààh little talking they do.

They may not admit it, but they usually have a lot of expectations for themselves and their marriage. They may hope to:

• Gain satisfaction from their relationship without too many changes or challenges.

• Expect their marriage to last a long time, and to be content with what they have already.

Change doesn’t happen overnight

Almost every marriage has a phase where things are awesome and another where they are awful. For the most part, this is normal and it is your husband or wife who determines what is what with time spent together creatively and together in shared responsibilities.

Sometimes, this period in married life is called a marriage. Sometimes, it isn’t. Regardless, when one or both spouses are not feeling 100% happy with the other person or with their own life, there’s a tendency to look away or discuss it less.

This can be very harmful because over time, if we don’t change things, we may lose what we already have. We also can get stuck in the past when things were great but something didn’t change.

What does play a role in whether or not someone feels happy in their marriage is personal growth and change.

Get help from a therapist or counselor

Your marriage may be saved by the help of a therapist or counselor, but only if both husband and wife work on their problems together.

Many husbands don’t feel like they can ask for or take what they want in their relationship, and that’s something they need to learn to trust. When they learn that by going to a therapist or counselor and asking for help, it will shore up their trust in one another, it makes sense.

But only if both husband and wife work on their problems together will there be a change in each of their behaviors. If one spouse isn’t willing to work on her behavior, then the other won’t either. It’s like shaking your head no when your mate asks you what you did today, because you didn’t want to tell them. You felt like you weren’t supposed to do it and that would hurt them.