How To Use Samsung Gear Vr

Virtual reality (VR) is a growing industry with more and more companies launching new devices every month. Most of them are expensive full-fledged systems, making them very expensive choices.

However, if you are looking to test the waters for now, then a cheap VR device is all you need!

Samsung Gear vr is one of the newest entry into the VR market. Similar to Google’s vr headset and Sony’s hmd, this device uses a tracking sensor to determine your position in front of the display. This can be used for gaming or simply enjoying an experience without being totally immersed in it is what it aims to do.

Update software on phone

If your phone does not have an update feature, you can also download Samsung Gear Vr app for Android and iOS. Once installed, you can go to the App store or Play store to update the app.

Once downloaded, open the app and update as needed. Once updated, connect your phone to your Gear Vr account to start streaming.

Try this out: If you are successful in defeating the enemy and winning back your country, try out some sports such as basketball or soccer. These are popular sports in countries where VR is used.

Once done with your game or video session, disconnect the headset and let it sync with your phone.

Put phone in Gear VR

Once your phone is in the Gear VR, you must put it in the left side of the headset. You will do this by sliding the back strap over the head and then placing the headset on your head.

Then you slide the top of the Gear VR down to place it on your face. You then position the Oculus cursor at where your nose should be and push a little bit to place an imaginary line there.

Choose a app

When using the Gear vr, there are a few things you need to consider. The first is which app you want to use. Do you want a smartphone app, or an app for the vr?

The second is which device you want to connect it to. Do you have a laptop or phone connected via USB, or only one at a time?

The third is which device you want to pair with. Do you want to connect it to a television, or both? Which television do you want to connect it to?

These questions can get complicated fast, so we created this article that breaks down which devices need to be connected and how.

Adjust size of screen

You can change the size of the screen on your Gear vr by pressing and holding the side button and center button at the same time. This allows you to make the screen larger or smaller.

When done, release both buttons and you will see a change in size. You can now press and hold one of the corners of the screen to make it smaller or press and hold a different corner to make it larger.

You can also rotate your Gear vr on its side to use it as a phone. Just remember to keep your card readout on top when using this mode!

Bullet point broken off: power & volume + & -?

Despite not being an important feature, some users have noted that adding an earphone jack on top of the Gear vr makes it disappear when you turn it on.

Adjust focus of screen

When using a cell phone it has a camera, you can imagine how useful that is! When taking pictures with your phone you have to use the same settings for the screen focus and the capture mode.

So, when you put your Gear Vr on and opened the camera app, you would select the settings for the display and capture mode. You would then have to change it later, depending on what you were doing.

Some people might find this helpful, while others might not. This is one setting that someone who does not use a cell phone might not have access to.

This is something that could be done quickly and easily by doing just a little practice.


Most people start using Gear Vr because of how it makes playing video games more fun. You can walk around the house, up and down stairs, or anywhere in the home without being interrupted by a message or phone call.

Gear Vr makes it easy to set up a game account. You can then connect your Gear Vr to your computer via USB, or via Wi-Fi if you have the app installed on your device.

Once this is done, you can start playing! Just make sure you have enough battery life left for all of your games!

The biggest downside to using Gear Vr for gaming is that you cannot use headphones. With no sound coming through the watch, you have to use speakerphone mode or call someone if you want to play through an app.

Keep phone inside Gear VR until next use

If you would like to keep your phone inside the Gear VR until the end of the session, do so. There is no need to remove your phone from the device once it has been inserted into theGear VR.

Once the session is over and your phone has been removed from the device, it can be placed back in your pocket or tossed into a bowl of cereal next morning!

Using your phone while in a Gear VR experience is a great way to stay connected. You can also use this as a way to make sure your phone is fully charged before leaving home for the day.

If you would like to test out Samsung’s new product, go ahead and do so! You can find them at Walmart for under $100.

Charge Gear VR with charger provided

When the battery in Gear VR is full, you will be notified with a beep. Then, you can charge the device by placing it on a charger provided by the device.

To use, you must remove the headset first and then place the device on your phone to use. You can also put it in message or email mode which is great for sharing experiences with your friends.

You can also connect it to a PC or laptop and access content that is stored there. This is not an alternative to buying dedicated VR devices like Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, but rather helps create a home for Gear VR as additional entertainment on your phone.