How To Tighten Your Vigina At Home

Using a vaginal tightening device is an excellent way to heal and strengthen your vagina. A device can be bought at many retailers, typically at around $30-40. They can be borrowed from a doctor or shop and/or practiced on yourself at home.

They may even be bought in pairs, as they can be used on the front and back of the vagina. These are called dual use devices. Dual use devices are not meant to be put inside the body, but rather applied to the external genitalia.

The applications for a vaginal tightening device are endless- from learning how to relax your body during penetrative sex, how to strengthen your intimateisions, or how to improve your overall health and wellness of the entire body.

This article will discuss some ways to tighten your vagina at home, using a dual-use device.

Apply hot water to your vulva

This can be done in several ways. You can use a bathtub or shower door handle, can get a hot steam bath at the spa, or can go to the ER and be given a vaginal steaming machine.

The easiest way is to get a warm water washcloth and put it on your clit and then slide it down your vagina until it is exposed. Then turn the water to hot and scalding. This can be done several times per day to keep up the Tightening effect.

The second way is to get a cloth with low temperature water that you place on your vulva for about 30 seconds. The third way is to get cold baths which are taken immediately following sexual activity. Both of these methods may cause slight discomfort, but are worth it for the Tightening effect!

After sexual activity, the person should take a warm shower or bath to relax themselves and reduce any sensation of tightness or pain from the act of intercourse.

Do Kegel exercises

When you are trying to get your girlfriend pregnant and she is asking about your sex life, it is important to tell her how many times per week you want to be penetrated.

Some people find that twice per week is enough, while others need to be hit more often. Either way, having her figure out how many times per week you want to be penetrated is important.

When you tell her about this sometimes weekly basis, she will know that you care enough about your sex life to add in kegels onto her exercise program. This will help loosen up and strengthen her vagina which will help make sex feel better.

Kegels are a exercises that look like little penguing action but instead of doing small steps on the stairs, you do them until you have a full floor! They are a low-impact exercise that should be done daily.

Try stretching techniques

There are a few stretches you can do at home to tighten your vagina. These are called stretching techniques, and they are most commonly performed by KT/TG practitioners. These include pull-throughs, hip abduction exercises, and leg raises.

A pull-through is simply holding a position for a brief period of time. It can be done by pulling your knees up to their chest with hands, or feet together.

The hip abduction exercise asks you to raise your pelvis slightly on the ground. This is done by placing your hands behind your back and then pushing your feet apart until you get a firm base. Then, slowly walk your feet apart until you get a firm base.

The leg raise asks you to raise one leg in front of the other. You must keep your pelvis upright while doing this so that the foot touches the floor each time.

Use a tightening gel

A gelarusst can be used at home to tighten your vagina. A gelarusst is a clear liquid that can be placed on soft, dry areas such as the inner thigh or buttocks. The idea is for the correct amount of pressure to be applied for the required length of time.

The gelarussts were invented about twenty years ago when someone noticed that applying warm water to a bathtub mat during washing was an effective way to reduce water resistance and apply pressure to areas that needed it.

Now, you can buy them at bath stores or online. Some companies even offer over-the-counter applications.

Use a tightening cream

While you can buy a vagina tightening cream at pharmacies and grocery stores, you can also make your own. There are many recipes to choose from, some more difficult than others to apply and maintain a tight vagina.

Most people find that once they follow their recipe and take one day to practice applying the cream to the vaginal area, this results in a betterally improved vagina that feels more comfortable and safe.

The most important part of applying the cream is to do so carefully. Too much applied Cream of Tartar or wrongness applied to the vaginal area may result in damage or rejection of the genitalia or abroad. Make sure you are willing and able to use your new knowledge on yourself!

This could be done every day, once a week or whenever feels okay too. The benefits last for about three months, but then you have to take yourself out of it because it is time consuming.

Apply vitamin E to your vulva

Vitamin E works as an anti-oxidant, which reduces the damage that harmful substances like sun and pollution can do to your body. It also helps with healing and moisturization of your vulva.

When applied around the edges, it can help add some extra moisture to your vulva. This makes it easier to promote proper skin growth and prevent dryness, both of which are necessary for a satisfactory orgasm.

There are several ways to apply vitamin E to your vulva. One method is to place a thin sheet of vitamin E under a pillowcase and place the pillowcase over my head. Alternatively, you can put a gentle wet wipe on the inside of your wrist and wrap the wrist in the paper towel chain attached to the fridge.

Either way, make sure you take your bath or shower within an hour of applying this piece of material onto yourself.

Use a tightening ring

There are two main ways to tighten your vagina at home. You can use a traditional vaginal tightening ring or use a vaginally easesring. Both of these methods require you to place the ring or the base of the ring in the vagina and then slowly draw up and down with your hand.

The advantage of a standard vaginal tightening ring is that you can purchase it at most supermarkets and health stores. The disadvantage is that you must always keep it fresh by using a condom over it when storing it, which is somewhat difficult if you are not always keeping an updated one on hand.

The other method of tightening the vagina is using an inflatable vaginal plug. This can be stored for up to six months without worrying about stale water going in, however, this requires daily maintenance of the plug which involves removing and replacing with another fresh one.

Use a vibrator for 10 minutes every day

A vibrator can be used for a long time. A good tip is to use a new one every week or month to keep your range of ability up.

Some people found that using a dildo was more effective than just using a vibrator. The best ones were those with thick and flexible shafts, because those would best work against the vagina.

But any type of object can be used with this trick. Just make sure you get the right one! Many people get the wrong kind and are forced to use something that is too small or too big for what they want.

Try it out! Once you learn how to do it, you will wonder why you didn’t do it before.