How To Treat Cat Constipation At Home

Constipation is a condition where the lining of your intestines does not absorb enough food and/or drink consumed by you. This can happen either regularly or occasionally.

When it happens occasionally, it is usually as a result of a lack of exercise, over consumption of soft drinks, high sugar content in diet, and/or overuse of laxatives.

As we get older, exercise is more important to prevent osteoporosis. Plus, as we get older, more physical activities are required. For example, walking or swimming is better than nothing!

Broken down bones lose strength and can make you vulnerable to fractures. So it is important to be aware of this condition in older cats. Constipation can lead to reduced appetite and weight loss, defecation becomes difficult or impossible, and/or pain.

Give them a warm bath

Most cats suffer from constipation as a result of not receiving enough water or bath time. When cats do not get enough toileting or water consumption, it leads to straining and in turn, having to use the bathroom with a lot of waste matter in it.

This can lead to becoming overweight or even developing kidney problems down the road. So, if your cat is feeling weak or feels straining in the middle of the day, then you should give them a bath and lots of water intake.

Some ways to treat cat constipation at home is by giving them a warm bath every other day and giving them plenty of water every day. Other ways are by using oral laxatives or gels, eating low fat foods, taking your cat out for walks every day, and doing colon cleanses weekly.

Try natural cat constipation remedies

There are several ways to treat cat constipation at home. Each has its own benefits and requires knowledge about cats, Constipation in Cats, and how to care for them.

Water is the main way that animals drink. Therefore, it makes sense to provide enough water to your cat.

Using a bag of Spinach or Kale instead of meat is a good way to provide sufficient water. These vegetables contain plenty of water as well!

Another way to help your cat is to try increasing their exercise. Cats are typically more sedentary than dogs, so providing some exercise can help reduce constipation in your cat.

Dancing, playing with toys, or even just walking are all great ways to get your kitty moving and drinking lots of water is needed for this.

Feed them canned food

Canine Constipation is usually treated with high-quality food. If you do not have food available at your home, you can buy kitty foods at stores such as Target or Pet World.

Many times, constipation is due to a lack of fiber in the diet. This can be helped with either plain or mixed canned food or even dry food.

Making sure your cat has enough water is another key part of treating constipation. Make sure to give him or her a water dish to use often to prevent dehydration.

Having a good relationship with your cat is one of the most important things you can build in this regard. Having them feel safe and understood may help reduce any symptoms of constipation.

If your cat has any signs of dehydration, take them into the bathroom and give them a drink if needed.

Give them natural herbs

If your cat is constipated as a result of diet, prescription medications, or if you have another cat that is constipated, then you can try giving your cat some herbs.

Herbs can be pleasant to eat and your cat may enjoy them too. Many are available over the internet or in pet shops. Some are even sold as tablets or liquid forms.

Some herbs such as fenugreek is available in many diets and is often mixed with cornmeal. Fenugreek helps to re-balancing the intestines of a cat who is not eating enough.

If you have a dry climate where your Cat doesn’t get sufficient moisture they may want to consider trying something like fenugreek. If it does help they may be able to stop the flow of water because of the climate it is in but if they did not then it would help with the re-balancing of their intestines.

Try massaging their stomach

A cat that suffers from constipation can be treated at home by trying a diet such as fruit and vegetables. There are many places where you can buy pre-made constipated cat diets.

Many times, the cats do not like the taste of their food, which makes it more difficult to help them on a consistent diet. An important part of keeping a cat diet is providing it every day.

Some foods may be too expensive for your wallet to provide every day, so they may be substituted with some other food such as meat or potatoes. Making sure she has her favorite water and food keeps her comfortable while she adjusts to a new diet.

If your cat is not getting enough nutrition from their current diet, try growing plants in their room or in your own environment to create space for gas and swallowed matter.

Make sure they are drinking enough water

There are a few things you can do to help your cat who is constipated. Make sure they are drinking enough water. If you feel like they are not, then offer them a drink to make sure they get enough water.

Occasionally, cats can suffer from constipation. There are several reasons this happens. Sometimes, people avoid giving their cat food because of the oxalate content on some foods.

Some people say that since it has been hard for my cat to get down the food, I should instead give her a tablet or cup of water to drink. This is an interesting idea that seems counter-intuitive at first, but it really works!

Having food or medication taken in the form of a drink will also help prevent Constipation at Home Treaty from getting lost, which can lead to more suffering for your cat.

Take them to the vet if symptoms persist

If your cat is having trouble swallowing or Constipation is a frequent topic of conversation, take them to the vet. It may be that they need to be hospitalized for constipation.

Vets can often recommend supplements or specialty diets to help overcome constipation. If this is not possible, then you must go to the vet and ask for help.

Most commonly, cats who are constipated suffer from calcium and magnesium deficiencies, as well as dehydration. All of these can be treated by letting them have their regular food and water intake, and if necessary, a little bit of liquid.

If your cat suffers from Constipation, it is important to take care of their health. Pay attention to how they feel and when you need to take them to the vet.