How To Make Your Waves Deeper?

Adding more depth to your waves is an easy way to make your hair look more expensive or interesting. Adding more layers or adding a new hairstyle with this new hairstyle is a low cost way to experiment.

Waves are a method for adding height to the hair. Several people add different brands and textures of hair, some natural, some not, together in a wave. The lucky ones get asked to add more layers at their job!

This article will talk about how to make your waves deeper so do not go away! As the name suggests, this article talks about making the waves deeper overall.

How to make your waves deeper may be by adding bigger sized sections, adding tighter curls, or both. These are all very simple ways to add more depth to your waves!

We will be talking about single tight curls and how to create them so that they match the thickness of the section being curled.

Take a small section of hair

how to make your waves deeper

Having some section of hair you can grab with your hands or a small amount of skin can give your waves more depth. When choosing where to add the hair and what area of skin it will cover, make sure it is healthy hair.

Open pores can cause dryness and damage to the hair. Using a dampened brush or comb, work in the hair, gathering some length before pulling out a section. Pulling out more than one section could cause breakage or pull out more roots than others.

tight curls can also limit how much volume you get with your waves. Using a curling iron or braiding device may be needed to achieve these types of curls.

Wrap it around a curling iron

Instead of using her hands to curl her hair, Pam chose to use a curling iron. A curling iron is a special flat-top tool that can be used with most human hair types.

Curling irons come in different sizes and shapes, all of which can be used on wet or dry hair. They can be put onto straight, curly, or crimped hair.

Dilute your curling iron’s product slightly before using it on wet hair. Also, make sure you are using the correct size curling iron for your length of hair.

Pam wrapped her damp hair four times with the iron and let it take its own time to curl.

Keep repeating until finished

how to make your waves deeper

After your first few passes, you can start working on your depth. Choose one of the above mentioned increases to start on, and work your way down until you reach your desired depth.

How to make your waves deeper: Continuing to repeat the same stroke length and number of passes can result in a deeper look. Even though we are adding more length to our strokes, it is still important to keep a steady pace.

We want our hair to look smoother as we go, so try not going back to pull tights or leggings until you have reached the next level.

Finish with hairspray

how to make your waves deeper

Now, let your hair dry a little bit more, and let your waves loosen up. When you pull on one of your strands, it should stick right out with a little bit of hairspray on it. This is because the hairspray adds more force to the drying process!

To make sure you have enough power to fully seal your hair in, try using half a tube of hairspray per head of hair. This should do the trick!

After fifteen to twenty minutes of exposure to the air and heat, take your hair out and let it cool down a little. Then, brush it through a few times to remove any dry bits!

This is probably the most important part of this process. If you break down too much or have hair that needs extra time to dry, this is where the waterproofing comes in.

You can also try using rollers to create bigger waves

how to make your waves deeper

Rollers are a great way to add more volume to your hair. They can be used straight into the hair, or added to the time and effort of creating bigger hairVolumized hair looks more luxurious and period, that is why it is very popular!

You can buy rollers in salons, but they are kind of special. You have to buy them at a salon, and then you have to get creative with how you use them. Some use them lengthwise, like long thick rollers would be used for a length of hair, others use them just straight into the hair like short thin rollers would be used for a short length of hair.

Either way, the same principle goes: The roller adds more volume to the head of the hair, and when styled using big sections and rolled ends it gives more space around the head of the hair.

Place the roller behind your head and wrap your hair around it

how to make your waves deeper

Now that your sections are set, it is time to make your waves deeper. To do this, wrap your hair as far down as you can around the roller before pulling the hair upward and letting it fall down.

This creates more space for the hair to expand as it grows. The same goes for length — let the hair grow until it is long enough to reach down and pull up and spread out on the wave.

To keep a tight roll, pull the hair higher when wrapping it under and above the roller. Try keeping a few inches of width between each section of rolled-up hair when wrapping. This creates a tighter roll and less breakage!

Now that you know how to make your waves deeper, go try them out! We offer some different styles that are very easy to do.

Leave in until you take them out

how to make your waves deeper

When you want to remove your waves, it is important to leave them in until the weten process is over. This allows the hair to dry properly and prevents breakage. It also prevents other hair from moving into your waves as it takes time to let the water sit as recommended before washing.

Some people find that their hair feels easier to brush and manage after this, but remember that you are still taking out some product so try not to look for much of a difference in texture just yet.

If you have very curly or thick hair, be sure to leave in more product even more.

Use sea salt spray before drying your hair

how to make your waves deeper

Many people complain that the hair stylists at salons use too much dryer heat to straighten their hair. Because of this, many people say their hair gets breaking and dull looking.

To prevent this, the hairstylists at salons spray themselves with a water-based gel called sea salt spray. This prevents heat from evaporating and locking into the hair.

To make your waves deeper, you must use a heavier sea salt spray so it does not float away. Try ItNorelle’s brand which is sold at Target and Walmart for very affordable price points.

This can be tricky to do right as you have to wait for the right amount of time for it to set on your skin.

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