JT Spectra Flex 8 Thermal Paintball Goggles Full Head and Face Coverage Review

JT Spectra Flex 8 Goggle review can help you to understand that this Goggle is perfect and good for you or not. So keep reading to understand it.

It is time to protect your face and head in the field as you play. Pick the JT Spectra Flex 8 Full Head and Face Coverage Thermal Paintball Goggles and enjoy the game. The product is of high quality and the manufacturer does not compromise standards.

It has an attractive design and younger people will love it. The material is of flexible soft plastic. It is strong and endures hard hits thrown from balls and other objects in the field. It does not crack and lasts for long. This mask has soft protection for ears.

It allows you to communicate well with other players in the field. The top of the head has ventilation and air flows freely to the head and face. It adequately covers both the top and back of the head. It is comfortable and fits well. The Flex 8 mask is the best protection for every player.

Who is Best to Use this Product?

The JT Spectra Flex 8 is suitable for both children and adults.

Features of this Goggle

The main features of this perfect Goggle are as follows:

Adequate Ventilation

You want total comfort when you wear a head and face cover in the field. The JT Spectra Flex 8 has good ventilation, which supplies air. The top cover has a design with air ventilation spaces.

The air coming from the top allows you to release heat and breathe easily. The fresh air gives you more energy to continue playing for a longer period. Try it now and have fun.

 Lens with Clear Visibility

 Without clear view, playing any game will be hard. The lens of the Flex 8 mask comes with thermal lens, which do not fog, that means it is an anti-fog paintball mask. So the lens provides a wide clear view of 260 degrees.

The lens has clear visibility and you can clearly see the field. The lens does not easily crack but can be replaced if need arises. Wear the Flex 8 mask and enjoy the view as you play.

Adequate Cover for Head

The head is open to injuries when playing any game. The JT Spectra Flex mask covers both the top and back of the head. The design, which covers the face as well, is attractive.

The material in the mask is strong plastic and is flexible. It does not crack and withstands the force of objects and balls thrown. Flex 8 mask is the best choice you can pick.

Soft Ear Protection

 It is not wise to cover ears while playing in the field. This mask, however, allows you to do exactly that. It comes with soft ear protection, which does not hinder communication.

The material is soft and friendly to the ears. You are able to speak and hear other players clearly. This makes coordination easy while playing. The mask is everything a player wants. You can only experience when you wear one.

Flexible Plastic Material

A plastic mask is bound to crack in the field from the many hits thrown at you. The plastic material in the Flex 8 mask is very flexible. It is strong and hard but cannot crack. It withstands the force of objects and balls thrown during the game. You will not keep on buying to replace. It is safe and secure and provides maximum protection. It is good value for money.


  • Clear visibility
  • Adequately covers face
  • Comfortable and light
  • Has good ventilation
  • Does not fog
  • Covers both top and back of the head


  • Has metal rivets which can rust

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions and answers to understand about the product quickly. Hope this part can help you to know more about this.

Q. Does the mask come in different colors?
A. The mask comes in two colors – black and grey.

Q. Can the mask fit both children and adults?
A. This mask fits everyone.

Q. Does this mask fit together with eyeglasses?
A. It is not advisable to wear the mask on top of eyeglasses.

Final Verdict

The Flex 8 mask is one of the best sports gears you can have. It provides adequate protection to the entire head and face. The ventilation at the top of the head gives enough air, which re-energizes and keeps you fresh. It is flexible and endures frequent hits from balls and objects thrown.

And it has ear protection, which allows you to communicate well with other players in the field. It is long lasting and a good saving. The price is a good bargain. Do not hesitate to buy one and experience the difference.

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