Is The Samsung Gear Waterproof

The Samsung Gear is a smartwatch that is watertight and allows you to run underwater! This makes the watch very useful in deep water or if you are hiking in the rain or snow.

The Gear is not an open water watch though. You cannot go swimming with it unless you are actually fishing or kayaking. You would need to remove the band and swim with it!

This smartwatch features a battery that lasts up to six weeks on a charge and features features like GPS, Bluetooth, notifications and a timer. It also has an app for iOS and Android that you can use.

No, the Samsung Gear is not waterproof

Not even close. Even with all of the features that claim it is, the Samsung Gear is not waterproof. You can know this information and have a happy Samsung Gear user, but many do not know this fact.

When it comes to water resistance, there are two types: low and high. Low include ones like swimming pools and waterfalls, while high include ones like ski resorts and lakes!

As far as the Samsung Gear is concerned, high resistance to water means less need for special protection. As we mentioned before, some diamonds are resistant to water, so those are good enough for most situations.

However, when going out in the rain or with little accessories or coverings such as wallets or phones were only needs a minimal protectiveness is needed, then the low resistance versions are better suited for you.

Consider using a rubber band

If you prefer not to use a wrist band, there are several alternatives. The most notable is a wet and dry jeans can be used trick.

If you wear them outdoors in the rain, you can pair them with a jacket to keep them watertight. You can also wash and wear them immediately as described in the article below.

Alternatively, you can store them in a dry bag or pouch until needed. Both these methods ensure they stay dry and free from water.

The second way to keep your trackers water resistant is by using a rubber band. You can wrap these around your wrist or ankle and then put the tracking device on your body somewhere where it will be kept safe.

Consider using a case

If you are going to use the Gear even though it is splash-proof, consider using a case. The Gear comes with a generic-looking gray case that looks like it will protect the device from water and dirt.

While this may look reassuring, it is not a full waterproof case. Most cases include some kind of protection for the screen and provide some protection against water as well.

A waterproof case can cost as much as the Samsung Gear but there are still great deals out there. Many sellers offer them together for less than the cost of one without the matching belt pouch styleCase!.

Consider buying from sellers that are not very friendly online due to safety concerns if there is a problem with water intrusion or drainage.

Always keep it on a waterproof surface

If you are going to be swimming, walking or biking around with the Gear, you should always keep it on a waterproof surface. The screen is very sensitive and can be damaged if it is wet.

The Gear is not designed to be worn by itself. It requires a connection to a charge and/or a companion device. If you are only going to walk around with it, put some common soap and water on your hands and place the hands together in a baggy wrap and store in the refrigerator or freezer for next time.

Never take it underwater

It is not recommended to take the Samsung Gear waderaquatic under water due to its lack of water resistance. While it does not require you to be swimming or boogie boarding with this device, it is still best to be cautious when outside of the pool or ocean.

When submerged, the Gear will require a charge before it can operate. This means you must be able to trust that it has been charged and that it will come on and work when needed.

Because of its lack of water resistance, do not approach any special events or aquatic sports without this device- you may need to go off-water splashing, boat riding, and other activities that may require wet suits and shoes.

The Samsung Gear is water resistant up to 10 meters

This is an impressive feature. You can go swimming, surf, or dive with the Samsung Gear. It will withstand water up to ten metersondeleasement!

This makes it a very useful item to have. Now, you will not be able to go swimming or diving until you upgrade to a deeper water flowered aquarium. But for short trips, this is fine.

For instance, if you wanted to take your fish home, then yes, you can do that! It would take a lot of research and work for someone to give it their stamp of approval, but for those who were hesitant before due to the water resistance being too high of a priority. This feature makes the Samsung Gear worth having regardless of price.

Wash your hands before using it

It is important to clean your Samsung Gear watch after any type of water or sweat exposure. There are several ways to do this, but the most basic is to dry your watch completely after shower or swim and then wash with soap and water.

After checking the gear for damage, it is safe to wear it outdoors. Though it is best to check the watch for signs of water exposure first, if that does not happen, go for it!

If you have a safety concern such as a child’s wrist being inside the Gear, there are some steps you can take. First you can use some gentle cleaning agents such as dish soap and warm water, then you can use a very good product like non-abrasive foam or powder.

For me, I would just keep my gear away from heavy wear and tear such as rain or sport where I need my gear on me.

Do not use it in the shower

When swimming or diving, it is important that your Gear be waterproof. While the shower can be a fun way to test it, you should not go into the water with it still attached to you.

Instead, use the washing machine as a dryer and hope for the best!

If you do have to go in the shower with it, please use a strong shampoo and/or conditioner to prevent tugging or pulling of the band.