Is Google Home Available In Canada

Nowadays, people are accessing the internet using smartphones, laptops, and 2017 new technologies – the Google Home and Amazon Alexa-enabled speaker devices.

Even though this is still a new technology, both Google Home and Alexa-enabled device are readily available in most stores and online shops as accessories for your home system. This makes it very convenient to have both of them at your side when need arises.

Since these accessories are required to use the smart home technology effectively, people who run businesses or companies that have employees needs to make arrangements for them. As this requires an introduction of some terminology such as assistant or techasian term google home, then we will start with that first.

The second part of the article will be on some tips and tricks that can help you use the tech asian term google house device effectively. After that, we will give some tips on how to set it up with your home network so that it can communicate with other devices such as smart TVs or speakers.



As of now, Google Home is not available in Canada. However, you can make it yourself!

If you have some valuable feedback for Google Home, then send it to us. We’ll try to add it into the Google Home platform and make it available in Canada.


Not yet, at least not in Canada. However, you can try Google Home out for free by creating an account in North America.

To do so, you will need to verify your account by linking it to a Paypal or Credit card. Once this is done, you can create as many Google Homes as you want and have them communicate with each other via the Home app.

You can also add as many devices as you want to communicate with the Home.


At this time, Google Home is only available in the United States. There are no plans to bring it to Canada at this time.

If you are a user of Google services in Canada, you are out of luck! However, you can try having it as a companion device for your home instead.

With the aid of an app, you can turn your Home into a smart assistant that responds to music playlists, current events announcements, and other information requests. You can even add additional Google Homes if you have them all hooked up together.

If you have more than one home and need another device to join the fun, look into purchasing a Android Ppad or Nexus tablet to put together your Home ecosystem.


Now that we are in the era of smart home, robots are becoming increasingly popular. You can create a playlist of songs that your Google Home is able to recognize and respond to.

In order for your Google Home to respond, you must first add it to your smart home. You can do this by adding a device or webpage that the Google Home responds to.

Once it responds, you can either tell it what song or sound you want it to listen to or give it a command. For example, you could say, “anger remover” and the device will turn on a soothing music source so it can reduce your anger.

Some commands that people use most frequently are: play music, check messages, do kitchen chores, and check the weather. These are also some of the easiest commands for the Google Home to perform.


When it comes to smart home devices, voice commands are the standard. With the help of a little training, anything you say can be processed and acted upon.

However, with the increased popularity of smart home devices and voices in market, manufacturers have to make updates to their apps for this new feature. Most of them do!

So, if your Google Home is not available in Canada, it is time to get excited because Canadian companies are launching their Home starting next month! These Canadian companies will begin shipping their devices in February 2019 so you have about four weeks to get your device if you want one.

These companies include Rogers|Roku|Sony|Bosch|Sito|Toshiba|Cable Co-op and Amazon.


As mentioned earlier, Google Home is currently only available in the US. This is due to limitations on speaker size and device compatibility.

However, these restrictions do not apply in Canada! You can now buy a Google Home in Canada through retailers like Amazon or Leadingedge Electronics.

As far as size goes, the Google Home is only 5 inches tall and 3 inches wide. This small stature makes it ideal for hanging on a wall or placing in a home office setup.

As for device compatibility, the Google Home works with most devices that have an audio jack.


As of now, Google Home is not available in Canada. This is a shame, as it would be a great way to enter into the home automation market!

Home automation has exploded over the past year as companies like Apple and Google continue to release new products. With Apple having introduced its new home assistant, iWorksaveur, and Google debuting its first foray into the space with its impressive Assistant, there is certainly interest in how this product works.

If you are interested in building a home automation system with Google Home, you will need to have Canadian citizenship or residency to purchase it.

What comes in the box?

When Google Home is delivered to you, it comes with a few introductory packages available at various retailers. These include the all-access plan, which offers free streaming of select movies and TV shows, as well as free access to YouTube and Google Play Music.

If you want additional voices or actionsary, you’ll have to purchase them separately. The all-access plan also includes streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, though.

To use this package, you’ll need to install the app on your phone and then tell it who wants to control Google Home. You can also add a new device yourself if you need to add another room or person for purposes of controlling it.