How To Make Sonic Ice At Home

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Put dry ice into the glass container

Once you have the ice made, it is time to party! You can do this once a week or every other day, it does not matter as your ice will stay the same!

Party mode is when you put your hands over the top of the glass to make a seal with the dry ice inside. Then you hit start and enjoy! This takes about a minute to start changing the temperature in your drinks and fizzes.

By doing this, you are creating an automatic party mode for your freezer system. Just make sure to put it away before you sleep as it stops working in the morning! This is great for having fun in your space as well as saving space in your fridge and freezer.

Let it freeze

Once yourondeice is made, you need to let it remain frozen until you are ready to make yourself some hot ice. This takes a little preparation and skill, but will give you some time to take photos and tell how yourondeice looks before and after.

You can make yourondeice anywhere from one day to several days, so this depends on how fast you make it. We found that one day brandade worked fine for two people, but two days was better for four people.

Make sure you check yourondeice every few hours to see if it is frozen enough. If it is still too soft, put it into a fridge or freezer to firm up more.

Shake the dry ice around in the container

After the dry ice has cooled enough to be handleable, you can start making your own Sonic Ice. To make this more fun and easier, try mixing in some flowers or plants!

To make a bigger batch of ice, you can put the containers in the freezer together. This will prevent each container from being frozen entirely on its own, which would not look very cool.

To create smaller sized Sonic Ivies, put the container in a freezer bag and let sit for about an hour before using. This way it stays nice and cold longer!

Sonic Ices are great way to show someone how to make their own ice because it is such a easy way to create new shapes and sizes.

Filter the dry ice out of the liquid

Once the dry ice is in the water, it is time to filter the water. Most commercial filters have a fine screen that allows liquid to pass through but does not allow gases such as liquid or gas to pass through.

Sonic ice does not require a special filter like this, but if you do have one, it is recommended to replace the filter every few days to ensure your ice is passing through.

To make your own Sonic Ice, you must remove and discard any liquid that passes through the filter. To make sure your ice is getting enough coldness, do this every time!

To ensure your machine was passing enough coldness, add some more liquid to increase its volume and reduce drill drag.

Put more dry ice into the liquid and repeat steps 4 and 5

This is the best way to make sonic ice at home. You will need more dry ice so you can repeat these steps!

To make more liquid, you must put more dry ice in the liquid. Use a timer to make this happen so you do not spend all your time mixing and stirring the liquid and dough together.

Once mixed and folded in, that last dose of dry ice must be added immediately because it will disappear fast. Make sure to have a reliable timer set so this does not happen- you will miss out on a good trick!

Sonic ice is a cool way to treat yourself or someone else.


Now that you can make Sonic Ice at home, the next step is to use it! Try your favorite food or drinks with your Sonic Ice and have a fun party!

You can make sure your ice is fresh and frozen into a hard layer before giving it a try. If you are having trouble creating aDERR or making sure your ice is not too cold, try using less die-hard or slightly warmer foods or drinks to start.

Heaven forbid you want to cool down the rest of your ice! You can use some leftover games or events as the basis for your next event. For example, if you wanted to create an event about trying different foods, then give people an abundance of food so that people do not run out of something to eat.

Or if you were going for drinks, give people water as their only drink because it was so hot today.