How To Make A Pool Table Dining Top?

A pool table dining top is a nice way to add some style and function to your table. They are similar to countertops, but instead of having a normal surface area for seating, you have a top that you can eat on.

These tops are typically made out of vinyl or some kind of material that looks like it. Because it is vinyl, it does not stick right away, so you must use clear nail polish to create the design. Once it is painted, it has to be applied and held in place by adhering velcro or strong glue.

They are very easy to make and they do not take too long to master.

Get wood for the base

how to make a pool table dining top

A pool table top is not a easy woodworking project. It will take some time to find the right wood for the job. Luckily, we have outlined some tips in this article that can help you make one!

Many people use white oak, a smooth, hardwood found mostly in center and south regions. White oak has a mild scent when cut, which is why it is so commonly used in furniture.

Black walnut is another very popular wood used for pool table tops. They are somewhat grainy, which makes them unique-appearing. You will not find them almost anywhere else!

When looking for your wood, make sure it is straight-grain (a straight line running through the woods), and if it needs to be leveled, then get that done.

Get wood for the edge of the table

how to make a pool table dining top

When making a pool table dining top, there are a few things you must consider. First, you want to get enough wood to create the edge of the table. This is where your player puts their feet while dining.

Second, you want enough wood to create the back of the table. This is where your player puts their legs while eating.

And lastly, you want enough wood to create the top of the table. This is where your player places their drink or dessert while enjoying the game.

Third, you want enough wood to build the sides of the table. This is what prevents your pool table from slipping as your player spends time playing on it.

Have edges polished

how to make a pool table dining top

If you are making a pool table dining top for a rough or irregular surface, you should have a few layers of padding. A few layers of foam or memory foam can make a huge difference in how your table top feels.

If you have a smooth, flat surface, you can skip the layers of padding. However, if your table has some shape to it, like an octagon or round, then you will need some extra material to put over the top. This material can be leather, vinyl, plastics, or combinations of them.

Having enough material will give your customer some comfort when they are sitting on it. It may also help maintain the shape of the table as people use it over time.

Get metal pieces for the corners

how to make a pool table dining top

While it is possible to make a pool table top without getting any metal pieces, it is more difficult and expensive. If you do not have any tables in your home that use legs, get some flooring squares to wrap around the bottom of the table to create a tabletop.

If you do have tables that use legs, then get some metal plates to attach to the bottom of the table. These can be cut into shapes and glued onto the table top.

Either way, these projects are fun to make and display.

Put together the base

Once you have the top assembled, it is time to put it together. You will need to add the legs and seat backs, connect the sides, and then slide in the top.

To do this, start with one side of the base and then add the next piece down. This process continues until all pieces are in.

Once this is done, slide in the top and let it dry for a few days before playing. This can be done a few days in advance if she has time, of course.

Playtime is more fun with a pool tableshaped table to lounge on! Your child will love playing on this easy to make tabletop.

Put on the glass top

how to make a pool table dining top

Once you have the top on, its time to put on the glass. First, find a central spot where the glass overlaps the top. Then, start removing layers of glass from one side of the top to the other.

Put first one onto gently and then more firmly until all four corners are exposed. This will take a few tries, but eventually you will get it!

Then, let your local chemical company add their product to the glass. This will harden the top and make it more resistant to getting busted. You may have to do this two times- once during initial dry-in and again after water has started coming out.

Now that it is dry-in, play around with how much you put into your table.

Finish decorating as you wish

how to make a pool table dining top

Once your table is painted, you are ready to finish decorating it! You can go for a traditional white or flashy colors such as red, yellow, and/or orange. Or you can create a more interesting color scheme with your furniture.

We suggest using either pure white or bright neutral colors. These way, people will be able to see the wood and decorations on your table.

To finish the look, some places like to use designs or colored thread to hang onto the top. Other decorations such as flags or materials for kicking a ball or object upon which you play your game.

Use a pool table top because you like the look of it

how to make a pool table dining top

There is a reason why few people use regular table tops in your average home: they are not pretty to look at.

Most of them are rough and you do not want to view them because they are ugly. Then, you would have to put away the table top and take it away since it is not movable.

If you love the look of wood or like using a traditional material for your furniture, then this tutorial is for you. You can make this top in any material from canvas to heavy vinyl. Just make sure it is long enough to cover the entire pool table top and prevent it from being tucked under when set up.

This tip is very helpful if you have difficulty making cuts because you will need another piece of wood to cover the bottom of the pool table top.

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