Kitchen Items List For New Home

In this bullet point, we will give you a list of important kitchen items. These items can be had in all major stores, and are not necessarily unique to the home interior designer.

Many of them are useful to have in the home even if they are not used often. Some of them are even fun to use and/or innovative to use in the kitchen. All in all, these items can help make your home more beautiful and delicious!

This list is not long, so do not worry about getting through it quickly.



Utensils are a quick and easy way to prepare many dishes. There are even series of utensils called parceled utensils which are designed to be used in specific ways.

Mostly, they are flat, thin pieces that can be used to chop, butter, and/or cook food. Some are shaped like tongs, whisks, and graters. They can also double as tongs and whisks!

Double duty? Yes! These can be used as both a butter and cookware set. Duh!

Now that you have the basics down, let’s talk items! There are dozens of nice soft rubber utensils like knives, spoons, forks, & cups but here we only list the three listed above. Have some hard or sharp edges? Then these have those too!

There are plenty of non-rubber utensils too! Many people prefer the feel of chisels with their handles instead of just a fork or spoon.


The right cookbook can make all the difference in your kitchen. While some books are just full of recipes, those are great for beginners. Others are more advanced. These books are for any level!

There are a lot of cookbooks, so not every book is included. Some have been used, and some have not. They have been rated by the publisher as good to excellent in quality and usefulness.

Some have very specific purposes such as baking withSCD or cooking using fireplaces and grills. Even though these purposes may not sound practical, they can be! One major reason a cookbook does not last you long is because it is always needed in a matter of days or weeks due to its quick accessibility.

Spice rack

A spice rack is one of the most useful kitchen items. Without one, you would be hardpressed to find all of your favorite spices and herbs in stockings!

They are also quite beautiful pieces to add to your kitchen island or countertop. Today, we will looking at some different spice racks to choose from.

As you can see, there are many ways to design a spice rack. Some use decorative plates and/or containers to organize your spices, others use a ring or a stand to hold everything in place.

We will go with the former here! Using nothing but salt, pepper, and sugar, this person created a sturdy stand that held all of their spices. This was done by using two sets of rings around the top of the stand to create a barrier between them.

By doing this, it prevented any water or moisture from coming in and out of the spices, making for a better flavor experience.

Oils and vinegar

Both oils and vinegar are important in a new home. While both can be purchased at your local grocery store, neither one can be found in every home.

Both have great benefits as kitchen items and substitutes for things like washing up hands or cleaning dishes. For example, olive oil can be used to season foods or dishes before cooking, instead of being poured onto the food or dish.

Similarly, white vinegar can be used as a substitute for apple cider vinegar in recipes that require apple cider vinegar. If these things are not available in your home, then try using balsamic instead of regular vinegar to recreate the same effect.

Both oils and white vinegar can benefit your health and reduce body fat which is why they are included here.

Dish towels

When you have a family, you will need more towels. More than anyone else! There are only a few times per week that people shower and bath, so it is always nice to have some extra towels.

Luckily, there are many brands of dish towels, so you can pick and choose which one works best for you. Some people like the softness of solid colors while others like the sensation of a bath towel.

The texture also affects how well you can wash your dishes. A hard towel may prevent some dishes from being washed completely, resulting in dried spots on them. A soft towel may allow for more washing, resulting in clean and crisp surfaces.

Many companies offer dish towels in plush or non-padded styles to ensure that no matter how hard someone tries they still get some marks on them.

Mixing bowls

To help you get started, here are some basic mixing bowls. There are many brands, some are more basic, such as seamless or solid surface. There are many colors and styles!

Some companies make a bowl with a handle to make it easier to pick up and transfer foods from table to bowl. This is important if you plan on sharing your kitchen environment.

Solid colored bowls are better than color-changing ones like the one in the picture. Color-changing bowls can help make it easy to find and/or select a food or flavor that you do not like so you can take it back!

The average diameter of a bowl is about 2 inches. How large your bowl needs to be depends on what type of food you are placing in it and what type of bowl you have.

Measuring cups

Most people today use the wrong size cup and spoon for cooking. Most people measure with the metric system, but that is not the best system for us North Americans.

Using the imperial system for measurements is more accurate due to our narrower and longer spatula. Using the metric system would give us a more precise and better meal choice.

Using the right size cup will help you stay organized as well as save you some money in water bills as you use only one type of cup for every drink. Using the right sized spoon will help you get more out of your food and into your mouth leaving you with more room in your stomach to enjoy your meal.

Both measuring cups and sponges are important when staying organized. You do not want to be scrambling to find one item when trying to keep track of everything. There are many types of cups and spoons available, so it does not have to be a all or none type of thing.


A spoon is one of the most common kitchen items. There are many spoons made today that are shaped andFunctional. These days there are many stainless steel spoons available. Many lookand Funktionnal!

Many people lose a spoon during the dishwasher or even when they wash themselves! That is why it is important to get a good one that works well and looks good too.