How To Treat A Dog With Arthritis At Home

Dog arthritis is an umbrella term that refers to any condition where your dog has more than one piece of bone that they need to cover, cuts off motion, or needs to be confined to a particular area due to the pain it causes.

There are many types of dog arthritis, so what is considered arthritic varies by condition. Some conditions make it look like a normal aging process, but with more pain and difficulty in maintaining balance.

By home treatment, we mean doing things your own way-like exercising your dog at home. Medications or special diets can be avoided if it is not necessary for your dog to travel anywhere for it.

This article will discuss some general tips for treating a dogs arthritic condition at home.

Give dog a warm bath

When you go to the dog park, make sure you give your dog a bath every day. Taking your dog to the vet every six months is also important.

Bathtimes should be every other day, though. You want to keep washing your dog to maintain their hygiene and provide comfort.

To give a pain-free bath, use soap that is soft but not melted. If you use very hot soap or ones with lotion added, these should be washed away too.

When washing your dog at home, make sure they are warm and dry all around the body. If they have any wet or cold places, cover them with a blanket or coat to prevent overheating.

To ensure a comfortable bed for your dog at home, try using the carpet out as one instead of using floormats or flooring. It would save them some effort having to get up each time they need to wash their legs and feet.

Use a warm massage brush

Even if your dog does not have arthritis, using a warm massage brush can be soothing. By using a warm or hot compressing massage brush, you can still feel the dogs paws.

This is particularly helpful if your dog has hair-related issues such as hypothyroidism or alopecia. Using a hot or warm compressing massage brush can help relax your dog and help him more easily receive treatment.

If your dog has hair loss, use a high quality fine hair shampoolda shampoo and takasao padding to prevent hair from getting stuck in the vacuum cleaner. If you have some other way to treat your dog, then use that instead of medicine.

Use heat wraps

As mentioned earlier, tisue wraps are a paraellel treatment for a dog with arthritis. These small, smooth surfaces are typically placed under the dog as pet toys.

They are basically small bands that you wrap your dogs feet in and then let them relax as they feel the heat of the wrap. It is like having a soft nap!

To use, let your dog remove the wrap only when he wants to go outside or out for a short period of time. Then, let him enjoy his warm surroundings!

These heat wraps can be purchased at many pharmacies and health food stores. They usually cost around $8-10 per pack, which is cost effective.

Give dog omega 3 supplements

Many dogs with arthritis are deficient in omega 3s. This is due to overconsumption in market place, making it hard for people to know how much to give your dog.

Omega 3s are essential for the body in many ways. You can now buy them as pills or a liquid, they can be found in fish oil or flaxseed oil, and most importantly, you can give your dog enough of it.

Most pet shops will not always have the exact amount your dog needs of either fish oil or flaxseed oil. Also, if your dog looks like they are getting enough of it, then do not rush it and try again later. Once they get their pain reduced and mobility returns, you can reduce the dosage.

Switch their food to one that is more digestible

There are many foods that are difficult for a dog to eat. Some can be helped by making some changes in food, but not too much. If you have a large dog, try one of the small food suggestions.

If your dog has arthritis, make sure to give it enough time to exercise and keep it clean. Dogs with arthritis may not enjoy walking or other forms of exercise.

Make room in your home for your dog as well as dogs need space. If you have other pets at home, make sure they know your dog needs space and care.

Have conversations with your dog about what they want and what they need- if possible, this can help reduce pain and stress in the animal.

Try over the counter pain medications

If your dog has no problems with arthritis, it is recommended to try non-prescription pain medications. There are several non-prescription drugs that treat arthritis, including tylopostol to treat hip dysplasia, or morsuprava for knee pain.

Most of these drugs can be costly to purchase, but they may also be limited how long they work. Some dogs do not respond well to these medications, since it may take a while for the dog to feel relief.

Another option is hyaluronic acid (HA), which is similar to joint fluid that surrounds and protects the joints. This drug has been shown to work better than just plain aspirin in treating arthritic pets.

Try any of these drugs if you do not have a strong response to aspirin or HA does not work for your dog.

Give them a natural supplement like turmeric

This can be done at any time of the year, and most importantly, after a walk. After a walk, if your dog is in the outdoors or is hiking or playing with other dogs, then take them out immediately to give them some relief.

Turmeric is an ancient compound used to ward off disease and promote health. It can be found in yellow colored roots which have golden content.

Dogs with arthritis commonly suffer from pain when walking, so taking them for a short walk every day is important. A short walk may also help give your dog some relief as they must use their legs to move around and find comfort.

Another way to treat your dog with arthritis is by giving them a supplement.

Check their weight and diet with your vet

When a dog has arthritis, it is important to keep a close watch on their weight. Dog obesity can lead to stunted growth and potentially unstable joints, especially the hips and san

Dress your dog in warm weather clothing. This helps maintain heat circulation and reflects heat away from the dog. Keep a food ration chart to help determine how much food your dog needs.

Make sure the dogs is getting enough nutrients to keep its knees, hips, and legs healthy. Nutrient deficient dogs have poor health and vigor overall. Feeding enough can be tricky for someone not familiar with feeding a food-based dog, so there is need for basic veterinary care.