How To Make Hollywood Undead Masks?

Making your own Halloween masks is a fun way to spend a few minutes. There are many ways to make your masks, so will be talking about some different ways to make yours here!

Mostly, you will be creating these monsters by copying the look of the ones in Hollywood undead. However, you can add more detail and create more unique faces if you have some quality art supplies.

These are great for making as gifts or simply to enjoy making. Many people save the materials for next year’s Halloween since they only cost a few dollars to buy again.

The most important part of making your own masks is adding detail. Too much hiding behind a mask will not help prevent hair from turning white or beard or face burn out.

Print the picture out

Before you can make your mask, you must print out the picture of the vampire. This will help you create your own templates for the top and bottom of the head as well as determining how much hair you want on each side.

You can also download the pictures to your computer using the link in the article, or printed out copies can be used. Just make sure to save these files as a different name so you can create your own templates!

Finally, you must cut up your pictures to fit into your mask. The trick here is to decide if you want some more hair on top or not. If so, cut some more hair above and below where the neck should be located.

Find some modeling clay

how to make hollywood undead masks

When you have your clay, it is time to make some masks! There are many ways to make masks, so we will not go into much detail here. Instead, let’s talk about what kinds of clay you can use and what kinds of masks you can make.

Modeler’s clay is typically a fine, powdery substance that looks like regular modeling clay but is much thinner. This modeler’s clay is usually less expensive, making it the better choice for making Halloween masks.

If you want a more realistic look, use more thickened modeler’s clay. If you want lighter masks, use less strong modeler’s clay. Try all of these options to find your sweet spot!

General purpose masking Clay: These types of clay do not vary in thickness or color. These are usually the normal-quality modeling-clay but that has been altered with paint or other materials.

Knead the modeling clay until smooth

how to make hollywood undead masks

Once your mold is set, try to remove the mask as quickly as possible to stop the dry, crackling effect. To do this, use a credit cardsized piece of clay and gently roll the clay between your hands to detach it from the mold.

Now you can take it off!

Dry shampoo is a great way to hide any traces of makeup on your skin. Try putting some on before removing the mask and then letting it sit until it dissolves.

Make an outline of the face using the clay

how to make hollywood undead masks

Once you have your clay, it is time to make the outline of the face. Start with your right hand, place your index finger and thumb together and press them together to create a space between them.

Then, place your left hand next to yours and the same process. You will see that they look similar at first, but they are very different once completed.

The left hand will look like it has been bandaged or something else that has been put over it. The right hand will be totally free!

Make sure to take your time to let the clay dry before carving another mask! Make sure not to carve too quickly after making this one because the clay may not be dry enough.

Remember, any additions or subtractions must be done in moderation so that you do not lose shape or get new lines on the face.

Put the clay on your face

how to make hollywood undead masks

Once your skin is all covered, put the mask on and let it sit for about five minutes. You can also do this by taking a dry washing cloth and lightly brushing the cloth over your face to wrap the skin around the cloth.

Then, slowly move down your face, wiping each cheekbone, chin, and throat as you go.

Finally, take a deep breath and remove the mask just as quickly. You will probably feel very warm but that is because of all of the clay in your skin moving around. This process pulls all of the moisture out of your skin so make sure to apply some moisturizer afterwards!

Now that you make your own zombie masks, let them sit in a hot bath for at least half an hour before you take yours out to relax your skin and let them dry.

Take a photo and compare it to the original photo

how to make hollywood undead masks

When making your own undead mask, it is important to take a photo of yourself just under the head part of the mask. This will help you make sure it fits over your head and that you have enough space to put your arms, hands, and other parts of your body on top.

You want to make sure that the photo you take is of you under the right conditions- lightening up, having makeup off, and any skin imperfections clustered together. This will help ensure that the makeup matches your skin tone and gives you some natural volume to put over the face.

Make sure to take your time making your undead mask! Take your time putting on makeup, painting or stamping onto the face shape, drawing blood lines on yourself, and otherwise making yourself look dead before going out looking dead.

Fix any minor mistakes and dry it off

how to make hollywood undead masks

Once you have the mask on, try to make sure it is completely dry. If there are water spots, patch them together with roll-on perfume or roll-off sandpaper.

If it leaked a little bit, brush it off and repeat if necessary. This may take several tries as some products seem to need more time to dry before they can stick down.

Once it does hold up well over time, try a quick test run in the shower to make sure it works. If you had trouble with your previous one, get one of these new ones and see if you can fix the same problem!

General tips: Make sure the consistency of the glue is enough to stick down slightly on top of the skin but not so thick that it becomes impossible to remove.

Use paint to color the mask and let it dry

how to make hollywood undead masks

Once you have the pattern for the mask, it is time to make the mask. You can use paper, pencil, or even paint to create the pattern.

Using paint will give your victim a more realistic look as it takes time to set the paint onto the face. However, if you do not have paint available, then you can use some baking soda and water to make your batter. Just be sure to let it dry before covering up the mask.

Then using a brush or pencil, trace a similar pattern on your victim’s face.

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