How To Treat A Limping Dog At Home

How to stop a dog from limping is more important than you might think. Even the best dogs can get hurt sometimes, and when it happens it can be quite miserable for them.

A dog with a badly broken leg will have a difficult time being able to live a normal life. This is especially true if it was a high weight or size species like a cheetah or German shepherd.

This is not to say that dogs with this kind of break cannot be healed, it just means they have to be more careful about how they do it. For example, trying to use weights or sandpaper to repair the break instead of bone grafting, or using the most recently developed techniques such
bone grafting and surgery techniques.

The second thing that affects the quality of the healing is how the dog uses its break. The more active the break is when healed, the better its recovery will be.


Keep dog warm

When your dog is sick, they may stop eating and/or drinking. This is a good time to keep a dog warm!

If you are not able to provide your dog with heat source such as a hot water bottle or saucer, then you can start keeping an extra blanket or two around the house. You can also put an old t-shirt or sweatshirt in a freezer bag and place that in your child’s room as a heat source.

For keeping the blanket warm, I suggest putting it on the floor just outside of your child’s room so it does not have to contend with too much heat loss. You can also put it under the bed if you have enough space for it.

If you decide to use two blankets to keep them warm, do not forget that one must be put on the ground and the other must be put on top of the other. This way, one does not lose too much heat as neither of them are large enough to lay underneath both blankets at the same time.

Apply ice to paw

If your dog is showing any sign of pain, such as gasping or laying limply on the floor, then ice the paw very gently.

When medicine does its job, it can sometimes make your dog feel better for a little while. That is why you should do something to help him!

By lightly applying ice to his paw, you are more likely to notice a effect quickly. You can also buy legally sold frozen paw bands or buy some hand sanitizer that has the power to cool down his paw. Or you can use warm towels or padding!

Some medicines can have side effects like diarrhea or coat thinning, so check with your vet before giving anything if it might be affecting your dog.

Elevate paw

Elevating a dog’s paw can be done in a number of ways. Its paw can be cleaned, bandaged, or elevated. A paw powder can be applied to the bottom of the foot to give it a little boost.

The easiest way to elevate the dog’s leg is to use an ankle boot. They are easy to put on and take off. An easy way to put on the boot is by putting one leg in a boot and then turning it up so the other leg is inside.

Another way to treat this issue is using another piece of clothing. If your dog has limp hair, you can use some sort of soft cloth or wool to prevent any undue pain from being transmitted through the rest of your pet.

By keeping up with their food and water intake, you should help mitigate this issue.

Massage leg muscles

Massage leg muscles is an excellent way to help your dog get back on track after a workout. Being able to do this is also a nice way to get some relief at home, and it can help reduce your stress level.

When a dog works out, the muscle groups that are damaged may be pushed to the point of breaking. This can be stressful for the dog as they have to remember how to walk themselves.

By having your dog get a good massage, they can relax and feel more comfortable. Plus, you can spend the time before and during their massage going through the steps of getting a massage yourself.

There are many places that offer massages at home. A good place is under your bed where you have limited access but still very effective.

Take them to the vet immediately if they are limping severely

An injury can be traumatic enough to cause a dog to limp for a few minutes and then fall over. This is called a limping episode.

If this happens often, the dog may need medical attention. It is important because if it does not, it could continue to hurt itself by walking on its back or with its belly facing up.

Walking on your hands or knees is another way to practice self-care for adog that is suffering from pain. By taking it for walks on land instead of water, it can experience more of a steady walk.

If you think your dog has leg pain, take them to the vet immediately if they are having two or more of these episodes per week.