How To Make Pitbull Head Bigger?

Pitbulls are medium to large sized dogs. They are usually recognized by their black or pit colored nose, white patches on their cheeks, and a larger than average head.

Making your pitbull look bigger may be a way to accentuate its strength and size. Adding more size will also help you find a home, as moreelsoners are hard to spot. Many breeders want very large dogs because of the money spent on them and the higher quality of life they can enjoy.

Making your dog look less fat may be a way to trim costly insurance fees off of your dog. By making your dog look less fat, you will also save money on veterinary care, since insurance companies will likely see that your dog is not obese when boarding and/or traveling with them.

Apply firm pressure to the back of your head

how to make pitbull head bigger

When your head is bigger, you can start to shape it. You can use a phone book or cereal box as a shelf to place it on. You can also try using your hands to pull the top of your head down and up, or you can create creases in your forehead and nose.

Pulling the top of your head back and forth also stretches the muscles that hold your hair in place, making it look bigger. Flipping your hair around several times may do the job too!

Bullet point: Brush/ comb with backwards

Put some product in both sides of the brush so that you get thorough coverage. Then take out one section at a time to put more force into pulling my hair through it.

Massage your scalp gently

how to make pitbull head bigger

Many dogs get hairballs as a result of prolonged or repeated grooming. This is usually solved by either not being groomed for a long time or using a different type of grooming for this issue.

If your dog has hairballs, trymassageing your dog’s scalp gently. You can do this by using a soft washcloth or large puppy wipe. Start with the lowest setting possible and work your way up.

If the dog needs to be washed, try keeping the settings lower the first day to prevent excessive scratching. Most dogs will stop pulling out their hairs after the second day, but if you have had trouble getting them to do so in the past, increase the settings slightly the second day to ensure successful removal.

Birdie has a tendency to roll over in his bed every night and wake himself up with his hind legs flopping around.

Do skull crushers

how to make pitbull head bigger

If you ever wanted to make your dog look like a bull, this is the recipe for you. The do-si-dah effect is amazing and will give your dog a larger, more powerful look.

The do-si-dah effect is amazing and will give your dog a larger, more powerful look.

It is not practical to apply this on a daily basis as it requires frequent reapplication. However, this hairstyle is cost effective as it does last for about a week and a half before having to reapply it.

So, if you want to make your dog look like a bull, this is the recipe for you.

Do side bends

how to make pitbull head bigger

Make a small bend in the dog’s back near the butt. This makes the top of the back thicker and more vulnerable to injury.

Doing a full bend in a single move is risky, so do two quick full bents on each side before moving onto the second movement.

The second movement should be a step backward, or at least away from your dog. This allows you time to correct your dog if he gets pull force or overextension wrong.

Finally, do a quick return to position and tell your dog he did good!

Making these movements as usual before training or when traveling with your dog is safer, since you can’t always be ready in time.

Try a neck stretch band

how to make pitbull head bigger

A neck stretch band is a cool way to make your pitbull bigger. A neck stretch band is like a long, thin band that is wrapped around your neck and connected to another piece of equipment.

This piece of equipment is a clock or clockwise rotating circle with a white line on it. The white line is the clockwise rotating circle. You place your dog on the clockwise rotating circle with this piece of equipment and then work on making the shape of the dog bigger.

The way to use a neck stretch band is hang it on your dog’s collar and let it pull itself up. Then, slowly let it loosen until it has stretched out its neck as much as possible.

Wear a hat or helmet cover

how to make pitbull head bigger

This is the most important tip in this article. If you do not have a hat or helmet cover, then save yourself some time and buy a hat or cover at the grocery store!

At the cash register, it will be very clear if a person is wearing a hat or helmet cover because they will be covered in extra money. A person without a hat or cover will see an extra-small pitbull head bigger than what they are looking at.

This is important to know, because you can make your dog look more expensive with a fancy hat or cover.

Use pillow inserts

how to make pitbull head bigger

A regular pillow will not fit a larger pitbull head. You can buy narrow, long, and short pillows so your pitbull can have a bigger head area.

To make your pillows, you must buy two identical pieces of soft foam. One must be the short, narrow one and the other the long, broad one. Then, you must put them in a pillow case and tie up the top of the case.

Use a helmet headset device

A helmet headset device is a handy way to make your dog bigger. By using a device like a helmet microphone, you can broadcast your dog’s commands to your neighbors or friends through the headset.

By using a headset like this one, you can use your smartphone or computer-device-in-a-housing to control your dog. With this type of headset, you can also access the Internet and computers through your dog.

These devices cost less than $15 and are very easy to make. You will need to buy a small size of helmet for this type of project.

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