Kitten Eye Discharge Home Remedy

When your kittie is having a bad day, anEyeDischarge symptom may be observed. These are visible tears or brief periods where the kittie cannot close his or her eyes due to irritation or pain.

This symptom is called eye discharge or eye tear and it is a normal part of the kitty life cycle. Eye discharge occurs when the kitty experiences moisture and/or vitamin D levels in their diet.

Some cats will also have ear discharge as they flush their ears with liquid when they are uncomfortable. This can be misconstrued as tear production, but it is actually an indicator of nutritional intake.

When a kitten does not get enough nutrition, they may experience watery eyes and/or ear discharges. This can be devastating as they do not get enough water which helps maintain body temperature and hydration status.


Chlorox bleach

Kitten eye is a very rare condition in which the eye area becomes filled with large amounts of watery bleach. This condition is known as keratitis in reference to the eyelid that covers the eye making it look like a closed eyelid.

This condition is also known as bright red or blue kitten eye, because the affected area appears to be colored with stains such as ink or paint. The bleach can look like a foreign material coming out of the eye.

The symptoms are similar to those of another disease, dry eyes, including constant exposure to light and inability to correct exposedVision when present. Luckily, this condition is extremely rare, meaning you can do something about it!

Bleach has been used for years for cleaning purposes, but recently it has been added as a home remedy due to its effectiveness as an anti-aging treatment.

Warm water

Try warming your water with a heat lamp or by spreading warm towels or bedding around you. Or by placing a hot bathrobe or sweatshirt on you.

Loving touchography

The loving touchography therapy is performed through playful touches such as holding a kitten or playing with toys. This therapy helps heal the mind and body.

Kitten eye discharge is a way for the kitty to play and get affection from you. Since this is a natural behavior, it may be corrected during this time.

Playing with toys can help your cat get them again and may help break if off if does not improve quickly. A little creativity can help prevent this from happening again!

Home remedy bullet point: Holding a pet only while they are grooming or playing is advised to prevent further eye discharge.

Cotton balls

uru can help prevent or reduce the appearance of eyeliner or dye in your eye resulting in a bluer, greener or creamier eye effect. It can also help prevent the appearance of puffiness around the eyes.

When using urea as a home remedy for kitten eye discharge, you should be careful not to use too much. Too much will result in a white discharge that looks like milk instead of urine.

This may be a problem if your kitten is drinking enough water and eating enough food to maintain body weight. If this is the case, then try one extra drop of urea and one extra round of cotton ball to see if that helps with reducing the amounts of water and food the kitten is eating and drinking.

If this does not work, you can still alter what you are doing at home. You can buy some place where you can buy these supplies to help reduce the effect of this disorder.

Dish soap

A tool for the home-owner’s arsenal is a dish soap called dish soap. Many brands are available at grocery and department stores, as well as online.

Conduct a internet search for kitten eye discharge and verify that it works by changing one aspect of his skin that is affected by his discharge. For example, test whether or not he can see normally without the glasses, changing the area of skin affected, and verifying that his eyes continue to clear up.

If you are able to find some kind of reliable home remedy for your kitten, such as using a mild bar of soap or mixing up some dish soap and water, then definitely do it! It may take some time to find the right solution, but eventually you will!

Remember: Never try to treat your kitten’s skin alone.



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Many people buy the q-tip line of products to replace their regular cotton buds. These specialty tools are perfect for applying moisturizer or another product onto your face, body, or instrument.

However, buying speciality tools can be pricey so many people purchase the generic version.

Eye drops

Most common cause of kittens with a blank stare is eye discharge. When kittens are young, they may lick their eyes or wipe them with their paws to remove hair and/or moisture that prevents them from looking away for a minute or two.

This is normal behavior at this age, and it doesn’t mean anything is wrong. Once the kittens are six to eight weeks old, this will stop as they grow out of it.

If your kitten is already six weeks old, you can try giving them something to eat or changing their water conditioner to powdered so it stays in better. If they are eight weeks old and still not eating or adjusting their surroundings, then we need to go to the vet.

A kitten with eye discharge should be treated quickly at the vet level to prevent any further damage.

See a vet immediately if:

Your kitten has a red or red-orange pinpoint area around the edge of her eyes that looks like a tear drop. This area is called a kitten eye discharge.

She also has white lines across her face and/or in her mouth, which are called “cat teeth.” These are normal during development.

The discharge may be watery or thick, and may look bloodstained. It may also smell like coffee or syrup, depending on the age of the cat.

Kitten eye discharge is normal and doesn’t mean your kitten is having an episode of dehydration or reflux.