Iphone 7 Home Button Not Working After Screen Replacement

Having an iPhone for a few years now? Then you know the all-important home button! When you press it against the phone, it sends a signal to your device to confirm new hardware has been installed.

If the new button is working, then this is enough! If not, then this article can help you figure out what the problem may be.

This article will talk about ways to fix the button if it does not work after a screen replacement. Many people find this very helpful as they can go back to enjoying their phone again!

I will also talk about how to find this information in this article in some other ways in case you are too stuck on your phone.


Reboot iPhone

If the iPhone 7 has a working home button, you can still upgrade to a new phone by simply replacing the button. There are several companies that offer screen replacements for $20-25 depending on how many screens you need.

However, if you have a new device with a broken home button, you will need to replace it. The iPhone 5s and 5c have working home buttons but are not compatible with this phone.

If you have a newer device like an iphone 8 or iphone x, then we recommend buying an anti-static wrist strap to keep your new phone from being damaged by its extremely high amount of movement.

Check controls are enabled

When the iPhone 7 is removed from the device, it has a small cut in the back that lets you know that something was installed on it. This module is called a screen replacement.

To check if the phone has a home button, go to Settings > Lock and Security > Look and Feel > Check if Phone Has Home Button.

If it does, then your iPhone 7 has a new type of cover that installs a little lever on top of the phone to enable push notifications and an active display. To replace the cover, you have to take it out and place it on again using a little bit of glue.

The new cover comes with instructions on how to put it on so that is not such a big deal as having it there is taking it out, but doing it together makes sense so do not worry.

Run diagnostics

If your phone has a broken glass on the back, you can run some diagnostics to see if your iPhone 7 screen needs to be replaced.

When a phone is dropped or mishandled, the glass on that phone can break. If this happens, you will need to replace the screen as soon as possible to continue using your phone.

Run diagnostics on your iPhone 7 to see if it needs a new display. It may not come with a plug for an external display, but there are online stores that sell them that work just fine.

If the display does need replacing, choose one that is tested and approved by Apple and has good ratings.

Contact Apple for support

If the iPhone 7 has a working home button, it is possible to re-activate it by sending it in for a screen replacement. Though this method is not supported by Apple, you can send your iPhone 7 in for a replacement screen if the original one was not working.

Unfortunately, if the home button has been replaced with a Touch ID or App Store purchase token, then you will need to replace the entire phone. This must be done by an Apple authorized technician as well as the insurance company.

The good news is that once this process is completed, your new iPhone will work on all carriers and apps!

Hopefully this article gave you enough information to decide if theiPhone 7 is right for you and help you avoid some of the more common problems that cause iPhones to not work later on.

Replace home button

If your iPhone 7 does not work properly after a screen replacement, you can try to replace the home button. A home button can sometimes not function properly after being cut away and replaced.

To replace the home button, you will first have to remove the old one using a flat-blade sharp knife or scissors. Then, place the new one in and turn it over to glue it in place.

Then, you will have to take some strong adhesive strips and wrap them around the sides of the phone. Next, put some more sticky tape on top of those to seal the new piece in place.

Replace screen

When a iPhone 7 or 7s is replaced, the home button can no longer be re-used. This is due to the current technology in iPhone 7 and later models.

When the replacement screen is put in place, it requires a new pin to be inserted into the device to secure it in place. This pin is placed in a small window on the device near the bottom of the screen, just above where the old button was.

After this, you can use your phone as normal. Try sending an email to yourself with your new phone and see if that works too. If not, try sending an international text message to yourself to see if that works.

If those fail, then we recommend going to a local bank or store and taking out an additional credit card account so you can purchase insurance for your new phone. Finally, try bringing your phone into an Apple Store orchard location for help.

Clean phone contacts

If your phone has a sensitive home button, you can try cleaning the contacts. Take a Q-tip and lightly apply a line on the outside of the phone along the bottom edge. You can then gently sweep up and away from the home button to remove it.

Then, press down on the phone as if trying to operate an app or command and remove. Tap on Alcohol solutions in order to ensure you get some removable water soluble alcohol, not just plain water.

Then, lightly apply a line of liquid protector along the same route as the home button was removed and press down once more to remove.

Reboot phone

If your iPhone 7 has a broken home button, you can try a simple fix by doing a hard reset and reboot. You can do this by pressing and holding the power button for about a minute until you see the Erase device screen.

Then, press and hold the switch that turns on the phone and then lift off. Now, hold the power button for about a minute until you see the Erase device screen.

After doing both of these steps, your phone should reboot and have its new button! If not, try another solution listed here or in another category.

Skipping Step: If you need to replace the home button assembly, there are several places to get them from. Some places sell complete replacements while others sell just the part that goes on after surgery.