Hunter Original Gloss Rain Boot

Rain boots are a great way to keep your feet dry and comfortable. They also give you some style options when wearing sandals or list shoes. TheHunter Rain Boot is one of the best performing rain boots on the market today. They are built with breathability and comfort in mind, making it a great choice for daily wear.

This model is called the Gloss Rain Boot and features a high-quality leather vamum interior as well as an ankle-high fit. It also has separate layers of rubber on the bottom to help prevent water from soaking into the boot. This model also has plastic toes that can be customised to fit your size.

The Gloss Rain Boot is very durable and should last you for years.



hunter original gloss rain boot

Most boot sizes are described as European, United States, and size. This is because there are three different foot sizes that require shoes to fit in.

There are a few exceptions to this, but we will discuss those later. For example, boat shoes or water shoes have smaller feet to accommodate the water.

United States shoe sizes are usually European ones plus or minus a half-size. So, a US 9 would be an European half-size and a US 10 would be an American whole size!

European shoe sizes are more specific and say right or left instead of big or small. In Europe, bigger is always meant bigger and small is always meant smaller.


hunter original gloss rain boot

There are six colors available for the Hunter Original Gloss Rain Boot: white, gray, brown, black, red and neon. These colors look great!

These colors enhance your look! Each one is distinct and beautiful. You can spend a little or a lot into your shoes, because all six look great!

The white is very understated and looks great with almost any color outfit. The gray looks nice over just about anything. The brown looks nice over just about anything too. The black looks nice over just about anything too. The red looks nice over just about anything too!

bullet point extra text: Heel thickness

The Hunter Original Gloss Rain Boot comes in a standard thickness: thick. This means that the boots will not be able to be worn down to the toes- it must be a full foot above that height in order for them to water escape through.


hunter original gloss rain boot

Rain boots are a classic look. They are comfortable and reliable. They also look great! If you are looking for a new look, these Hunter Rain Boot is a great choice.

These boots have suede on the lining and on the outside of the boot. This adds some detail and makes them feel more luxurious. The outside of the boot is leather while the lining is synthetic material.

The lining is removable so if you have thick feet, you can keep it on. It also possible to buy it with an anti-bacterial treatment that prevents peeling, which might help someone with excessively dry feet or water sensitivity.

As mentioned before, this boot has slope-down toes, which help keep water out while also providing some support. These prevent going in and out of the water, which could cause heatstroke or overheating.


hunter original gloss rain boot

These rain boots are comfortable and stylish. They also look like regular shoes, so you can wear them with anything. They are a little bit warm, too.

They are a nice, smooth contour to the foot. This boot has a rounded toe and a generous width at the heel. These features allow for a smooth transition from barefoot to normal foot shape.

The gloss finish helps reduce water visibility, so you will not look like you are dressed in wet clothes. You can also choose between several leathers and textures, making this boot affordable for everyone.

This boot is very versatile and can be used for hunting, hiking, or just everyday use.


hunter original gloss rain boot

Some people find the boot style a little too informal. It looks like someone stepped right out of it into rain storm or if your child was clad in them. It is a little cute representation of the boot style, but some people might feel they are slightly exposed without a jacket on.

Another problem some parents pointed out is that it can be hard to tell if their child will be tall or short. Some children may not like these tall boots and/or someone else’s shorter boots may look better on them.

Lastly, these boots are expensive at $130 for a pair. Some recommend getting pairs from different seasons to save money on shipping and shopping fees. Once they wear out, you can easily buy another set!

These boot are also machine washable which means you do not have to worry about them getting damaged.


At $149, the Hunter Original Gloss Rain Boot is a bit on the expensive side. However, compared to other high-end waterproof boot models, this one really comes out on top.

This model features a heavy-duty leather construction with foam padding throughout, and an extra layer of rubber on the bottom to prevent water from flowing away. It also has durable rubber soles to prevent slip and protect your feet while walking in snow or rain.

The leather is also CNC-finished which gives it a nice look and comfort. It makes it more likely that you will keep it clean and protected by coating it with a protective finish.


hunter original gloss rain boot

The Hunter Original Gloss Rain Boot is packaged in a black and red leatherette-look casing. This casing protects the boot and helps it stand out against all else in your arsenal!

The case has a magnetic closure that allows you to easily put the boot on and off. The top of the case has a small black tag that says Hunter, which is where you purchase these boots.

The set comes with a dust bag, so you do not have to worry about losing or forgetting this part. It also comes with a lacing tool to help help lace the boot up properly!

Overall, these boots are very easy to put on and off as well as being easy to tell what style you are wearing them with.


hunter original gloss rain boot

Most hunters wear winter boots every winter. They are a stable, comfort boot that you can wear all year long. If you are a hard shoe wearer, then this is the right winter boot for you.

If you are a soft shoe user, then this is the right winter boot for you. This boot has some deep cushion in the heel to make it more comfortable than other hard shoes have. This also makes it easier to walk with this boot so your friends do not feel like they are walking on ice when they go out in snow!

The thumbholes make it easier to get an appropriate fit and enjoy these boots more because of that. The height of the boot makes it stay on better even with long legs. These can be worn with or without a stocking because of the length!

These rain boots are very warm because of the suede inside them.

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