Is The Samsung Gear S Waterproof

The Samsung Gear S is a classic case of trying too hard. It tries very hard to be a wristwatch, fitness tracker, and smartwatch all in one.

If you are looking for a full-featured fitness tracker and watch in one, then look no further. The Gear S has a number of sensors on its underside that connect to a network and administer fitness tracking, sleep tracking, and notifications.

The watch is also able to send notifications via the phone but you must have the app installed on your phone to receive them. You can also talk to the person you are talking to but not sure if they will hear you due to the low volume of the watch itself.

This review will go over some tips that can help you decide if the Samsung Gear S is for you.

How to protect your smartwatch?

While it is not recommended to swim or engage in any other water activities with a smartwatch, it is safe to wear it in the rain, while playing basketball or anything that involves being wet.

While most watch faces offer minimal water protection, some do. Most of them simply stay wrapped around the face like a normal watch face and are not meant to be worn while showering or swimming.

Some watch faces offer deeper water protection such as a protected display or an integrated waterproof feature. A good example of the latter is the protected display on the iPhone XS and XS Max.

Yes, the Samsung Gear S is waterproof

This is a pretty big deal. Most watches these days are water resistant up to 50 meters (165 feet)! That’s half a swimming pool in the ocean!

Even high quality watches can’t be fully immersed in water, so that’s something to be aware of. However, most products offer only limited waterproofness and most times it is not true true watertight.

If you need something truly waterproof, the best thing to do is buy a protective case! There are many sold for just $10 or less that will guard your watch against any significant water damage.

Some brands even offer waterproof cases that are designed to complement their watch model. For example, the Huawei Watch has a Watch Case with them that is specifically designed to go inside of their digital watch and protect it from damage when submerged in water.

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Take it off before you swim or get in a shower

When you take the Samsung Gear S off, you need to make sure that it is still protected by water. If it is not, then it can be washed in the washing machine or dryer and ruined.

The screen can easily be taken off using a cases or a quick wipe with a cloth. The back of the watch can also be removed using some gentle force with a pointed object.

To keep it waterproof, make sure that there is no water inside the watch and that it is dry before putting it on again. You can also purchase some Cases that will help protect the watch from being soaked up to giving you another tip on how to keep it water proof.

Another tip is to make sure that you do not leave your Gear S outdoors if you do not plan on using the water resistance, because then it would be exposed to weather conditions.

Remove before taking a bath

When washed thoroughly using warm water and a gentle detergent, the Samsung Gear S is fully waterproof. However, there is a small opening located near the charging cable that allows water to enter.

This feature makes the Gear S ideal for daily use in the shower or while washing up after dinner at home. You can also turn on some of your favourite songs while showering to enjoy your experience while bathtime happens.

While this feature makes the Samsung Gear S stand out as a luxury item, it does require cleaning every so check before use.

Also, keep the device dry during and after showering to ensure it does not get wet inside. Many users also cover them with a towel before putting them on to ensure no sweat gets in and sits on top of the battery.

Let it dry properly before putting it back on

When water gets inside the Gear S, it can cause damage to the internal components. To be safe, let the watch dry completely before wearing it.

When water gets inside the watch, it can easily get trapped. This is because some waterproofing materials do not allow all water to escape when something is inside. This happens due to a system called a gasket.

A gasket prevents water from escaping when something is inside, such as your hand or an item like a phone. If you have had water get inside your other watches that were not waterproof, make sure that Samsung’s new Gear S is does too.

Do not press any buttons while it is wet

If you ever want to switch it off or on, have a quick dry off time before you start working with it or while it is wetaliation needed.

The screen can be broke if it is wet. You would need to send it in to be dried and then recharged. It would take a few days for it to charge properly and for the app to work, but that was what was supposed to happen!

If you must use it in water, do not put any jewelry on top of the Gear S. You would have to take the whole thing off to remove the waterproof feature! Only use these features if you can take care of them.

The only thing that affects watertightness is how you hold the Gear S. If you are always talking and moving with it, then buy some comfortable leather wrist band or ankle strap so that your wrist does not get wet when wearing it.

Keep it far away from sinks and pools

When it comes to swimming, most people enjoy wading in water. However, some water activities such as swimming or diving are restricted by water conditions.

When watercraft such as swimming pools or boats are restricted, you have to be sure that the Samsung Gear S is not when in use in water. This is true for all waterproof devices!

Some places even prohibit swimming because of eye protection and underwater dangers. Even with the Samsung Gear S being allowed to swim, you still should make sure that it is protected from any moisture that gets into it.

A good way to protect the Samsung Gear S from water is to never let it be submerged even a few seconds.

Use a waterproof case for swim training

When you go to wear your Samsung Gear S during the swim training process, you have to have a waterproof case for swim training. The case must be able to protect the device from water and/or water damage.

Currently, there is no dedicated case for the Samsung Gear S. All cases are meant for non-waterproof models!

However, there are a few cases that add an additional layer of protection against water and/or water damage. These cases may help you stay connected while in a submerged or submerged location!

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