Indian Home Remedies For Cold

A cold is when you breathe in cold air and breathe out cold air. Or when you sleep in a warm bed and sleeping in the morning on your feet or running around may have been sleepiness toward the end of your bed night.

By staying hydrated, not overdoing it in sleep, and avoiding overextion of your head, toe, and finger tips, you can help feel more full of warmth. Trying some hot towels or blankets may help too.

Some people find that by doing a few home remediations every day, the symptoms can be reduced over time. Being aware of what causes fatigue and trying to manage those conditions may also prevent certain symptoms such as depression.

This article will talk about Indian home remedies for colds.



Garlic is a great herb for cold season. It works as a heat dispersal, promoting cool air movement through its drought resistance.

Because it is heat resistant, you can easily pop a clove of garlic into the microwave to heat and dry off your skin. This also works as a mouthwash so your skin gets a deep cleansing action going.

You can also coat your hands with garlic and leave this on until cold weather has stopped it from sweating. You can then remove it and use it as a Band-aid if needed.

A related Herb is green Mustardseed, which acts similarly to garlic in doing this same job! These two herbs do not work in conjunction, however. Instead of replacing garlic, mustardsdeeaoeinly increase the coolness of your skin.


Onion is a staple food in most countries. As you can probably tell by the word, it refers to fresh or store-bought. Either way, it works!

As you may know, garlic is one of the top cures for colds. So, if you are always carrying around a pocketful of coins-one for each day of the week-you are doing something right!

Heedlessly eating peppers and carrots seems like a good idea at first, but soon your body will get used to not eating meat and vegetables because of your cold.

One way to prevent and treat a cold is to eat lots of onions. They boost your coughing reflex which in turn Causes You To expel unwanted mucus which helps with cooling.

Hot water with lemon juice

Drinking a lot of hot water followed by washing the face with the water causes steam to rise, which cools the skin.

Washing the face with a damp cloth rather than just wiping is also more cooling. Don’t forget to dry your face after washing!

Try doing this as soon as your head starts feeling cold. If you need to keep it up later on, do one very thorough wash per day.

Another tip is to use a warm blanket while sleeping on a warm surface such as a foam mattress or pillowcase. This helps hold in heat and prevent you being cold while sleeping.

Don’t forget to wear warm layers! When we are cold, we tend to be insistent about wearing only soft, fuzzy sweatshirt or sweatsuit sleeves so we don’t feel overheated.

Hot water with garlic

Can help fight infection, especially if you have a cut or scratch. If done properly, it can also make the skin red and hot. If done improperly, it can cause burns.

Cutting an orange should not be considered food so if you are hungry then eat but for a health concern it is important to eat what is offered.

Cutting an orange is considered food so if someone is hungry they can eat even though it may be messy as the orange pulp must be removed. The rind and juice must be consumed though as this helps fight infection and prevent further dryness of the skin.

When washing your face at night, one of the first steps is to warm your hands by gently rubbing them together for a few seconds. This helps reduce the chance of cold hands and feet contacting the body which could lead to further coldness or pain.

Hot water with onion

Placing an onion in the bath as soon as the cold water is turned on and then running the warm water for a short time after removing the onion is an Indian home remedy for cold.

This is because the onion lowers blood pressure helping to reduce swelling and puncture wounds. When you wash your hands with soap and then immerse your hands in water to shower, this helps to minimize dryness and prevent shaving bumps.

By taking into account that most people do not have Nickel Profits when it comes to curing colds, there are a few other things you can do. One of these is hot water with lemon. By infusing yourself in a hot bath with lemonixed in, you are also reducing dryness of the skin caused bythe steam.

To reduce throbbing while you are getting out of bed in the morning, try putting a few drops of lavender oil on your hand and letting it sit until morning.

Tea with honey

A favorite drink in most countries is tea. There are many types, so you can choose what works for you. Some offers are more expensive, but this one is not much costlier than others.

One of the amazing things about this tea is that it can help you relax and sleep better. So if you feel tired at night, then this tea will help you sleep better!

When mixed with warm water and a drop or two of honey, this tea can be enjoyed as a bedtime drink. Plus, it is also useful in the daytime to treat cold symptoms.

To add some warmth to your room when you have the Tea at Heart, you can install some soft white light sources like from LED lights or from incandescent bulbs.

Tea with lemon

A favourite childhoodactivity is to make lemons. This can be accomplished by either squeezing the lemon or going to the grocerystore and purchase a fresh lemon. You choose one to make the tea or juice, of course, honey!

This cures yeows pretty well and is a fun way to get your kids involved in vitamin drinking and chewing on some good nutritional stuff. Plus, it’s super fun to do together!

We use half a lemon per cup of tea and let our daughter add about a tablespoon of honey to make it more rich.

Watercress soup

A quarter of a leaf of watercress per person per day is all you need to stay hydrated. Another good tip is to prepare a storage container every couple of months to remind you how many leaves you had the last time.

This may sound trivial, but it is important to keep your water intake up while taking this home remedy. By having a cap of watercress every day, you are also saving money in the process.

Another useful tip is to make a decision what weather conditions best suit you. Those who feel warm and comfortable in them best are those who says that cold watercress treatment feels soothing.

You can also try putting a small amount of honey on your hand and placing it on your cold cloth before attempting to warm the cloth up.