How To Make Liquid Lipstick At Home

Liquid lipstick is a pretty new cosmetic trend. There are very few retail stores that carry it, so you will have to make your own at home! Luckily, you can make it at home!

It is a pretty easy way to spruce up your look. Luckily, you can find many different trends in makeup so there is a chance that you can find a color you love.

The key components are setting powder, concealer, base layer, and accent. Setting powder helps to absorb any oil or grease from the skin when applying the lipstick. Concealer helps to protect the lipstick from being pealed off by any eating or drinking activities.

Base concealers are great for finding the right match for different brands of makeup. An example of this would be wearing some cheaper products on my face to cover up some of my more expensive makeup.

Put the lipstick base in a pan and heat until it melts

Once the pan is hot, pour in the elixir and heat until it boils. then turn off the heat and let it sit for five minutes to harden up.

Now you can apply it to your lips using a brush or your favorite lipstick application method!

Now you can either keep applying new liquid lipstick or changing up the color you are using as a base or mix and match. For example, you can make a red liquid lipstick that looks like blood!

How does this work? How does this not hurt my lips? Let’s talk about that now. first of all, let’s talk about what liquid lipstick is. >.

Liquid lipstick is just a type of makeup that lets the user put some onto their lips and then applies some pressure on top of that to maintain the color and thickness.

Add the lip tint or powder to the base

Now that you have the basic recipe, let’s talk about adding the powder or tint to the base. There are a few ways to do this. You can add it top down, or mixed in with the water and/or lipstick base. You can also mix it into a pre-made one, or choose a new color family.

The best way to add the powder or tint is by mixing it in an automated device. This can be a beauty blender, toothbrush bristled brush, or even a hand held device such as an iPad. These are easy to start using because you do not have to worry about each side of the product being different.

Mix everything together until smooth

Doing liquid lipstick at home requires a little preparation. You will need to mix the ingredients together to create the liquid, and glue it onto your lips. That is right- you will be affecting how the liquid lipstick reacts on your lips!

The trick is to use a gel base that can be melted down and mixed with the liquid. This makes it so much easier to apply and change the color of the lipstick. How else would you do that at home?

But don’t get too excited too quickly- this process can be finicky if you have an old bottle of Liquid Link or if your brand has quit working. Because of this, we suggest having some backup plans unless you are very good at taking your time (which you obviously are!).

Pour into tubes or jars

This is the most obvious way to make your own lipglass. Pour into tubes or jars! Both are easy, and both give you some control over how color shows up on your lipps.

The main downside to this is that your lipstick will not last as long as if you used a tube. The texture is also different which may not be noticeable to some people.

To make the difference in texture more obvious, use a low melting temperature heat source such as an iron heating surface or an oven row pan. Try using a solid black lipstick for an example and use lighter colored lipstick for the same reason.

Let it cool and firm up

Once your lipstick is completely cool, it can finally harden up. This takes about a week or two for some products, but not all! Some brands do this faster than others.

It took my girlfriend almost a month to make her lipstick hard enough to stick on the lippie tree. Your friend may have a different experience than you do, so be prepared!

To make your lipstick harder, you must use more liquid foundation or foundation cream compared to how soft it was before. It takes longer for the product to firm up and reach the base of your lippie-tube, which is where the beautybar or other beautybars touch it.

showdown: Use less foundation or less cream if your new liquid lipstick does not harden enough.

Apply regularly for best results

Make your own makeup is also possible at home using regular products that are left out in the sun or in the refrigerator during winter. You will need to carefully choose which one of these does not cause harm to your skin, but both do offer some degree of control over your makeup look.

Many people start trying their own makeup at a very young age because of advertising and social media images. Starting off with liquid lipstick is an easy way to try out this form of makeup.

For most people, the main problem they may run into is getting enough liquid lipstick on their lips. Many people use too much or take too long to apply the liquid lipstick because they are worried it will dry out their lips.