How To Start An Air Compressor?

An air compressor is a valuable piece of equipment to have at your disposal. They allow you to change the size of objects that you want to store, hide or display, and start projects quickly. Many people don’t know what an air compressor is and how to start one. Luckily, we are here to help!

Starting an air compressor can be intimidating at first. You have to learn how much pressure you need for different tasks, where to get it, and how to maintain it. Luckily, starting an air compressor is easy! Here are some tips that will make starting easier for you.

starts with a power cord and ends with a canister. There are two different ends of the start process: without power and with power. When starting with no power, this is called using only the air source or just pull-up! Either way, starts with a power cord and ends with a canister.

Oil the air compressor

how to start an air compressor 

Before you can start using your air compressor, you must oil it. This helps create a friction that prevents the compressor from turning on and shutting off. You can do this either before or after you discharge the air from your blower.

Loading the Compressor

Before you can start loading the compressor, you must remove all of the press-top caps. These are for caps to place on and off of air lines. Simply push down on each cap until it releases and falls away. Then, pull out the compressed air line and inspect it for kinks or breaks. If there are, buy a new one to prevent water entering the system.

Turn on the air compressor

how to start an air compressor 

Once you have the air compressor started, the next step is to turn on the compressor. This allows the tank to fill up and adds an automatic shut-off feature.

To start the compressor, you must first remove the cover. Then, place a item such a paper or cloth filter in the slot and push down to release.

Once released, hold down the pressure release button until it shuts off.

Check for any leaks

how to start an air compressor 

Before you start using your new air compressor, make sure it has enough air to work with. You can do this by opening the pressure valve and checking the air supply.

If the compressor has too little air, then you must open the pressure valve a bit to add some extra pressure. This will need to be done every time you use the unit to start a project or finish an existing project.

To check for leaks, turn on the unit and see if there is any water coming out. If so, then there is a problem and something is wrong with the unit because of this. There are some products that require you to set a water cutoff due to cost issues, but we suggest you fix that before taking care of any delicate projects.

Find the best nozzle for your use

how to start an air compressor 

Understanding how to start an air compressor is a matter of finding the right nozzles for your needs. There are many kinds of nozzles, and they can be new every time you use one.

Mostly, they are made of a thin material that bends when air is passed through it. This allows you to determine the size of the hole to air-compress, as well as whether or not you need a reducer or boost.

Reduceers are materials that reduce the size of an existing tool before compressing air into it. Boosts increase the amount of space available for an object after being compressed by an air-pressurized device.

Learn how to adjust the pressure and flow of the compressor

how to start an air compressor 

Once you have the device, it is time to learn how to start and adjust the device. Press and hold the Start button for a few seconds to enter start up mode. This will display a pressure read-out and will turn on the air compressor.

Press and hold the Compressor button for a few seconds to enter compounding mode. This will display a flow read-out and will turn on the air compressor. You can now see how much pressure you have applied, how much flow you have applied, and even change these settings.

Learn how to reset your device as well as change devices.

Keep it clean

When you get your air compressor, it is important to keep it clean. You want to avoid minerals and oils that may be left in the cylinder, or that may be stored in contact with the compressor.

You can buy specialized cleaning products for air compressors, but most are safe. Some recommendations: soap, water, and a paper towel or floor cloth should be all that’s needed to start cleaning your air compressor.

Removing contaminants will help your compressor work better when you get started upgrading it. If you have any safety related issues, then going with an air compressor that has less amounts of pressure needed to prevent accidents is wise.

Bullet point: Know what size you need

The biggest one is the tank size needs to hold energy for starts and stops.

Store it properly

how to start an air compressor 

When you buy an air compressor, you should take the time to store it properly. You want to make sure it is safe and that it works fine.

Upgrade your compressor with a diaphragm seal kit

how to start an air compressor 

One of the most common problems encountered by new contractors is which diaphragm seal kit to start with. So, we want to give you all the information here to upgrade your compressor!

Starting out means having a bottle of water and a bar-b-que grill! Or, in this case, starting out with a heavy-duty air compressor and a diaphragm seal kit.

Either way, you get the same result: increased pressure and faster starts. A good diaphragm seal kit will last for several starts before needing to be replaced.

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