How To Make A Paracord Baseball Necklace?

A baseball necklace is a cool way to show off your hard-earned money. You can make a baseball-themed necklace that looks nice and cost effective. All you need are some quality pieces of paracord and a computer or phone program to create your own!

Paracord is one of the most versatile materials in the world. It can be used for lots of things from making a warm coataparticordevinevinevinevinevinevinevinechainmailleto adorn your body.

The trick to making a good baseball necklace is in the details. Be sure to pick quality paracord, be careful not to twist it too tight, and have some tips for finishing it off.

Buy paracord

how to make a paracord baseball necklace

Before making your bullet point, think about what kind of neckline you want to wear your necklace on.

Does it have to be a strong internal neckline? If so, buy cheap ones. If not, try looking for ones that look like They might have some good recommendations for you.

Are there certain styles of neckline you want to cover? Then try looking into buying ones that match those styles. It might be fun to mix and match colors as well!

The last thing to consider is what material you want your cord. Can it be tough enough to last? If so, zip-tension cord is the way to go! Softener cord may help keep it looking nice longer, too.

Pick out the colors for your baseball

how to make a paracord baseball necklace

When choosing your baseball, it is important to pick out the color of your uniform. In baseball, there are usually a few pitches per game, so the uniforms require a re-order to change jobs.

Many people make necklaces using different colors of parachute cord. These cords can be difficult to find, so some buy plain white or black ones to use as a base. You can then add and remove cord as you go!

Other colored cords such as green and red may not be appropriate for baseball play, due to risk of injury. Either way, these necklaces would be beautiful!

How to make a Paracord Baseball Necklace: How to Make a Paracord Baseball Necklace is an easy way to make a baseball necklace.

Break down the baseball

how to make a paracord baseball necklace

Now it’s time to break down the baseball. Paracord is a pretty simple material to work with. You just take a long, narrow piece, and cut it into several shorter pieces.

Paracord is a pretty easy material to work with, so most professionals start with a short piece. You can buy longer pieces at your local crafts store or online.

The key is to make sure your ends are packed down and short, or you will be hauling them along in your necklace.

Take out the laces

how to make a paracord baseball necklace

When you’re ready to make your necklace, you need to take out the laces. This means cutting the paracord in half, removing the middle slider, and then weaving in and out of two pieces of paracord.

This is because the necklace has to be tied at a certain length, and when unlaced, it needs to be shortened. If you leave them out, your neckline will look bigger than it is.

You can also choose to remove one of the sliders if you want a shorter neckline or no neckline at all.

Wrap the baseball in paracord

how to make a paracord baseball necklace

Now, create a loop in the paracord that is approximately twice the length of the baseball.

How to wear your necklace

Now that you have made your baseball necklace, you are ready to wear it! Just remember to keep an eye on how much weight you have on your arm as you make your necklace. Because this piece of craft requires so much time and effort, we suggest making this one last for some time before needing more supplies or training on how to do it. It is also helpful to have some supplies on hand in case you lose track of your ball-necklace while wearing it outdoors or while getting ready and partying afterward.

Make a knot around the bottom of the baseball

how to make a paracord baseball necklace

Now draw a line above the knot and under the knot. This will be your vertical line down which you will push your cord.

Paragraphing can be difficult for those who are not familiar with lines and curves. Many times when drawing a line, there is a slight curve that needs to be added to make it complete.

This is one of the things that makes making a baseball necklace difficult. When drawing the cord, you have to remember where the ends should go and how to get them there.

The easiest way to make a baseball necklace is to draw two parallel lines one above the other, then two parallel lines one beneath those.

Keep repeating steps 6 and 7 until finished

how to make a paracord baseball necklace

Now let’s talk about how to make this necklace! First, we need to determine how many wraps we will need. Then we can determine our wrap length!

We will start with creating the paracord. Take a medium-large rubber band and cut off one end. Then, wrap the cord tightly around your wrist twice and release. You have created one strand of paracord!

Next, we will to weave it into a circle. Begin by taking an inner circle of your new necklace and weaving a tight spiral onto it. This will create the foundation for your second layer of necklace. Continue weaving until you have reached the other end of the necklace, where you released off the end. You should now have a very long, tight chain!

Now that we have our basic necklace, let’s make some add-on necklaces! Start by taking your first layer of necklace and doubling up the length by wrapping several times around an object before releasing it.

Hang it around your neck for good luck!

how to make a paracord baseball necklace

Paracord is great for making jewelry. There are so many ways to wear it, and you will be showing off your sportsmanship skills!

Many people use it as a way to display their skill at sports. So, you do not have to be a athlete to make them feel proud!

They are also very popular as fashion accessories. You can put a small logo on it, or add some colors for fun flair.

In fact, I bet half the people reading this right now are not going to make anything with their new paracord jewelry, but they would still feel good knowing they was working hard and displaying good sportsmanship.

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