Indian Home Remedies For Body Pain

Body pain is tough to diagnose and treat, as there are few things that automatically relieve it. However, there are a few ways to prevent body pain from happening again. Knowing how to replace the pain relief you are getting is important!

Some ways to get relief for body pain include: practicing relaxation techniques, doing exercises, making your workouts more challenging, and changing up your sleeping patterns.

It is also important to manage your mental health as health can have a big impact on your overall mood. Being diagnosed with health anxiety can make you feel powerless, and even worse, think that you cannot get better may hurt you more than it needs to.

This article will talk about ways that may help you heal from health issues but also keep you feeling good by offering some relief for body pain.


Hot water corn plant

A plant known as the water corn is very helpful in treating body aches. It is also called the though corn because of its shape.

When placed on the affected area, the water corn becomes steamy. This causes a process called thermoregulation, or ways to prevent heat damage to your body.

This process helps cool your skin down, which reduces pain and increases comfort. Another way it works is by promoting circulation, which reduces pain and hardnessness of the skin.

To use, just place one inch off a few inches on a hot bathtub or shower shell.

Chickweed plant

The chickweed plant is a warm weather must-have. It can help relieve body pain and ache almost like a massage. It also can be used as a breath freshener and purifying agent.

Chickweed is very effective at relieving pain due to two reasons. First, it boasts numerous compounds that reduce pain sensation. Second, because of its high levels of Artemisinin, a compound found in Artemisia purSLauret, it can also alleviate pain from sores, wounds, and inflammation.

Artemisinin is found in several plants such as cayennes and cleavers, but it is most commonly found in mulberry tree bark. Because of this, Indian home remedies for body pain are often directed toward mulberry trees which contain high levels of Artemisinin.

These trees can be spotted around the area as they are often huge with thick leaves that hang on the branches.

Basil leaves

A leaf of basil can render your body pain and pressure from it being surrounded by it. This is a handy tool to have in the kitchen as it can help make lemonade or thicken a sauce or food.

Basil is also famous for its pesto, which is a very popular sauce style food. The consistency of basil pesto varies, but it is always thick and creamy.

This may not sound like something you would put on your food, but you would be wrong! Basil pesto really brightens up most dishes and makes them much more appetising.

One of the reasons why basil causes body pain is because it acts as a analgesic. When people with osteoporosis eat garlic, they feel less pain and anxiety which causes them to seek relief by using an analgesic.

Celery plant stem

Celery is a natural pain reliever and can be consumed in many ways. You can cut a stalk into quarters and wrap each quarter with a small piece of cloth and place in your body up to an hour before any pain or discomfort comes up, so that it can work its effect.

Or you can buy the processed kind, which has just enough celery flavor to help you remember to take it. The only problem with this is that you have to buy it in big bags, making sure that you take enough for the whole week!

The other way to get relief is to eat a lot of celery. If you don’t feel like preparing it, you can buy stripped celery instead. Just remember that these plants must be stored in a dry place so they continue to work their relief.

Cabbage leaves

A sheet of cabbage can feel like a massage oil on your skin. It can also be used as a spice rub, which is how this Indian home remedy for body pain is made.

Cabbage is a cheap and easy herb to consume. Most people do not realize that you can cook with it! It can be harvested in late summer or early fall, so go get some now!

Cabbage is a wonderful source of vitamin C, and it has an anti fungal property. This makes it perfect for treating yeast infections, gum disease, or other health issues.

Garlic paste

A surprising home remedy is to rub freshly grated fresh garlic on your upper back and neck. You can even do this as a after-bedtime ritual!

This therapy works because of the compounds in garlic. It contains a high amount of allyl groups — characteristics that make up a molecule in our bodies that makes it feel more soothing.

As an antidepressant, allic acid helps you feel more satisfied longer, which is how you will continue to eat more food than the next person around you. This is a wonderful attribute for a kitchen concoction like homemade onion juice or all-purpose seasoning.

Saving all this up until bedtime may help you sleep better, so go with the flow and just enough time to do this before bed. It also works great as a post-workout recovery aid, so ask your doctor if it might be helpful.

Onion paste

A bedtime treat or a morning ritual, remade chips can help you fight sleep pain. Made from chopped onions and spices, these pretzels are quickly and easily dunked into water to create a spicy, Pain routine.

Hearty dishes like roti can be difficult to stomach if you are feeling pain in your body. Roti can be tricky to chew, so doing so may be help too. By making roti easier to swallow, this may help!

Another easy way to make roti easier to chew is to sprinkle some baking soda on it. This may help settle the stomach and prevent dryness of the mouth and nose. Rotis that have baking soda sprinkled on them may look smoother and feel better because of that.

Making sure to take your pain medications as prescribed is an important part of treating pain. If you are taking some, you should be able to rest comfortably without feeling any worse for it (cramps, hot flashes, etc.).

Pepper powder

A small amount of pepper powder can help reduce body pain. When it comes to pain medication, most people do not want to take too much because it might make them sleepy.

Therefore, they just grab the lowest strength available and take that! But with pepper powder, you can make yourself a higher dose to get the same effect. So if you are on a high pain medication level, you can still take the pepper powder.

It may seem like a waste of time and money, but doing small acts such as taking a small amount of pepper powder can have huge positive effects. By doing small acts such as this, we start developing habits that will help us heal and cope with our pain.