How To Level A Double Wide Mobile Home

A mobile home is called a double wide if it has two levels of flooring. These can be hard or carpet, tile, a rug, or another surface design.

If they have a ceiling height, it is a higher than average ceiling height. If they have no ceiling height, then it is a lower than average one.

Leveling a double wide is similar to leveling a single wide. You start out by standing on one leg and placing the other next to it to create support. Then, you walk along the side until you reach the other side and do the same.

The key here is to keep going until you can sit on one leg and stand on another! This is how your support your weight and how long you will hold your position for.

There are many ways to level a double wide mobile home. Some use heavy equipment, whereas others use power tools.

Check the tires for damage

When traveling at high speeds, the tires can run out of energy or stability. If the tires are damaged, then your mobile home will not able to level up and down hills.

To check the tires, first remove the wheel casings. Then, look for any large gouges or cuts in the tire. If you see this, it means the tire is still holding its shape well.

If you see large holes or gouges on a new tire, it is time to buy a new one. Buy ones that are at least two times bigger than the old one and check them against your current tire to make sure they will fit.

Make sure to buy quality tires.

Have the tires replaced if necessary

If the mobile home has large tires, it is important that they be replaced. These are required by law in Canada and the United States to fit on the road, so do not worry if you do not have these originally.

If the mobile home has small tires, they can sometimes be difficult to level. This may be the case for older double wides or midsize vehicles. A prime example of this is a vehicle that has a roofrack attached, because it needs easy access to transportation.

Have an adjustable wrench handy to easily level the vehicle. If you do not have one, there are a few ways to get around this problem.

Check the wheels for damage

If the van is a double wide, check the wheels for damage. If the wheels are in good shape, try them out to see if they move easily. If they roll easily, then the van is level.

Leveling a double wide can be difficult. Some checkers find it hard to level their van because of its size. A small double wide can be trouble because it needs more wheelroom than others do.

If one wheel comes off or is broken, then the next steps must be done quickly. You must look for alternative ways to get your van up and down hills or onto uneven terrain.

Checking the legs and seeing that they are stable and strong is another way to level a double wide mobile home.

Have the wheels replaced if necessary

If you look at the wheels of your mobile home, you can tell when they need to be replaced. These are typically larger and more solid than a standard tire.

Mobile home wheels are mounted on round ground-holding tires. When the mobile home is moved, the wheel is put onto a new tire and mounted. This is useful if the old one was worn out before it was taken down or if it needed to be improved or upgraded when it was in use.

If you look at the wheels, they should be full of life as well as them being functional. If one is broken, then another type of mobile home wheel would work better for you.

Make sure all windows and doors are shut tightly

If there is a window or door, make sure it is shut tight. If it is open, be sure it is closed and locked. This helps prevent your side from getting wet and/or your back from having to go up and down the stairs.

If you have a mobile home grill, make sure it is heated. If you have a cooktop or fridge, make sure they are functional. If you have a water heater, make sure it’s operational. These can all help help heat up the interior of your mobile home!

Next, be sure to check for any blocked toilets, broken pipes, or other problems that may lead to water damage. Make sure to check yourself and your family members as well! Any of these could take away from your next cleanup job.

Check the foundation for cracks or shifting

If your mobile home has a heavily reinforced foundation, you can skip this step.

Have the foundation inspected by a professional engineer

A double wide mobile home has a half inch more room in the inside walls and ceiling height compared to a single wide. This extra space can make a huge difference in the levels you can set your mobile home on.

Leveling a double wide is the same as leveling a single wide. You will need to have the engineer check the foundation to make sure it is strong enough to support the double wide.

Having an expert do the leveling will cost between $500 and $1500, depending on how high you want to build. You can do it yourself for less if you are prepared!

If you are unable to check whether or not the engineer was correct at construction, then you can try it out for yourself.

Ensure all connections to the structure are sound and secure

If your mobile home is wind or waterborne, check to see if the roof has significant tears or missing tiles.

If the mobile home is susceptible to earthquake damage, make sure all exterior supports are reinforced and that any additional safety features such as doors and windows are functioning.

Checking all connections is an important part of leveling a double wide mobile home. You want to make sure there is electricity, water, and sewage coming into the unit and out to the world.aving ample room for future expansion is key in keeping up levelness.

Checking for leaks also can help find another place to relocate the unit if needed. It is also helpful to know where there are no gas lines or plumbing lines because this helps ensure adequate space to level the unit.